Some of our Reviews & Feedbacks

A big Thank You and Heart Felt Gratitude from All of us at ASK LIFE CLARITY!



Last year my husband had an affair. It is the lowest I had ever felt and at the time I couldn’t see how I would ever feel normal again. My friend had mentioned Deborah to me so I decided to give it a go with very little expectation that it would help. My first session with Deborah was an hour and a half long, and within that time she turned my mindset from “I would take him back” to “why would I ever want someone like that in my life”. I couldn’t believe the effect she had had on me in such a short space of time. She is straight to the point, positive and makes you realise your self worth. She also checks in with me on watsapp in case I need an extra boost to get over something that happened between our sessions, which I am so thankful for. She has helped me immensely and I highly recommend Deborah.

Sophia Ramsay


My mum initially contacted Deborah for some guidance to help with my anxiety, I was so nervous at first and unsure if this was what I wanted, I knew I didn’t want to go down the “traditional” route of Therapy, sitting in an office with someone writing notes, so I thought I’d give it one session and see how it goes. Deb’s was happy to do a whattsapp meeting at first, this helped with my anxiety as I didn’t really feel comfortable meeting anyone in person. 10 minutes into my fist meeting I knew she was going to help me, I felt a connection with her, like she understood me. Debs is so easy to talk too, completely un judgmental and so reassuring. She gave me realistic techniques to help me, and basically she has changed my life. When I did feel confident enough to meet in person, I felt like I was meeting a friend, Debs is so so lovley and beautiful inside and out! I cannot thank her enough, I know I have made a friend and mentor for life. Thank you Debs. Xx

Susan & Paul Mallard


Deborah has been an amazing mediator and facilitator in our marriage. We both cannot express how much her love and support has meant to us. Her energy, understanding, and sincerity resonated with us powerfully and we always felt that she was assisting both of us equally to improve our marriage and our friendship. We love each other better than we could before, due to Deborah's amazing support. I highly recommend Deborah for couples that are experiencing communication issues in particular as she is skilled at taking in both participant's energy and opinions, then presenting a solution that works for both sides in a very beautiful way. A beautiful, strong, empowering caring person that we will be forever grateful for having in our lives.

The Burrows Family


Deborah has been a godsend to our family and well to our son, she is absolutely amazing. Our son started with Deborah as an awkward eleventh grader with a lot of anxieties and ADHD issues. He was having a really hard time managing the various responsibilities in his life, and his motivation and confidence were plummeting as a result. In his first session with Deborah, his mood changed for the better and 3 sessions later our son was showing increasing changes in his everyday life and also grades improved just amazing to see our son be happier. With Deborahs teachings and amazing love, over the past 2 months he has grown in to a calm, fairly confident young man and student at school with a mindset to tackle life’s challenges. We are so grateful to you Deborah, we just can’t thank you enough.

Lynn & Dave Quinn


12.5 years myself and my husband have been married and the past 4 years we have both been through some awful times with both loss and health challenges. Over the past few years, we have been so disconnected to the point that we both questioned separation. In September my sister had mentioned to get support and we both said we feel we are past this and what’s the point. Then I seen a post on FB with someone expressing problems in their marriage and if there was anyone to recommend and many names came up but one name more so and that was Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. So, I decided to look at Deborah work and I was extremely impressed with all the testimonials on her website and spoke with my husband and said why don’t we just try and see. So, I connected with Deborah and all I can say is life changing. How do we put into words how we feel. Deborah is the most beautiful and skilled women in such areas of trouble and what stood out most about Deborah supporting us was that her heart and constant push to show us that in fact we are still connected and in love. We just lost our communication and we didn’t know how to approach our ways together. Deborah you have been invaluable to our change in how we feel and now we are more in love and communicating like never before. It is just amazing how one human can hold such a beautiful yet strong space for two other humans and completely show you the light. Deborah, we love you and thank you will never ever be enough. Lynn & Dave

Emma Pierce


I had booked coaching sessions with Deborah to support me with a very traumatic childhood that has troubled me most of my life. It was extremely amazing how things have turned around speaking with Deborah. I just never felt this was possible to leave these times in my past until I sat online with Deborah she is just really a very beautiful person with a very straight forward approach that blew my mind and left me thinking only the most positive things instead of the negativity I have been carrying all my life. What an experience and what a weight totally lifted from my heart. Deborah knows exactly how to get you to the best place you can get with clarity it's just beautiful how she works and with such humor and truth. I can't thank you enough really I am so so thankful and grateful for what has been such an amazing life transformational turn in my life. I am in the best place of my life Deborah thanks to your powerful sessions. Love Emma xxxx

Sue & Pete Godfrey


Deborah is amazing! With Deborahs support my husband and I are back ‘on track’. Deborah reassured us that both of our feelings count and because of this she gained our trust instantly. Deborah has actually a very logical and beautiful approach around quickly helping us to identify what was causing our issues and how to clear them by deeper understanding and NO judgment this was key. Deborah had a very thoughtful approach throughout our sessions separately and then she brought us together on our two sessions so that we came only from an understanding logical headspace and of course understanding our own minds separately was also so important. The support this amazing woman gave us to resolve our issues was superb. The leverage and encouragement she gave us supported us to work well together during the sessions and in fact 6 sessions later we are done!! We are so grateful for all you have done for us and finally we are so happy again and understanding and connecting perfectly. Thank you from us both we are so very grateful Deborah you are a gift xx Love Sue and Pete

Karla & Paul Markland


Incredibly insightful, patient, loving, strong support that 10000 works and exceptional in connecting with our daughter which has been essential to the growth of our teenage daughter over the past month. We just can't speak highly enough about Deborah and cannot wait to see you soon when you fly back into Jersey….Libby will be first in line lol….thank youuuuuuuuu our lives have changed and we have our daughter back xx

Marta Hughes


Debs is not only a gifted person, she is also one of the most genuine, compassionate, kind and perceptive people I have ever met. She is highly experienced but not like any other she is very professional and communicates clearly but just has a way to get into your head and mess the mind up lol in an amazing way and pull you out of the dark place. Working with her has been truly lifechanging!

Sharon Wade


I had some sessions with Debs to clear my anxieties and fears and they have been tremendously beneficial for me. We worked through my childhood trauma and how it related so much to my adult life. The growth I've made as an individual in the past few weeks working with this amazing person is almost beyond belief. I'm clearer minded, level headed, and able to cope and manage my thoughts and emotions better than I ever have before including my anxieties and fears which no longer are dragging me down. Thanks so much, Debs you are wonderful.

Jane & Paul


Myself and my husband had been going through a very difficult time the past few years and we have had some couple counselling on the Island which was ok but no solution. We felt after 10 sessions with the counsellor on the island whilst it helped a little to vent out, we still could not overcome our challenges. Then we met with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity who we had been referred by a friend of a friend. What can we say about this woman only after 5 sessions later myself and my husband are stronger and happier than we have ever been and that’s thanks to Deborah. Deborah has a different approach that worked for us and what seemed like a huge mountain to climb together in fact wasn’t at all. We just needed to understand things clearer not only together but about ourselves. Deborah is just a wonderful logical and extremely infectious person to have support from she doesn’t do the negative and comes only from a strong and clear logical approach based on a love relationship. We are both honestly so grateful to Deborah and now we can plan what we want to plan for together. Thank you, Deborah you are amazing.

Hailey Pirouet


Honestly, I've felt better about myself and current life situation after connecting with Deborah. Her teachings have allowed me to dig deeper into my own thoughts and figure out what it is I want from life and how much better my life is and can always be if I continue to choose this way, which I do. Deborah two things I have to write THANK YOU for seeing me and THANK YOU for doing what you do. Love Hailey

Susie Ryan


I have been to a couple of therapists and stopped because I was not seeing any progress. I was told about Deborah at Ask Life Clarity by a friend at work who also received amazing teachings. Deborah is excellent she is not like a therapist or anyone I have connected with. She listens, asks the right questions just at the right times and has given me amazing direction each time we have spoken I received amazing Clarity on everything that was a massive burden in my life over these 20 years. What I have learned from Deborah has impacted me tremendously and filtered down to improving myself love in ways I cannot explain and it feels so great. Even my marriage and other relationships are in a great place now and that’s all thanks to such an amazing and wonderful human that is you Deborah. In my opinion Deborah has a gift and the biggest heart I know and I am thankful that I found her support. Deborah you are truly a gift to my life, and I can’t wait for you to come back to Jersey soon so I can give you the biggest hug.



