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Our healing practices and techniques are mastered to support the healing in others, the basic foundation of all learnings and teachings is that the only true healer is the body.

Our deep healings and transformational support for the body can help reset our weak, dysfunctional or challenged body allowing the body to heal in the most natural, efficient and permanent way. What we do in our healing practices has merged ancient wisdom of healing with the modern understanding of evolved consciousness that allows us to facilitate cleansing, trauma release, rebalancing, restoration and maintenance of the body and its life energies.

Mind and body after being such distinctively different, are very much connected and interdependent on each other for their healthy functioning. When the body is challenged, the mind also gets affected and is occupied fully in finding a way out. When the mind is challenged, or stressed body changes it's routine functioning and prepares for emergency, disturbing the physical health also. It is imperative to have good health for healthy aligned mind.

We always support both the mind and body, with our ancient healing techniques that work fully for the body to help heal and retain it's natural place and health, including our mindful awareness teachings which are clear and simple for any mind to grasp it and have a life which is happy, independent and meaningful.

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Life Energy Activated Freedom (LEAF)

Life Energy Activated Freedom (LEAF) is probably one of the strongest healing modalities to support the body when challenged. It has the power to penetrate to the roots of unconscious patterns and pain held in the body through the entire nervous system. We have studied and practiced this deep and unique healing in the Himalayas India and have always been amazed by its power which allows us as teachers to dive into a space that we never knew existed within the healing of the body to support others in body challenges.

LEAF is an extremely effective practice where we work with your pulse in any area that is challenged and use a pumping technique through our energy line to yours that will support the body fully when in challenges and also eliminate them in which they have been stored in the body along time.

The profound impact and the depth of this healing one can experience with this is truly astounding! We have used this healing process at Ask Life Clarity retreats and 1-1s to support so many to deal with complex and chronic body challenges to restore the body alignment back to a more comfortable space and to flow and work naturally.

Activating your life force throughout the body (seven chakras) with the pulse to shift out any pain that is holding in the body like trauma or old injuries that haven’t fully healed.

• Resetting the nervous system
• Unlocking any blocked pain through any part of the pain that is suppressed through emotions like fear, sadness, doubt, insecure, worry and anxiety.
• Disconnecting from any pain that is not able to shift around the neck and back areas
• Freeing energy that is blocked to flow from the stomach area naturally to support any pain challenges in this area
• Supporting the menstrual cycle to come back to its natural cycle
• Supporting fertility challenges to shift any blocks in the sacral area to flow correctly
• Releasing any emotional blockages that is stored in the body through surgery or long-term illness

Stressful Past Energies Accelerated Release (SPEAR)

Stressful Past Energies Accelerated Release Energy Center Healing.  This is the center of our willpower, self-esteem, and energy  transformation. Located about six inches above your belly button within your diaphragm, this area is responsible for regulating the energy associated with action, intention, identity, and vitality. This powerful healing is the practice of opening, clearing, cleansing, supporting, and strengthening within our body.

SPEAR will house both the negative as well as positive lower emotions. What’s more, is powerful healing is known of strong drive daring, perseverance, courage, and the drive to win.

• Release any fears that you are holding that are causing emotional disturbance 
• This healing will eliminate and past traumas we are suppressing
• You will feel lighter around your chest area so you can breathe more freely
• You will be able to shift any suppression like ager and jealousy
• Supporting self-esteem issues
• SPEAR will release any unwanted tension that is blocked around the feelings of anxiety and worry 
• Promotes great sleep through the nights


A.S.K C.A.R.E Healing
(Conscious Aware Realm Energy) 

Conscious Aware Realm Energy Healing is a universal energy which flows everywhere and it runs through meridian points in our body. This powerful healing supports your physical, mental & emotional body and awakens the body to do what it does best through its energy force. Conscious Aware Realm Energy Healing will transport you into a deep state of relaxation and silence that enables profound healing.

There are many pathways of energy, in the body they manipulate the flow of energy to affect the health of the physical body and using this powerful and relaxing therapy to clear, clean, energize and stabilize the 7 major chakras. This healing flushes out impurities in the body and targets various kinds of physical and emotional energy problems. Conscious Aware Realm Energy Healing aligns the body’s chakra points to work as their best and of course depending on the symptoms given from each person.

Opening of all the chakras to heal and access the powerful healing potential. Wherever the energy flow has been repressed or blocked then that energy can flow and be transformed to greater well-being for you and the body.

• Supports and boost the immune system
• Accelerates the healing process after injuries and surgery
• Reduces stress and increases energy
• Promotes relaxation at a deeper level
• Improves focus and clarity of mind
• Enhances self-confidence and trust around the body
• Promotes great sleep through the nights
• Benefits chronic and acute medical conditions
• Helps to maintain health and wellbeing

H.E.A.R Healing
(Hara Energy Activated Restoration) 

HARA means (abdominal). We hold most of our emotions in our abdominal area yet with think we hold them mainly in our necks and backs, whilst this is also true the abdominal area is where we hold almost all of our emotions.

This beautiful healing process involves gentle yet deep manipulation of the energy field around the abdominal through an ancient practice of abdominal massage which facilitates re-energizing and absorption of vital life energy. We do this by resetting your energy production system within the abdominal area which allows for smoother energy flow and rebalancing of all the energy that is needing releasing in the Hara. Leading to greater healing and well-being experience. This healing therapy has proven to strengthen the abdominal area and release any unwanted or stored challenges in this area.

H.E.A.R healing will strengthening positive emotions like self belief, guilt, hope, courage and many more powerful emotions that can sometimes single handedly change and transform one’s life!
• Supporting the digestive system to work better and faster
• Releasing any knots that are stored in this area that is causing pain and discomfort
• Releasing any emotional challenges that are suppressed like stress, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and worry because this is where we hold them all
• Clearing IBS fully so that the body can come back to its natural state
• Shifting heartburn away from this area so that you are feeling freer to consume your food with no worry of attack
• The food that you are consuming will be easy to digest again supporting the system without any discomfort 
• Clearing any bloating challenges that you have and restore this area so that you can eat and drink with ease around mindful consumption 
• Clearing any chronic pain that is causing serve constipation, so that you are back to normal bowel movements


The source of healing starts with Energy

You are infinite if you believe in yourself 





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