KriShiv AnantaGuru” is a ‘Teacher’ of Life Awareness. He has a hard hitting and logical way of helping people see their Infinite True Selves! Having transformed many minds to believe in themselves to live a fulfilling life.

He believes that to create any change that one wants .. he/she can achieve it just by changing “How they Think” .. Being a staunch believer in the goodness of Human Beings, he has played the role of supporting people to live a meaningful life of deep well-being, through his various roles as Mentor, Learning & Transformation Master, Entrepreneurial Mentor, Life Mentor and awareness and self realization Creator.. Through his various organisations that catalyze and enable human minds.

He is a mentor to his organisations, guiding them to live their purpose of ‘creating meaningful, deep rooted and sustainable learning to Enable Human Beings, so that they can lead a life of awareness, well-being and deep love for everything” He is known for his compassion, a deep understanding of life and giving powerful profound life learning .. In a simple, easy style .. Leaving one with deep self realizations. Having dedicated the rest of his life to support fellow human beings to a path of self awareness and deep self realizations. He is the founder and mentor of multiple organisations and is an active Guide and Mentor to select visionary organisations. He is also the founder of the ‘Higher Self Spiritual Giving’ a non profit service organisation.

His learning based organisations include – Aware Living P Ltd, Aware Learning Solutions P Ltd, Aware Results ES P Ltd, Ask Life Clarity and ASK Awareness School and Be Aware Publications. He is also the founding member of ASK Human Upliftment & Awareness Foundation, I am Earth Citizen Foundation and Aware Beings Community through which his vision of serving humanity is being realised and spread.

Look out for some simple, logical life realizations.. Helping to make the truth ‘believable’ to you! AnantaGuru believes that every single Human Being will Shine with their Own light of Self- Awareness & Contribution as soon as they realise their True Self and that they are INFINITE!

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