I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimony about the self-love course that has truly changed my life. Debs and her transformative journey has empowered me to become a stronger, more confident individual, while fostering a deep sense of calm and focus within myself. Through this course, I have discovered the immense power of self-love and its ability to shape my life in ways I never thought possible. Before embarking on this course, I often found myself feeling lost and disconnected from my own desires and aspirations. This was heightened after loosing my dad. I initially met Debs through a Grieve call which realigned and after spending time with her and seeing how high I could go I wanted to know more. I have constantly put others' needs before my own, neglected my own well-being and happiness. However, this course has taught me the importance of prioritizing self-care and nurturing my own needs. It has shown me that by loving and valuing myself, I can create a life that aligns with my true desires. One of the most significant changes I have experienced since taking this course is the newfound strength that resides within me. I have learned to embrace my strengths, acknowledge my worth, and stand up for myself. I now approach challenges with a renewed sense of confidence, knowing that I have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I have a newfound clarity. Most importantly, this course has taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who uplift and support me. I have learned to let go of toxic relationships and embrace those who genuinely care for my well-being. By surrounding myself with positive influences, I have created a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and self-love. PDD

Jason Purdy


Debs has helped me hugely and I have tears of gratitude writing this review! I highly recommend Debs she is just not only a beautiful person inside and out but she is extremely wise and hits you with teachings that you cannot disagree with only to fully understand. She is certainly needed in this world big time and because of Debs I am now able to go back to work and run my company exactly the way I used to. I have battled with cancer for 2.5 years and finally got the all clear and in 5-year watch. I lost my brother and nephew in the same time I got told I had cancer. When that cloud comes, I can’t even explain. Debs in what I would say is that she is gifted like a very solid loving spell of common sense, humor, love the finest of support and just knows exactly how to pull you out of all that you fear, worry, grief and sadness. Please connect with Debs anyone that is reading this she will show you exactly what if feels to be happy again and want life. Debs I of course and Karen my wife and our two sons are waiting on your arrival to Dublin so that we get to finally meet you in person…I can not ever thank you enough.

David Smith


Deb turned my life around. Before I started working with Deb, I'd been unemployed for more than a year, and was becoming hopeless and desperate not because of money issues because I am comfortable financially but because I couldn’t cope with not working especially at the level I am in business. I developed so much anxiety and stress and just had no idea how to stop it. I went to see a private therapist here in Jersey for 7 months to still be in same situation and also to be told to go on tablets which I was not willing to go down that road… Until I was told about Deb, Deb showed me how to stand up, dust myself off, and believe in myself again. Now, a few months later, I'm negotiating a new job for a massive leadership position here on the Island, and I feel great about myself. None of this would have happened without Debs coaching, support and love and I would go as far to say that Debs is one of the most genuine humans I have ever met and I have met a lot of people through my years of business coaching but Debs is a one off. I am feeling so very focused and happy thank you Deb just thank you doesn’t cut it but I know you know. David

Peter Clarke


I've tried mentoring/coaching even counselling before, but they were nothing like Deborah. Deborah just brings a healthy mixture of common sense, personal interaction, and new ideas to help business owners clarify their plan, and chart a measurable path towards business growth and increase profitability...and isn't that the bottom line? Deborah is also so nurturing with everything around personal life challenges also and at the same time she gives you a healthy mind whack when needed. Deborah I know you will laugh or kill me for saying this but you are such a wonderful, strong, wise, beautiful human with gifts and then some…but what stands out for me is that you DO NOT take any rubbish I have had a few mind kicks from you and it hurt the ego big time….lol….but it needed to be that way because I no longer run with the Ego….thank you dearest Deborah thank you what an incredible person you are.

Bev Taylor


The other day I was working on some designs and thinking to myself, "I love my ' job and life!" I've been contacted by the larger companies I sought to work with, this is a huge win! I'm doing what I set out to do and it's all thanks to the amazing beautiful women angel mentor teacher only more and more I could say but Deborah will be kicking me virtually as she is so humble and only wants the best for me for anyone, I know it. My life was upside down and every which way than normal around stress, anxiety and even felt depressed. Until I was given Deborah name as referral and I am so thankful to that person who recommended Deborah. Working with Deborah has been the best business and personal investment of growth I've ever made over these 6.5 weeks. I highly recommend Deborah at Ask Life Clarity so much. Give her a shot you won't regret it and she has the happiest and most fun outlook of life that’s infectious! Deborah I hope to see you in Jersey next time when we are both there. Bev

Amber Ryan


After doing the 6 weeks of sessions with Debs, I can honestly say I’d recommend her to anyone. She is so down to earth, full of positivity, common sense, honesty and humour. The sessions are nothing like regular counselling and Debs is not like a regular counsellor/ therapist. My life has changed so much for the better. I’m so much happier, content and confident in myself. I have dealt with my past traumas and been able to let them go. I have learned to view situations with a whole new, clear and positive outlook. I’m enjoying my day to day life so much more. I wake up happy and excited and appreciative every day of the blessed life I have. Money well spent to now be a happier version of myself and give my kids and the people around me the best of me. Thank you Debs ❤️

Kirsty Wilson-Seabrook


‘Love is Infinite’ …. Who would have known this simple but powerful trilogy of words could make such a difference to one’s self! I went to see Deborah as I had been highly recommended a while ago while I was going through ‘stuff!’ I just hadn’t made that appointment due to one thing and another. I’m a big believer in timing and that things will happen when it’s right for you! It was right for me yesterday and it was my time! Feeling so sad…lacking in confidence… not coping with work and every day life… it was TIME to contact Deborah and as chance would have it, she was in town! That’s what I call… ‘Meant to be!’ Although I am blessed that I have the most amazing support from my gorgeous hubby, mum and friends, I just couldn’t seem to pick myself up and nor could they! An eighteen month roller coaster which resulted in me losing my lovely step-mum and my amazing dad last year has been emotional to say the least. I have had to dig deep more than you know, but as time has gone on I’d totally lost myself! I met with Deborah yesterday and I have to say I knew as soon as I walked in the room, that hug, that energy in the room, I was going to walk out feeling different! I wasn’t wrong, what an amazing ‘session’, ‘meeting’ ‘chat’… whatever you call it, it was just what I needed. I now have a totally different perspective on the grief I have been feeling, the sense of loss for both Dad & Jill and the feeling of being lost in myself! I have no regrets! So important! ‘Love is infinite!’ Thank you so much Deborah xxx

Jane Morgan


If there is anyone contemplating engaging Debs, my advice would be…do it, now, don’t even hesitate. My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia in 2022, we were referred to CAHMS for support, which was absolutely not what we got. They gave my daughter a meal plan” which meant eating 4 meals a day and 3 snacks. For someone who was eating 2 items of food a day, this meal plan was never going to work, my daughter was immediately overwhelmed with it and began restricting food intake even more, losing 2 stone in less than a year. CAHMS where unsupportive, giving unrealistic and unachievable goals and I felt like I had no where to turn to get the help she so needed. Then I found Debs and the change in my daughter has been incredible! She is eating more, sending me shopping lists of things to buy to eat. I literally cannot believe the difference in such a short space of time. I’ve gone from watching her excessively exercise after eating,to burn the calories off quicker to now having her eat with us at dinner time and increase food intake to two FULL meals plus snacks! Debbie is absolutely incredible, a real life angel, I only wish I’d found her sooner. Her approach is completely different to any other therapist we have seen, she was also checking in on my daughter via text between sessions and she continues to do this! She engaged my daughter immediately and has built up a lovely relationship with her. No amount of words could even begin to cover the gratitude I have for this beautiful woman. Thanks Debs from the bottom of my heart.

Linda Miller


When I reached out to Deborah, I felt that I was at a tipping point yet again in my life… tipping back down the way I came. Self-sabotage was the biggest culprit in my life. Just when I was so close to arriving to a point of exceptional weight loss, career goals, financial goals, relationships, and consistency with it all… I recognized that I was the one holding me back. When I would try to solve the issue, all the balls would drop at once and I'd find myself in a tail spin. I felt out of control. Deborah listened deeply and began to support my mind deeply and a road map for me and my specific with the needs to overcome and conquer my hold ups. I realized that her teaching was effective almost immediately. The result has been life- changing. I now feel more in control of my life. Everyday, when I take my first steps on the floor, I practice gratitude and take on each day with a new awareness that this is my life and I am the master of it. I will continue getting mentoring from beautiful Deborah because we have only scratched the surface of my full potential in this life. Deborah is the kind of person that everyone needs in their life.” Thank you Deborah you are just the best.

