ASK Life Coaching 1-1 Powerful Support

If you have made your mind up to create that most desired shift in your life NOW, then our powerful 1-1 support is exactly for you. The intensity and focus at which ASK M.A.T support Methodology works, rapidly brings many positive changes in one’s life in a considerably shorter span of time. As much as one’s commitment to take charge of life, that much benefits one can reap. If you have the will, we know the way..!

ASK M.A.T Coaching is all about you, and not about us, or what we know. Our enablement approach makes it necessary to maintain coachee centric simplistic methodology, which appeals one’s common sense, and can be validated logically, and thus applies universally.

This ‘grounded to reality’ approach makes it easy for one to adopt and adapt quickly, and makes it even easier to sustain the change and grow on it further on your own, finally ‘enabling YOU’ to take complete charge of your life and lead with awareness, happiness and meaningfulness.

Benefits of Our Transformational 1-1 Support 

• Self-awareness
• Improves self-esteem, self-confidence, and social skills
• Logical and powerful ways to take charge of your thoughts
• Identification of your priorities
• Acceptance of who you are – not consumed by past
• Support you to be stronger and understand yourself and others better
• Enables you to take charge of your emotions
• Self-realization of your self-worth
• To lead a life not just exist in it
• Better decision-making in personal or work life
• Support you in breaking free from all those negative thoughts
• Eliminates Self-doubts
• Maximizes your Self Love, Self-Worth, Self-belief
• Strengthens you mentally to face your challenges
• Guides you to find the right solutions
• Enables you to solve all your challenges with complete confidence
• Supports you to understand yourself, always
• Supports you to stay 10/10 Happy

How do we operate? 

To ENABLE anyone who connects with us to Take Charge of their lives by catalyzing and increasing MINDFUL SELF AWARENESS through Simplified Teachings and Life Learning. So that each person can live a truly happy and meaningful Life with the spirit of Oneness!

We believe that the powerful leverage on a 1-1 personal basis that we provide will support anyone to transform their lives fast, no matter who they are or how big a problem may seem.

To make this possible we are here to support you fully to eliminate any prolonged emotional suffering from any of our offices in Ireland, Channel Islands, India, United Kingdom, United States, and Globally online. We take priority in supporting anyone seeking greater change to live a happier and meaningful life so that we in turn support you in coming back to your True Authentic Self.

What problems we can solve?

Our M.A.T support method assures you that you will not need months/years of counseling sessions, but assure Transformation in your life within weeks!

Who needs support? So if you are facing…

• Anxiety/ Stress/ Fear/ Worries
• Trauma
• Depression
• Grief
• Phobias
• Addictions
• Relationship Challenges
• Negative Thoughts about Self
• Low Priority for Self
• Low Self worth
• Low Self love
• Self-Doubt, Low Self Belief
• Self-Hurt
• Inability to focus on Work / Studies / Family
• Marital Issues
• Parenting Challenges
· Teenage Issues
· Career Growth/Choice Challenges
Or any Emotional Challenge that makes you lose your Happiness!

We work with all age groups and it really doesn’t matter what the challenges are because we are here to support you. What we Coaches and enablers do at Ask Life Clarity & Learning is not a job for us but it is our PURPOSE! Ask Life Clarity sessions are a place for you to get real results and full Clarity so that you can lead your life and not exist in it.

If we can even support just one person in this beautiful world to become Happier again, that is one less person Unhappy. Of course, we are not magic, we don't fix people rather, we believe nobody is broken and we all have such an amazing power to change things around by ourselves we just have the right leverage, with Clarity & Awareness Teachings and we certainly have it.

The testimonials from our satisfied & very happy clients are the proof of that 'Willingness to Change' is what is needed to Take Charge of everything happening in your Life!

We invite you for a Free 33-minute upbeat call with us to explain what we can do for you if you are struggling with any of the above and then you can decide...No commitment & Zero investment it's a free call that will probably change your life for the better....

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Grief can limit our lives in more than one way. If you are struggling with Grief, you know how restrictive and deflating it can be. Grief needs to be let go of without any sense of making one feel lesser of their love for the dear ones.

Imagine a situation where the love you hold for the departed dear ones becomes a source of strength and creates a powerful sense of purpose to surge ahead in life. Now add to this situation a sense of giving back to your loved ones while deepening and enhancing your sense of Love for the very ones you miss so much.

We are the happiest to say that we can make this happen for you, with you!

Honouring Love & Rising in Grief is a focused 1-1 self-enabling life transformational session that will get you rising higher and moving away from grief and fast!

Key Benefits:

1. Overcome grief without feeling any erosion of love or feeling of not missing our dear ones.

2. Break free from the sense of deep sadness and being crippled by the loss.

3. Replace regret with acceptance and deeper clarity of love.

4. Understand what grief does to you and learn the clarity needed to take charge!

5. Learn to give back what our dear ones will be happiest with!

6. Create a more purposeful experience of life.

7. Understand how our mind absorbs emotions and passes on the impact to the body.

8. Use the energy of grief by transforming it into something truly powerful to make your experience of life both happy and meaningful.!

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What is depression?
It is not a state of sadness, or disappointments but it is a state of complete hopelessness.

How to identify depression?
If you or someone you love have quick and regular mental breakdowns... if the future looks all hazy and impossible if it takes a lot of energy to even do the normal day to day activities... These may act as indicators of seeking support.

