ASK Certified Aware Coach Programs

Coaching has always been the heart and soul of ASK Life Clarity, right from the time of our existence. For the very real results it creates, our love for Coaching has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Our logical and pragmatic approach to human transformation has earned unanimous credibility and trust from all our esteemed clients across the Corporate sector and Entrepreneurial fraternity and among Individuals who are determined to Grow and Transform.

Every specialized Coaching Program is a product of ours thorough research and a deep understanding of Human Dynamics, which can be evidently seen in our Simplistic, Real-time, and Objective Oriented Methodology

Master Aware Coach is a Whole New Paradigm Shift in the way the world knows coaching today... In fact, it starts from where we, as the world, have stopped thinking!

M-A-C program goes far beyond the stereotypical coaching practices prevalent in the world, and elevates ‘Coaching’ from being just a ‘Temporary Situational Correction Mechanism’ to an ‘Evolving Human Enablement Process’. Beyond just a well-paying profession or a successful career, Master Aware Coach Program is a perpetually growing means of leading a truly meaningful life.

Please note that for any of our Master Coaching & Teaching Programs, this is not a normal enrollment.  Our Mentor will always be the decider on who comes on the Path of teaching and learning. 


Key Benefits

  • To understand how HUMAN MIND works.
  • To be the REAL Transformation CATALYST.
  • To LEARN to Understand Beyond what is shared and identify the actual challenges of an individual.
  •   To gain Wisdom of Human Emotions-the only influence on what we do or don’t do.
  • To Enable your coachee to see the challenges in a simple way and solve them with ease.
  • To Enable your coachee to be a people LEADER.
  • To Enable Your coachee to be the master of their emotions and Actions.
  • To be a Real Contributor to our fellow human beings well-being.
  • To Decode the path of Sense of Achievement & Contribution For your coachee.

Aware Certified Master Performance Coach

AWARE PERFORMANCE COACH is a Master Certification Course that gives you the access to WISDOM & SKILLS
to drive individuals to their DESIRED GROWTH, SUCCESS & the SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT


Aware Certified Life Coach

AWARE LIFE COACH is a certification course that gives you the access to WISDOM & SKILLS to drive individuals to Live a life of well being, great mental and physical health, amazing relationships and a deep sense of meaning and contribution! 


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