James Holt


Timing for me seems to always be perfect around things happening. As soon as I was ready, I very quickly found someone that has helped me reach my goals faster than I thought imaginable! Deborah listens intently, she is completely in the moment with you and gives you the exact mindset you need to drive the mind back to it’s true and fulfilling state. I highly recommend Deborah what a gifted and beautiful women I connected and learnt so much from. Whilst the mentoring was online it didn’t change anything you almost feel Deborah was in the room with you anyway. Look forward to crossing paths if both in Jersey at same time in summer. Thank you Deborah I am truly grateful for All you have given me in the Mind I am back in now.

Higgings Family


Sincere gratitude and love to you Deborah for how you had supported our son. 16 years we have had our boy in this world and two months ago that was nearly a different story. My son James has been going to Camhs for 2 years and he was still not great and we didn’t notice any real changes in him. We have tried other people on the island but nobody could support him properly and more importantly understand the way James mind was. Over two months ago end of April my son tried to take his own life. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to witness and my husband only now thanks to Deborah support also has got through the trauma. We had been told about Deborah through a friend who actually works in the big company in finance and had said that she is highly recommended on the Island and has had a few people at work go to Deborah for support with excellent feedback. James had connected with Deborah very well indeed and after 3 sessions we seen not only a massive improvement in his day-to-day life but James’s confidence and how he was thinking about things that really was a big issue from him in the past. Deborah has been a massive life line to James and a huge support to both myself and my husband around the fear we held. Please I will say this to anyone reading this connect with Deborah she really is the best person to have in your life to support the way she does. James has found a new friend in Deborah as we have and now smiling and back on track. James knows he can reach out at any point if he wants and also Deborah connects with James through the week always checking in. We are extremely happy with this wonderful outcome and cannot say enough about Deborah. You are excellent at what you do with the warmest heart.

McConnell Family


We can only say faith, yes faith that we found Deborah while our daughter was going through a very tough time. She is supporting and packed full of beautiful love and great teachings to deescalate when my daughters’ emotions where just too much. Everyone needs someone like Deborah on their side she has changed my daughter’s life and ours. Thank you for being you.

David Cullen


I am extremely grateful for Deborah mentoring. From the beginning, she created a welcoming and non-judgmental environment that made it easy for me to open up and share my concerns. Her teachings has helped me to make progress in my personal and professional life, and I am confident that I will continue to grow every day now. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate and effective mentor with an amazing positive and straight down the line approach.

Rachel Cassidy


Debs is fab, with an amazing ability to pull out seemingly minor conversational details that are critical to self-help and self-awareness. She is very open, and non-judgemental creating a safe space to share, connect, and heal. She is just one of those people that you would want to have with you 24/7 on your shoulder and I am so grateful I had these weeks with Debs work. You are amazing Debs and I am so looking forward to university now.

Amy Menton


I met with Debs few weeks ago for a 1-1 support because I was having terrible anxiety and stress around my relationship with my husband and not feeling I was good enough. I want to make a point here that should be mentioned about this woman. Debs not only gives you it real but she has the biggest heart around you. Debs is an extremely caring, funny and highly knowledgeable women with a mindset that you only wish you could have 24/7 like I feel she does. She is real and with an infectious energy sometimes in my few sessions I had with Debs I felt like I was talking to a best friend constant encouragement and empowerment that you don’t want to leave her space. I am not sure how you do it Debs, but you have a way that I know not many have and it’s the purest most powerful approach to solving things. I left your offices both times on a high and laughed not only because you made me laugh but because I felt my laughing was real this time. It’s been so long since I laughed so thank you Debs. I needed this so badly and after 2 years of therapy which actually didn’t really work and made me feel worse at times thank God, I found you. I am eternally grateful to you and I will be coming to your next Venus retreat (I am laughing writing this because I can hear you saying it Amy it’s not your normal 9.5 hours, I am warning you lol) and I can’t wait because I only feel normal now after your support so whatever you are doing in the future, I am in. Thank you dearest beautiful Debs I love you (saying this with a smile and great Clarity on my marriage) no more anxiety or stress.

Sarah-Jane Jarvis


I had been struggling for years from when my man had passed away and at that time my parents where fighting and changing their minds constantly if they were going to stay together. At this time I was in primary school. Then my grandad did things in which he shouldn’t of to me, and I ended up with hip and back pain as well as not knowing how to process being depressed (self harming). I had tried so many different therapist. When a friend ended up telling me about Deborah, although it was over zoom it was still the best experience I’ve had. She is incredible, she is more than just a therapist, she has a warm happy personality and a heart big enough to love everyone in the world. If it wasn’t for her I would not have got to feel batter about myself and start to find myself again. It had been years but I finally got my smile back. I only have Deborah to thank for that, she makes you feel safe and like you are old friends. Thank you so much!! Couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me.

Janice Kelly


Deborah expertise in the human mind gives you so much confidence in that time with her and after, no matter what we talked about she gets in and is on it like a magic ball. She really knows her stuff, she's kind and so sweet, she understood my needs and wants and worked with me to target them fully in those 4 sessions I had. She is the best therapist I have ever worked with although I know Deborah does not use therapist in her practice “teacher” and if I am honest her way to support is absolutely class and so refreshing, she really does teach you how to think again. She is professional, she is insightful, she is understanding. There is an unbelievable amount of truth and kindness in her words and approach. I am forever grateful to have started this journey of healing mindset is now active in a very good way and I feel so much stress out of my body. I am able to make changes in my communication and self-care which have made the biggest impact on navigating each day. Every day has become lighter, and I am so much more me again and happy. Every day has become more joyful. Deborah you are a treasure and a shining light to this world, and I am deeply grateful for your support  and amazingTeachings.xx

Lorraine McGrath


3 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and with that came a very intense healing process with complete fear, anxiety and utter worry. My journey was not easy to say the least but thankfully I have been given the all clear it was something I felt so unsure about because my body had gone through so much and I feel blessed without a doubt I am lucky. What happened after I got the all clear was that I started to develop extreme anxiety and the fear was still lingering thinking will it come back. I was then gone from being cleared of cancer to then riddled with anxiety, worry and fear. I felt so bad and selfish because I am all clear but I just didn’t know how to get out of my head and had counselling for this but nothing was working. 4 weeks ago, my best friend had told me about Debs and she has come to Dublin and what she does and to connect and see if Debs can help me. I have found one of the sweetest, caring and phenomenal people this life has to offer and that is Debs. I am no longer riddled with fear and anxiety thanks to you Debs. If I can just put this awareness out to anyone that is reading this DO NOT suffer in such things, please reach out to Debs she is just amazing at getting your head straight. I took 3 sessions with Debs and I feel completely clear and free and after what Debs has given me with the leverage I one million percent needed this, I now know that I can live my life and look after my mind and body fully because and feel so happy and free. I love you Debs you are life’s gifts to others and I wish you all the happiness and best in this life I truly mean that you are the best.

Michelle Field


I went to Venus for women day retreat a few weeks ago with Debs at Ask Life Clarity in the Radisson Blu St Helens Dublin. What a brilliant empowering uplifting day it was. The location was stunning the food the room everything. It was a day packed with amazing body healing work and powerful mindset teachings on stress, worries, anxiety and self love and so much more. Deborah taught us so much that day that was very different than I have experienced before but it really opens your mind to how to give back to the mind and body and have a total reboot a day truly for yourself with a great group of women that just need a day away from a busy life and need clarity on things that we forget and reboot the mind and body. I would highly recommend anyone that needs a day really for yourself and come away with great clarity and feel lighter in the mind and body and empowered. We had such a great group we laughed so much and danced also just great energy even after 9.5 hours we still danced around the room. Deborah really does put everything she has and knows into everything she does as a teacher, healer and mentor into a day like this for women it was just brilliant experience for sure and i have learned so much. Thanks Debs and the team in India for also coming live if was fab.

John Cronin


I would highly recommend Deborah’s mentoring. Not only is her facilitating highly experienced, knowledgeable and supportive, the teachings she uses supported my learning journey well beyond my expectations. I came to Deborah with a vague idea about coaching and I am leaving it so much more skilled and knowledgeable and able to continue my journey. The mentoring sessions and coaching skills training, the whole process helps to set you up for success on your coaching journey. One thing that really stood out for me with Deborah is how she is 100 percent committed to getting you to that mindset of complete understanding around growth within and whilst I felt I was good in the area of Self Love how wrong I was. I was consumed by lack of confidence and faith in what I was trying to push myself with around my business and that was some insight Deborah has showed me that has now given me more determination, confidence to fully see what is in front of me for the best outcomes of my business. Big thanks and gratitude to you Deborah you have a great way in mentoring with a heart that is very big and the knowledge which is invaluable to anyone that is seeking a meaningful future. Exceptional is the word I want to use. Thank you.