First step to healing is to acknowledge it. Acknowledge that it is not okay to stay stuck in these energies and feel lost. As you deserve to be happy.

The reason for depression could be a break up, loss of finances, loss of a loved one, childhood trauma, separation, lack of belonging, feeling unloved or anything that was sudden and unthought of.

Depression is an altered state of mind and is not an illness. Depression can be eliminated by simply altering the perceptions once were created by mind. To change these perceptions, one needs clarity... Clarity of emotions. And then this understanding of emotions needs to be applied to any situation that led you to depression.

How does Depression Impact?
Depression has a deep impact on an individual’s happiness, health, relationships, work productivity, feeling low self-worth, low self-belief, self-criticism, self-sabotaging etc

Depression is currently treated mostly with Medication and yes it does help.. to control the symptoms that to for a limited amount of time... mostly needing change in prescription or heavier dosages and most come with side effects that are not desirable at all. Treating the symptoms is like filling air in a punctured Tyre no amount of air can make the Tyre healthy again... what is needed is to identify the cause and take action to address it. Right?

We apply this simple knowing in how we can support you to NOT JUST MANAGE but to eradicate depression out of your life permanently! Depression is mostly not a body dysfunction it is almost always to do with an altered state of mind! with varied causes for each individual.

We invite you for a Free 33-minute upbeat call with us to explain what we can do for you if you are struggling with Depression and then you can decide...No commitment & and Zero investment it's a free call that will probably change your life for the better....

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STRESS” - a silent killer that Google explains as the ‘natural human response to challenges in our lives’!

We have been made to agree & accept that Stress is natural, cannot be avoided and we must live with Stress! If Stress is natural, the question arises – Were we born with it or did we pick it up as we grew?

Obviously, we learned that ‘getting into the cycle of STRESS is the way a challenging situation has to be dealt with’…even if it’s affecting our mental & physical health! We have to accept Stress as a part of our Lives and keep doing ‘shortcut relief methods’ to manage Stress.

Workplace Stress affects one’s strength to think clearly, affects one’s own efficiency and effectiveness, the ability to make powerful decisions, communicate with Clarity, interpersonal relationships, and not least. Stress makes it impossible for one to stay Happy!

Stress doesn’t stop at your work….it extends into your personal life as well and keeps you stuck in the loop of thoughts. thereby affecting your physical health too.

Why should something as dangerous as Stress be only managed? Why not ELIMINATED? Think about it!

If Stress is an emotion that’s created by our Mind can we Take Charge of our Mind with complete Clarity about Stress and Master the art of Eliminating Stress?!

And, that’s what our powerful “STRESS NO MORE!” Webinar and personal 1-1 by ASK Aware Living is all about!

So what we will cover and what Clarity you will hugely benefit from!!

- What Stress actually means

- How Stress is Caused – the Causal emotions of Stress

- How to break the Beliefs & Conditionings around Stress

- What Triggers us to get into Stress

- How we can Identify the Triggers & Take Charge of them

- How We Can Choose to Eliminate Stress

- How to enable self with ‘Mindful Aware Teachings’ to stay above Stress, 24*7!

Enabling and empowering powerful Realisations-based Learning sessions to help you Rise Above not just Stress, but also Worry Anxiety, and fear, and Eliminate them forever!

STRESS NO MORE is designed by our expert Mind Coaches, with simple to understand Learnings that ensure Permanent Transformations!

The great news is that our wonderful and powerful team of life enablers at Ask Life Clarity are here to help you fully remove any stresses that you may have in your life for good....NOW
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Ask M.A.T Life Coaching

We have segregated our lives into many different halves, majorly being Personal, Professional, and Social, and for some also Spiritual. Aware Life Coaching goes beyond this trivial differentiation we have created and integrates life into one as a whole. When it’s one inclusive life, it encompasses all that comprises of what we call as life, and the transformation that one goes through, effortlessly and positively reflects in all aspects of life in an amplified manner, making the entire exercise of being and staying in charge easier and easier with passing time and growing awareness.

ASK Achievement Coaching

Performance is all about one’s potential and one’s confidence to use it. Tap into your true potential, while also learning to maximize the Potential on a perpetual basis, consequently and effortlessly maximizing the confidence to use what you’ve got, to the maximum. Experience living ‘Full throttle Living’ with Aware Performance Coaching.

ASK Self-Actualization Coaching

In the life that we live, all the experiences that we like or we don’t like, we want or we don’t want, every big or small experience happens inside of us, and not outside. It’s not actually the event that does anything directly to us, but the meaning that we derive from it determines the quality of experiences that we create inside.

The meanings that we derive or create about different events are all based on our limited understanding of self, the world, and its equations, mostly of which are just conditioned patterns over time. Self-awareness coaching makes one aware of such patterns and enables one to breakthrough all such limitations and take complete charge of the quality of experiences that we have. When it comes to happiness, or even experiencing success, or love or growth, or anything else that matters to you, it matters because it generates some kind of favorable experience or a horrifying one.

As one gets more and more aware of oneself, one gets more and more freedom to choose the quality of experiences one wants to create and enjoy. Soon enough, with growing self-awareness, one comes to a realization that if it’s me creating every experience inside, then why should I create a temporary experience, rather why not live in a feeling of choice? Self-Awareness Coaching is the name of the process that involves one’s self-discovery, followed by self-realization and finally leading to self-awareness. 

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