Karen Blake


Well, I have to say I'm a bit blown away by how I've been since our session, and debs it’s just remarkable the difference I feel. I can't even put my finger on it but I have a different mind and wish I knew you years ago but I'm so happy I do now. I feel very clear without any effort to think back on what seemed like an absolute nightmare but not anymore. I have really struggled in the past to commit to even something but Debs has made it so simple in her approach. I'm smiling more, my mind is clear and I no longer feel regret. I felt so happy all that day from the time I left our session and still smiling and laughing at how you managed to give me a good kick in where I needed it most and then what a hug is all I have to say. I want to thank you for your support Debs and thank you for completely putting my head in its real thinking instead of feeling so low about something that was out of my hands. You have made me a very happy person and I cannot thank you enough I feel free. Anyone struggling or stuck with anything you absolutely need to connect with Debs she is a game changer for sure an absolute sweetheart with the most infectious energy. Lots of love Debs can't wait to join one of your workshops in Dublin.

Vivienne O’Rourke


It was a pleasure to talk to Deborah Wood and even better that she was from Dublin, Ireland like myself. I felt an immediate connection, we had a similar upbringing and she understood exactly how I was feeling. She was very different to any other Counsellors I’d been to, she was very direct with her approach, and it really made me think. She is so positive, friendly and funny. I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling, I only had two sessions, but I think it was enough to give me that subtle push I needed to reset my brain into a positive mode! I was also very impressed with the after care, she checked up on me for months after. I have also heard that her laughter therapy retreats are excellent and I must book in for one soon, thanks again Debs xx

Dave Carswell


Fantastic teachings online from Debs I am not one for voicing out but after having mentoring for Debs she has given me not only room for massive changes in my professional life for the better but also around the people that are in my life outside of my career. Outstanding teachings and a very humble, wise and extremely warm person. Thanks for this and myself and Sue look forward to meeting you in Jersey 2023 for coffee if you have time for us ?. Amazing work….

Elaine Harrison


I have been super happy with the 4 sessions I have received with Debs. She just gets me fully. She has helped me get my life on track and I shall be forever grateful. The sessions are so good that I feel like I'm talking with an angel that is there just for me. I am an introvert at my core and it’s hard for me to open up easily but somehow Debs managed to breakthrough, and I just think her real positive energy and non-judgment just nailed it for me. I’ve had a lot of struggles in my life and I just needed someone to get me and my mind and find a healthy way to now live my life. Debs is so understanding and so supportive even connects every few days after each session and always made me laugh and smile. Debs you are incredible, and I am always going to be grateful for your teachings and know that I also have a connection with someone that doesn’t think I am not normal because I am and you made me see this. I feel really good now and ready for what life had to offer in my new happy mindset.

Helen Smith


Truly Amazing experience from start to finish, No judgement, just love, encouragement and guidance. Had the best day with Debbie and the most amazing ladies. Can’t wait for the next one. ❤️

Sharon Cathcart


Debs has been amazing for me. I had felt heavy and laden down with guilt, shame, self-loathing and a splash of judgment - of myself and others. Debs has helped me to free myself of this self sabotage and live day by day focusing on who I really am and the peace and love that I have within myself. The simplicity is absolutely amazing and Debs has walked me step by step to a much happier me. It’s like having the film on the sunglasses taken off so that you can see more clearly. It has been a joy to spend time with such a wonderful, non judgmental woman. My advice to anybody thinking about this is jump on in its life changing.

Sadie Miller


It’s very rare you get to meet someone that not only nurtures your soul but gives you everything they have in their support and goes even beyond that. Deborah, you have changed my heart and my understanding around grief like I cannot express. Two and half years ago I lost my daughter to tragic circumstances and 9 months later my husband got cancer and passed in space of one month of finding out. I never imagined I could or ever would feel me again or even want to live but you turned this around for me and I can never thank you enough. I took 3 sessions online with Deborah as she is currently in India mentoring and when I took the call with her first for half an hour, afterwards, I felt a huge weight lifted already like hope. 3 sessions later and I am now in a place of peace and deepest love and acceptance around my losses and I am able to see the light. Deborah is by far one of the best expert networks out there. I have been going to grief counselling 16 months and nothing and I mean nothing can compare to Deborah support. I will never forget this and I will forever be extremely grateful to you. Your love and support and amazing ways of seeing loss in a totally different light is so beautiful and freeing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Deborah. Sadie

Karen McKeever


I came to Deborah as a broken woman literally. She has been extremely helpful in supporting me see through the negativity, sadness and pain I have endured and reveling all the positivity that my life actually has now. There are not enough good things I can say about her. She gave me the understandings and leverage to recognize the anxiety, stress, worry all negative thinking I felt and no longer have now. She is a wealth of knowledge and love and helped me become very best me and self-aware and has got my confidence back the best I have ever been. She is straight forward but has a massive heart and cares about my life and being happy again and made me laugh every time. I have now started my new career and doing so well and I could not have done this if it wasn’t for you Deborah. Deborah if I could sum you up and your support in one word it would be Transformational. Thank you. Karen

Sandra Lawlor


Deborah’s teachings are magnificent. You can really tell the dedication she has for her clients. If you are looking for someone nice to talk to and to help you and who will tell you what you want to hear, she is not that, but if you are looking for someone real and truly beautiful inside and out who will support you deeply to become the best version of yourself, someone who will give you the truth with the best teachings that you need to hear rather than want to hear. Look no further Deborah is the best person to get your mind thinking and make you see all the things you have been suppressing in a way that’s empowering and extremely logical and life changing. Deborah thank you I will be coming to one of your amazing retreats also. Ireland is so very blessed to have you. You are a true inspiration to me and so badly needed in this world. I am now in such a great place after only a few weeks of connecting with you and after 14 years of struggle you are truly brilliant.

Andrea Beatson


I have had a recent coaching experience with Deborah that was extremely powerful and helped me clear decades of pain in my body due to the mindset I have carried. Her approach was very perceptive, logical, and affirming, and the results have been incredible. She quickly attuned to my energy and distress, and empathetically guided me through an intense episode of physical and emotional distress. I have been engaged in deep inner healing and evolution for over two decades, and this is one of the very most powerful and beneficial sessions I have ever had. She's a beautiful human being with great gifts. I feel blessed at having discovered her and worked with her. Amazing

Karen & Simon Harris


Deborah is a consummate professional that has been helping my partner and I communicate better and support our marriage issues out. Her insights have been invaluable and in a very short time 3 sessions later we are completely back on tract. I would highly recommend her to anyone she is really one of the best out there. Thank you, Deborah we really mean that. Love Karen and Simon

Emily Bisson


Deborah at Ask Life Clarity has been a tremendous help for me personally and I think she would be a great resource for everyone out there who needs a little push and some support in their lives. She has provided me with superb leverage around anxiety, building confidence, and love yourself more. Improved my communication skills this improved my relationship with my husband and regulate my emotions better in fact I am clear. She helped me reframe how I approach my career and move towards progress by mapping out my goals and having a clear vision. She helped me gain optimistic, yet realistic perspectives with work and relationships. If you want transformation in your life Deborah is a big YES what an amazing selfless person. 



I was at an all time low having lost my mum and my partner in a very short period of time. Whilst I could accept the loss of my mum as she had suffered with MND for years and had told me herself she had “had enough”, I struggled to accept the loss of my partner. I felt guilty that he’d gone snd I was still here, churned things over in my mind constantly, wondering if I could have done things differently. Deborah and asklifeclarity was recommended to me and I am so glad I made contact. I am in a much more positive frame of mind now, and whilst I miss my partner more than words can say, I can focus more on the happy memories we made, can talk about him without bursting into tears and smile when he wanders through my mind. Please don’t struggle alone x

Jane Matthews


Deborah has been absolutely amazing, honestly, she’s been a blessing in my life in such a short amount of time. She has helped me gain the courage and confidence in speaking up for myself, expressing how I feel rather than bottling them up and being conscious of my thoughts/actions. I’ve made such progress in such a short amount of time and it’s thanks to her, guiding me in the direction I never saw for myself. Deborah is understanding, direct, thoughtful, and makes you put in the work in the mindset while holding you accountable. I could go on how amazing and such a beautiful soul she is, but you must see for yourself. Thanks so much Deborah.

Dave Reynolds


Deborah is the absolute best and helped me so much. I will forever be grateful for her. One in a million and because of this work I am now happier than I have been in 16 years.



I have been to see counsellors before for long standing issues. Never did anything change for me, never did I move forward. I can honestly say Debbie has changed my life. For years I was haunted by previous depression, anxiety, mistakes I've made in relationships and experience's that I'd been through but was never able to let them go. Since meeting and dealing with Debbie over a few sessions, my way of thinking and processing has completely changed. She has taught me how to process and deal with situations in a more positive light and move forward with my life. She is a constant support even after finishing my latest sessions with her and know I can pick up the phone anytime and she is there to support me. I am in a much better place now and it is down to this. I can honestly not recommend Debbie enough and have recommended her to numerous friends of mine.

Lisa Metze


I had 3 sessions ONLINE with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. I went to Deborah with extreme PTSD and was a little unsure how this would go. I have had 5 years support in and around nyc over two different places and nothing was really helping. Deborah took me on a very beautiful journey around the mindset I had and showed me a totally different light in how I can absolutely kick all that was troubling me. Just amazing and I am as Deborah said "back in the game" what a beautiful person and selfless human and checking in behind the scenes as you do. I'm so grateful for this and the support you gave me. Look forward to the visit you come to the USA you are needed.



Although sceptical at first I was persuaded to have a couple of sessions with Deborah when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. My goodness it was the best thing I could have done. Things that were worrying me and weighing me down were talked through and I left feeling so much lighter. She also taught me how to work through thoughts and situations with things really that can just happen in life. I am now back on track and I can’t thank her enough?

Karen Hubbard


Debs has completely changed my life with one very empowering session. 4 years of grief and lost in it all but then Debs entered into my life. I still say it was my angels in heaven that brought me to Debs but either way I know now that not only am I in a beautiful mind and heart around my loss but my angles will be so proud of me seeing me happy again and that’s the biggest blessing I can give them as they watch me in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Debs.

David Walters


Deborah is one of the most exemplary human beings I have had the pleasure to know. I have seen 2 therapists over a year period with the grief of my wife and nothing was shifting in that loss until I connected with Deborah. I have only had two online sessions with Deborah and I am feeling so different and I can see and feel such a difference in myself and its wonderful. She knows exactly when to ask questions and when to support in that moment. So much positive energy, and very down to earth. I have only had a couple sessions with Deborah as I said and she has provided me with so much peace around the loss of my wife in my everyday life now. I never ever felt I could reach this feeling in fact I felt that this is how it is meant to be now since I lost my beautiful wife. I was completely wrong. Absolutely impeccable as a support network and a person and I feel blessed to have been connected with Deborah. Thank you very much Deborah.

Andrew Scott


Deborah has not only helped me with my years of mental health, but she has also given me a reason and strength to move forward now. I am so incredibly grateful for her! Do not hesitate to contact this incredible woman because she is one of the most sincere and honest people you will ever have in your life for support. Deborah does what she does with such grace and realness and gets you out of all the challenges you are in very fast. You made me laugh so much especially the turning point was when I was laughing at myself when we discussed at the end all the challenges I "did" have. Deborah’s words to me “how is that working out for you” I could not stop laughing because Deborah approach and way is so genuine. Lots of love to you Deborah.

Kira Momi


The self love course has helped me so much in accepting myself and being comfortable in my own skin. Ever since i could remember, I have been insecure and uncomfortable in myself but since completing the self love course i have never been happier.

Amy Howard


I had been working with Deborah for a few weeks online and I can't recommend her enough. Her professionalism, her positive attitude and mindset has supported me and encouraged me to become the best version of myself and to let go of all the burdens I had been carrying on for way too long. Before starting sessions, I always felt guilty or anxious about starting the healing process but I am extremely grateful that I had been able to work with Deborah and that she forever changed the way I looked at myself and therapy as a whole. She is remarkable!

Eric Thompson


Wise woman with very positive down to earth approach. She's supported me fully to put my big bag of stresses into perspective without getting caught in negative thought patterns again. I highly recommend sharing your situation with Deb, she will guide you in brilliant ways to see things in a way that sinks in very fast. She's a gift

Gemma Brown


Deborah is a miracle worker to me over my few sessions online. I have worked with a many people over the years, and they were all nice, but Deborah is by far the best. She has fully helped me deal with a lot of issues, on a deeper level especially grief, as I had kind of given up hope on being able to work through this pain. Deborah's guidance and leadership has helped me come true to myself and even revisit and work through several unresolved issues from the past that haunted me almost every day for decades, and has taught me an invaluable mindset teachings for dealing so much trauma and grief and past abuse that has completely changed how I view my life and go through my days now it's amazing. I am extremely grateful I feel free and at peace. Deborah you rock x

Marie Garcia


Debs is possibly the most supportive, kindest, real loving and funniest person I’ve ever met and I have seen many people for support but Debs she is one of life's finest people. Her positivity is contagious and her results are amazing. I had 3 online sessions with Debs and I am the outcome of Debs amazing work and I can say now in my life I am the most happiest I have been in over 16 years and that's big considering the 16 years of hell I was living in. Debs took me out of my grief in one session although the session lasted over 2.5 hours she was holding that space with me until I was clear what an absolute diamond you are. You had me laughing at things I felt I could never laugh at again and you also gave me the most beautiful insight in looking at grief in a way that for me is outstanding approach and meaningful and just out and out beautiful with much love and acceptance around it. I never ever felt this could be possible. Debs comes at you when you are least expecting it but the way she does it you cannot help but feel this is the best approach needed and if only I had Debs years ago to support me then but extremely grateful I had her now. You are just a super star and I will forever be grateful to you for bringing me back to me again. Now I have no doubt my beautiful mum in heaven and son will be "as you said rooting for me" and bursting with pride and peace seeing me smile again. Amazing work Debs just love your heart ❤️

Gary Mason


I've struggled in the past with the idea of professional support. I'd been there and done that as a child. It never felt right, I never felt truly heard or without influence of someone else such as a parent. I would not have considered this support previously without a triggered event that prompted me to connect with a therapist. Even taking that step again, I wasn't super hopeful that I'd connect with someone right or that I'd feel comfortable. After my first session with Deborah that all went out the window. I felt heard, I felt connected, I felt comfortable sharing, I didn't feel judged, I felt like a safe space was there Deborah is like a best friend that gives you amazing leverage, support and kicks when needed. I'm very thankful to have been connected with Deborah. I love her approach, I like how she zooms back on a challenge when needed, I really like that I feel like I matter more than just feeling a time slot because Deborah never clock watched never she has your back until you reach your clarity. After my 3 sessions I feel a sense of relief and ownership over my own feelings and the loss I have felt for years in my grief and trauma has gone. Deborah comes from a very different approach it was just what I needed to have a better experience and to have very different thoughts on how helpful her support can truly be. I seen a lot of how therapy doesn't seem to be working, Deborah approach, kindness and supportiveness has shown me how it can work, if you want it too. If I had to do it all over again, seeing Deborah will always be my first and last choice. Deborah you are without a doubt born for this everyone needs someone like you in this life to get them back on track you are just brilliant.

Susan Hodge


Deborah's approach to coaching is an all encompassing one that surpasses any experience I have had in terms of quality and effectiveness. She takes clients through the assessment, diagnostic, planning, and follow up phases in a manner that distinguishes her superb services from others. She has a profound understanding of what a person requires while assisting them in bettering their lives from a mind and physical perspective. The fact that she is a shining example of her own work makes this experience motivational and authentic. Her expertise helped me in my life tremendously. The support and coaching Deborah provided me with has improved my life in numerous ways, and I highly recommend others take advantage of her revolutionary coaching.

Saoirse Quinn


Connecting with Debs has actually been magical in how her support has affected me. My life has become that of opportunity and new experiences while feeling peaceful. It is so fulfilling to become who you have wanted to be and learning to trust myself and my inner guidance has been life changing. I feel more confident and wake up excited to see what the day will bring! debs is an extraordinary being and highly recommend debs to help elevate anyone’s life. I am truly grateful!

Lynn P Renouf


I cannot express enough how this women has supported me over the past few weeks online with my grief. Wow! Deborah you are truly a gift to anyone that needs support. You have taken me out of my darkest days around my grief and not just 1 loss 3 losses. You are such an amazing person I don't know how you do it but don't ever stop because the world needs you in it. Wow! So much love from me and the little ones at the Renouf home. Can't wait until you return to Jersey in an a few weeks to take you for a coffee and meet you in person. So much love and respect Lynn xxx

Miriam Poingdestre


Deborah was recommended to me by a friend during a time in my life when I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was depressed and had very low self esteem amongst other things and was carrying a lot of grief and guilt around with me. Deborah was like an angel, full of light and knowledge and love. She picked me up and thought me to love myself again. She helped me face my guilt and to put it behind me in the most enlightening way. She helped me deal with my grief and accept it but to understand it and myself better and most importantly how to deal with my grief in a beautiful way that has been so empowering to me. I feel like I have been reborn with the pure love and help she gave me. I will never be able to thank her enough and feel I could never give her and ALC the praise they deserve. From my sessions with Debs I attended the Believe workshop with the incredible Krishiv Anantaguru which was an amazing experience. I learned so much from him to help build myself up again and literally believe in myself and my abilities. I was a different person when I started this journey and I can't tell you how much it has woken me up to be the better version of myself and I am still working on that. Believe helped me manage my stress and anxiety levels and my poor self image. I cannot recommend ALC more to anyone who needs help with any issues they may have. I feel like part of a very special family with ALC. Thank you Debs and Krishiv for your love and support and teachings. You hold a very special place in my heart xxxxxx

Juliana Pereira


Deborah thank you very much for your patience, teachings and your love through the most difficult time of my whole life. I nearly lost my mind many times over but before we connected I really don't know if I could of moved on in life anymore. Years of private therapy and years of problems and I was still running around in circles in my head. In the eyes of others I have everything the big house the flash car and many people running around me and some might say I am lucky yet I felt so alone. I feel grateful of course but worked hard for those things that mean nothing to me because I felt completely lost. So in just a few short months of working with Deborah, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Deborah unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional and not to mention the overwhelming behind scenes support and love. Deborah I will never forget you and hope you come to Portugal so we can meet in person or I will come to Jersey that's for sure. As I said before it's definitely not goodbye. The greatest of gratitude and respect for the time we have had. Juliana

David Blampied


I got more out of one month with Debs than I did from all of the self-help books I've read and seminars I've attended over the years.  Debs also knows how to challenge me which has helped me to get back into my real mindset for my business and to feel great about carving out time for myself.

Sharon Tumelty


I came across Debbie through friends & she entered my life at a time that I had actually no idea why I felt the way I did, why I was so overwhelmed with sadness & I honestly could not put into words how I felt at that time, I felt like I was existing but not living, I had 3 sessions with Debbie & she helped me to understand myself & my feelings by getting to the route cause & after each session I felt more clarity, even though I didn’t even know what the problem was to begin with, what Debbie taught me has remained with me & has been such an important integral part of me & my journey going forward although sometimes it’s easy to slip back into old patterns when life becomes busy & you put yourself to the back of the queue, so when the Believe course came up I was really keen to join, more so to reinforce what I already know & have been taught & to put this back into practice with daily life, the course was carried out in small groups over 4 weeks, during this time  who hosted the course I attended taught us all about understanding ourselves, Krishiv gave us the opportunity to talk openly as a group or in a 121 environment, the course was uplifting & empowering. I would absolutely recommend anyone who feels stuck in a rut, sad, not knowing why they feel the way they do but just wanting to have inner peace & happiness to get in contact.

Jessica Toal


I loved my sessions with Debs which seems like a weird thing to say because I thought it was going to be so difficult again talking and talking but nothing making me better as I have had years of support. I was convinced I was a complete screw up nobody can help me or understands me!!! I just turned 17 in February and I was suffering so much with myself and how others judged me. I have been bullied many times and called names most of my school days amongst many other horrible events by other teenagers. I decided to stop eating. I became very ill and hated everything about myself I just didn’t see the point in anything or life anymore. My mum and dad are great support to me I am very fortunate to have great loving parents but they felt helpless also. Then my parents found Debs. She is awesome and so lovely to me. Debs even went as far as talking to me in the middle of the nights when I hit panic attacks. She was available for me at the drop of a hat. She helped me overcome the things that nearly drove me to talking my own life. I'm not terrified of my thoughts anymore or what people think of me and I like myself a whole lot better this is the first time I have said this in years! I've got the right mind to think things through now and I really enjoy our sessions and having the chance to break things down and talk about them and be supported by debs the way she does. I felt like she is the big sister I never had. I feel very different from how I was feeling over the years and now looking to good things and excited about a new course I have been accepted in - a huge thank you for changing things round for me Debs you are the best person that has ever entered into my life after 4 years of support from other people you made everything better and I am happy. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon at our family home hopefully because mum still saying Debs is having the works if she can make it . Forever thank you.

Niamh Troy


Attending ask life clarity has been the help I didn’t know I needed. Working with Deborah has been such a positive and uplifting experience, my feelings, experiences and opinions were always listened to and respected throughout. Deborah always went out of her way to ensure I got the most out of each session and would even check up on me virtually in between sessions!! Her positive outlook was always radiated. She is the ray of sunshine this world needs!! I highly recommend ask life clarity.

Logan Family


I want to express my sincere gratitude for the sessions my son has received over the past few months with Debs. Pillar to post before we got to Debs but thankfully we got the right person in the end for our son and we couldn’t be happier. Both my husband and I and our son James took a call with Debs and I remember leaving the call and saying to my son what do you feel about going with Debs and I will never forget his response Mam yes I think this person can help me. This was the first time in years I have seen my son look and sound of hope. It is every parent’s wish that their child or children are happy and my son went from happy to extremely sad. I wanted to write a review son didn’t want to write a review he is only 15 and I asked if I could write on his behalf so that we can share this wonderful news and how he is so much happier and hopefully others might reach out seeing so and he said yes. To Debs from James. Thank you Debs for everything and for being there for me and helping me understand my unhappy times and sadness. I feel much better now and I have managed to stay out in public area with parents for 2 hours sometimes little more without feeling anxious and worried. I have less panic to little attacks now and if old ones come I can get rid of it in minutes not hours. I had my two friends at my house to watch a movie which was good fun. Thank you for teaching me on my emotions I feel like I really understand things better now and able to let go of my negative thinking of myself and what people think because they aren’t real now and I see that. I feel more confident and looking forward to good things including studies my running and having good experiences again with my family and friends without staying in my room al the time. Thank you Debs I am really happy that you helped me. James. Thank you Debs we are all able to feel such a great shift and cloud leave us we are very grateful for your support. Lots of love Marie, David and James Logan.

Sam Butler


Before I started life coaching with Deborah I was struggling a lot with my emotions and my relationships with my peers and in general. I learned a lot from Deborah through her teachings. Now, I'm at a much better place mentally and my relationship mind around others is getting stronger each day which is brilliant. Deborah listens well, gives good understanding around the mindset and her appropriate is excellent, and asks, never judging or assuming based on what I have discussed in my ability to learn. I felt that all my troubles and emotions were validated fully which is what I have been seeking for years. She is very comforting and professional in how she responds and I feel safe telling her anything. She is amazing at her job and genuinely truly cares. I have took these learning’s and teachings with great positives which has now enabled me to fully do what I love to do. Marvelous coaching Deborah thank you. Sam

Susan Anderson


Deborah you are one of life’s biggest gifts. You have changed everything around in my head and heart for the better. Not only did I lose my first husband and I have no doubt he gave me my beautiful husband now but my second marriage wasn’t the loss of my husband. It was the loss of our little baby girl aged 3. I can never ever explain or try to fully see what you have done for me and my husband but you are without a doubt a gift to us and to anyone that is lucky to connect with you. We love you for everything you are and most of all showing me a different away to come out of loss the way I have. Just amazing greatest love and respect to you now and forever. Thank you from me and Gary and David and Sophie above in the skies.



I feel so lucky to have found out about Debs. She has helped me so much to deal with my overthinking, worrying and general sadness over recent events in my life. She truly is amazing at what she does, so kind, caring and understanding and she has taught me how to appreciate everything so much more (including myself!!). Life is just way too short. Debs goes above and beyond!! Thank you BEAUTIFUL lady (connected forever!!) ❤️❤️

Darren Spencer


Great online sessions with Deborah and not many people are able to understand how I actually am as a person. I was skeptical at first about having some sessions with Deborah because I have had support before and felt like I was just getting nowhere. I was told about Deborah from someone who has also Deborah support and I also heard about her support and I am glad I did take sessions because I am better mind and better all round after seeing Deborah. I won’t go into my story because it’s gone but let’s just say I was a troubled guy and suffered enough of loss and with the world on my shoulders. I am feeling very different now that I can say and very happy to say. Thank you Deborah I am very grateful for this time with you.

Mark Smith


Different approach completely from anything I have had in past with regards to the things I struggled with. It works that’s for sure and Debs is very real with a great outlook to life only wanting the best for people very selfless women. My life is looking so much better thanks to your teachings and kicks lolll. Nice one Debs you area star. Mark x

Elisha De Mendonca


changed my life, just requires a bit of patience and soon results will come. It’s important to be open minded and reflective.

Catherine Kelly


Thank you Deborah for seeing me online at such short notice I am so happy I was given reference for you and I have had this opportunity before Christmas arrived because I was dreading another one. Living in London many years it’s a busy life and I live in a busy mind with a heavy heart. I have been to see many therapists in London and nothing was helping me and thousands of pounds later I was still feeling like I want to give up. Then I was given Deborah website from a friend who knows of her work and I am so grateful. I can absolute say that my 2022 is looking so good so far and I am very excited for the future. You have helped me so much and so fast with my grief, anxiety and stress and now I am feeling like me again after long long. The past 4 years has been horrible to say the least with the loss of my beautiful husband, mother and my two best friends. When you think things just couldn’t get any harder they just kept on coming but thankfully to you I no longer feel like giving up. Not sure how you do it Deborah but you do. I felt like such a lost cause and I know whole hearted it is not how I feel now. You have the most beautiful heart and caring nature with all the teachings and support and you even messaged me on Christmas day to see how I was. You have turned my life around for the better in such short time and I am free as a bird in all the pain, loss and emptiness and everything that was dragging me back. Thank you Deborah and it’s not enough to say to you please never stop what you are doing you are a beautiful, selfless human with endless knowledge and gifts in supporting and you are desperately needed in this life. Lots of love C



I was struggling massively with negative thoughts and overthinking when I stumbled across Ask Life Clarity and I’m so pleased that I took the leap and got in touch. Debs is so lovely and not only listens with no judgement, but also checks up on how you are doing outside of sessions (which I always overran!) By taking a more pragmatic approach and getting to the root of an issue, I felt far better after the 3 sessions I had. I also know if I struggle with anything now that I can’t shake I can always get in touch so thank you

Marta Camacho


I have always struggled with my overthinking, anxiety about what others think of me and trusting people. At the end of 2020, I compleated 3 years worth of both counselling with YES project and psychotherapy with Jersey talking therapy where it helped in some areas but I felt that my thoughts would continue to pop up here and there which would affect me in my day to day life. Someone close to me had been seeing Deborah and I couldn't believe how much happier and stronger they were from the sessions therefore I had a session with Deborah and she made me realise that life is too short to feel anxious about what others think of you and as long as I love myself that's all that matters. I have stopped worrying so much about this and I kept in mind that I should just continue to be my authentic self. I have implemented being more trusting in my relationship which has made it a happier space. Deborah is always willing to help even outside the sessions which is something I had never experienced before. Thank you Deborah for all your help.

Maria & Bill Anderson


Thank you debs for supporting both myself and my hubs. We are extremely grateful for your sessions over the past 3 weeks. We have been to counselling before and unfortunately it didn't work like we wanted it to but thankfully we found you. Married 15 years and a beautiful funny little girl with that. Unfortunately we hit some challenges and disagreements over the years and they turned into big arguments which was painful not only for us both but for our beautiful girl. Debs you showed us great understanding around all we have been holding and how understanding each other is key to the best outcome to sustain this relationship. We are both blessed to have each other and now we are on the right road and loving each other like we used to do. Best Christmas present. Merry Christmas great debs you have been so amazing with us both seperate and then bringing us together for a great kick in the best direction. Merry Christmas debs you are our star on the top of our tree this year...I know you will be laughing hearing this lol and I know exactly the reply lol biggest warmest thanks to you xx

Denise Booth


I attended the wonderful online course Believe course with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. It was something I definitely needed to do in understanding myself better on my emotions and how I was thinking. I felt in the first Sunday of the course I was much clearer on how I should be feeling instead of being consumed by my old thought process. Deborah gives great insight to how our minds are working and it is interesting because it's certainly something that I felt I knew but totally different perspective it was amazing. Learning from these teachings it gave me more confidence and drive in pushing forward with my life. Absolutely loved Believe and I feel great I feel more ready to take on my life. Deborah is logical and had great humor around how to get these teachings across without the feeling of not being able to understand. It's like re-learning all over again in the best way because all of what Deborah teaches is very familiar I just needed to understand these things deeper. Thanks Deborah it definitely was the one for me and I loved it.

Martina Stanford


Thank you dear Deborah. I suffered from PTSD so badly for years I never felt I could get out of this until I met Deborah. I was going to counselling for over 3 years with Jersey counselling I would not like to say who because my experience really was not great. It was ok at the start but because I was going longer I was told to write down my feelings and use the tools that they have given me and to basically move on. I never felt so pushed to the side like I was with this counseling. I was told to basically move on and nothing more they can support me with. I couldn't believe I heard this I really was speechless because they did not support me out of my problems yet I am to basically told to move on. I seen people mention Deborah name at ask life Clarity on Jersey Ask a number of times so I felt to look at what Deborah does. I made contact with Deborah and even after our call I was feeling hope and felt good. 5 sessions later and I am literally a different person. Deborah you are such an asset to this island I am definitely living proof of Deborah support just amazing. Much love and biggest gratitude looking forward to 2022 and all it brings now.



This has helped me so much the past few weeks. You can’t pour from an empty cup and that saying is true. I needed to evaluate and focus on myself so I can become happier and healthier. These sessions with Deborah have helped me in ways I didn’t expect. Self reflection is one of the hardest things for me and this hugely helped me to be self accepting completely. I was struggling with many difficulties and Deborah has helped me immensely. I’ve gone from being in such a negative headspace to a much happier positive one. Now to live a happier and healthier life and honestly believe everyone could learn so much from Deborah. It's so simple how she teaches and supports you just have to be very open to it. Amazing outcome thank you Deborah



Debs has been the most lovely, kindest and supportive person ever to both myself and my husband, and I'm glad we have had her experience and support on this journey. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck in their marriage, helpless rut between two people. We are extremely grateful for this support now we are back on track fully. Love us both

Nolan Family


One of the most genuine people I have ever met. Deborah thank you so much for what you have done to support our son. Our beautiful 14 year old son for 4 years has been living in hell inside his mind thanks to bullying of others which caused so much anxiety and no confidence and lack of support from the system. Also doctors giving him 3 different types of anti-depressant tablets over the past few years like they are sweets what is the system doing to our children. Not now and not anymore for our son thanks to Deborah. Jersey system has a lot to answer for in the way my son has been treated absolute disgrace. Thank god we found you Deborah. My son is the happiest he has ever been in years over the past few months since you have supported our boy and we as a family are extremely happy and that’s understatement. If anyone has a child that is struggling with anything please please not even for a second think twice about seeing this amazing women. Light all the way Deborah.

Lynn Cassidy


Brilliant work Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. If I have learned anything from these transformational sessions with Deborah is to love myself like no other first. I am not wasting another minute more and I will use each moment now to be me and as happy as I am now loving life and loving me. As vain as that might sound it definitely is not. I have learned so much from Deborah and how to understand my mind and why it was the way it was. I am just so happy with who I am now and it’s the best feeling. Deborah you are a gem and you always have me laughing every single time I left the room you are just ace. Biggest ever hugs to you.

Yvette Kelly


Great coaching from Debs. I was told about Debs by a friend after her young daughter in Jersey received excellent support and they have never looked back. I said to my friend what I have seen in myself after Debs support is something I felt I would never see again. I stand in the mirror and what I see is a women with no more challenges and a women that only wants the best for herself. I spent years hating myself, judging myself and holding onto the past like it was some weird comfort blanket. I have seen 4 different therapists in 9 years and I was still avoiding myself like some sort of virus and yes the covid virus is around but nothing as damaging as the mind I was living in. Debs when you first called me I couldn’t believe the way I felt after that call and I had not even met you yet. When I came online for the first session I was so happy because I knew you could get me to some place that will be better than the one I was in. After the first session I extremely emotional not because you literally came at me with everything you could see and I was hiding lol but because I felt so free. Wow wow wow that’s all I can say. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and I can’t wait to visit Jersey and hopefully attend the Venus workshop or anything else you do is just brilliant. Total respect.

Pippa Sims


I wanted to write this review because I think it's important to let people know that if you are struggling with how you think and lack in confidence or just not believing in yourself and more to grow this online course Believe is spot on. I was a little unsure if I wanted to attend because I was thinking i was fine and felt I knew lots about myself but I was so wrong. So I decided New Year new me and I am so delighted I did. I was able to understand my stressful situations and negative behaviors and more so after this course even after the second week I was able to put these amazing understanding and learning’s into place. I didn't even realize that I had so much ego and expectations and this was game changer for me because I was all about thinking I know everything and always having expectations around myself and others and if I didn't meet them I was failure. I just felt useless at anything I did times. I loved the way Deborah simplified so many of these emotions and in fact what I thought I knew was the total opposite. I am honestly in a much better headspace literally and feel so excited about my future knowing what I know. Already I am seeing a massive difference in the choices I am making and how I am doing things that are best for me on how I am feeling in my real happier mind. Thanks Deborah for this course in such crazy times not only am I feeling more liberated in myself but I am actually excited about what's ahead. Fab course extremely beneficial and I would attend any other online you are hosting without a doubt. The other people that attended what a great space Deborah holds because she is able to take a load of people from different places that all seemed unsure like myself and becoming best versions of themselves and we all laughed so much at times which was brilliant. I was always excited to join each week. Thank you Deborah I really mean that. Pip

Joanne Henry


One of the best courses I have ever attended. I was always doing courses to try and improve myself and my life. This course was very different from anything I have done and has had a huge impact on not only myself love but my will to be more and get myself out of negative choices. I now don't feel fearful of the future and I am much more the real me after believe. My husband and children are seeing such a difference in me but more importantly I do. I was one of those people who constantly lived in the past and always worrying about what others think of me and the future. Now that's change hugely in ways I can't really explain but all I know is what I think now is what's important and why I do anything it's because it makes me happy and my family are happier now seeing me in such a great place. I am a firm believer in what's meant to be will be but when you are in a better mindset away from fear or judgment and expectations then it's definitely a walk in the park when push out of these emotions. Thank you Deborah for encouraging me to do this course because I will never look back that's for sure. It was absolutely brilliant highly recommend Believe to anyone of any age it's just uplifting, empowering and you feel so ready to take on your days/life with clearer mindset.

Maria Burke


I am so very grateful to have had life coaching with Deborah. My seemingly impossible mountain to climb has turned into a calm bright hill over the last month. My struggles are now so much better in fact no longer my pain and very much understood support around my mindset. I have been able to make achievable goals and feeling so happy inside. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to remove my rose colored glasses and see my situations for what they truly are and no longer part of me. I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone in need she is a Fab person, excellent teacher on the mind and expert in kicking you in the butt to get you to the exact place with exceptional easy learnings on yourself. Fab



Thank you Deborah for teaching me the best ways to understand my mind fully and supporting me with my anxiety and stress. It has been a beautiful uplifting journey with you and I cannot thank you enough for all the learnings, teachings and support and even through the 4 sessions I took with you I never imagined I could come back to me again and I have you to thank. You kept checking in on me and making sure I was going forward even after the sessions. I have gained so much from this and more than I have ever had in the 5 years of counselling , courses, you name it I done it. Nothing made the change or shift until I thankfully met you.  Deborah thank you I can say with the deepest gratitude that you have made the best change in me. Best wishes to you always Emma



Excellent, heartwarming with great results on the Believe online event hosted by Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. Deborah hosted this brilliant online course every Sunday for 4 weeks and it gave me everything I needed in ways I wasn't expecting. I have learned more about myself and the way I feel and think than I have ever before. I am grateful for this course and was amazed at how easy it was to reset my mind. Deborah you hold great patience in such a big group and I felt that you were able to see exactly where I was stuck. You have been available to me even after the event for any questions I have had and nothing was too much. I laughed I learned I went deeper into myself and the outcome has been brilliant. Thank you Deborah for hosting such an amazing space it was definitely something I needed and will never forget. Thank you. Thomas

Sally DLC


Two years ago I lost my mum it was such a terrible experience for me and my family. I had gone to two different counselling people over the course of 1.5 years and I was not able to get rid of this pain. My friend had told me about Deborah and how she supports others greatly. I messaged Deborah and she came back to me straight away. She arranged a call with me and instantly I felt so much better on the call. Deborah then booked me in for a session and I was feeling very happy to go with Deborah. I spent nearly 3 hours with Deborah and felt completely different. She has an approach that makes absolute sense around all of this grief feeling and now I am completely at peace with it all. Deborah you have not only given me the mind to see things differently around my mum's loss but now I feel I can live happier knowing this way and beautiful feeling and how I feel around the love for my mum. You are amazing thank you so much. If anyone is suffering with grief or anything Deborah is a must to see you will never ever look back only forward she is just brilliant.

Emily Rose


Deborah is authentic, passionate, and committed to getting results. She clearly understands the Mind deeply around so much complex trauma, depression and anxiety because that’s what my mind was until Deborah jumped in. One of the best therapists I have ever had. Deborah also worked on my stomach it is called Hara Massage. OH this was amazing never experienced such a beautiful massage especially on my stomach. I was having so many challenges with my stomach. Whatever Deborah done with my stomach it was absolutely amazing feeling and the lightness I felt after it was something I haven’t felt in years. Deborah knows her stuff for sure. Thank you Irish rose for everything.



I was put onto Debs by my mother at the beginning of the pandemic. I was at a place in my life where I just didn’t see a point in living anymore. I felt that nothing I said or did was ever good enough, that I couldn’t speak to my family about my feelings for fear of being told to ‘get over it’, which is what usually happened and I just felt I was trapped in a vicious cycle of self loathing. When I had my first session with Debs myself love was non- existent, when I finished up with her it was at a 10. She spoke to me on how my emotions were valid, how it wasn’t my fault that certain things happened to me, that I did deserve to be HERE in this life. To say she saved me is the understatement of the world, she reintroduced me to myself and helped me let go of all of the things that were holding me back. I will never be able to thank her enough and I can’t recommend her enough to anybody seeking help.



Thank YOU debs for helping our son. We are ecstatic watching him smile, laugh and be himself again. It was a long road on this Island trying to get someone to support our boy who understands him nothing was working. Thankfully our rainbow came this year and that is you. A lot of things needs to change on this Island to support teenagers and adults and YOU are that change. Absolute respect for what you do for others and even after hours and your selfless acts of kindness to others. Love and always happiness to you Debs xxx

Megan Vibert


I can’t speak any more highly of Deborah, after seeing various councillors and psychiatrists over many years I found little connection and emotional motivation that improved my state of mind. Even after my first session I felt an instant connection with Debs and I felt that she truly was understanding my feelings, providing me we effective tools to firstly resonate with why I was feeling a certain way and methods to overcome a negative mindset. Through out our time together my strength grew and grew. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, and experience that has been invaluable to me. Thank you Debs x

Teresa Byrne


Thanks Deborah from my daughter for the fabulous Super Teen Girl Workshop you did. She absolutely loved it and I can see a big change in her already with her confidence and she actually said mum I'm owning it now.... I said what are you owning now? She said me because I can and said you should start owning it mum lol.. She said she was a bit nervous going online with all other teenagers but was so happy she did because you made her and all the other girls so comfortable. Thanks Deborah great work. Love Teresa xxx



I went to see Deborah in February 2021 for PTSD. Situation got out of hand which nearly took me to a place I felt at the time I was meant to be with awful suicide mindset. I felt so negative and upset and angry all the time which left me thinking what the point is. Deborah connected with me before my session for a chat and I felt after that call I can do this with her support. I wasn't feeling nervous to meet Deborah because that call I took with Deborah really made me feel at ease and she has such great outlook. Sessions with Deborah are so very different than anything I have had with previous support but hands on my heart it works. Deborah you have changed my life my mind and my love for myself. I am in such a better place and looking only forward now who would of thought I could be positive again but I am thanks to you. Love Lucy

Renouf Family


I found Deborah’s support to be really excellent for my daughter. My daughter was able to speak about everything openly which is hard for her but Deborah connected so well with her. This has greatly benefitted for her from Deborah professional skills and insights and very warm nature. She has helped my daughter to explore aspects of her "what was then challenges" with significant life choices at her difficult times. My daughter was bullied in school and didn't love herself and lost confidence. This opened this up to anxiety and fear. Deborah was able to change my daughter's mindset in 3 sessions and every time my daughter came out from seeing Deborah she was more and more happy. Deborah messaged her most days before and after those sessions just to keep my daughter on track and still connects every few weeks to see how she is. I am the most happiest to say that my daughter is now that happy smiling girl that she was 5 years ago. Deborah you have no idea how much it means to both me and my husband how you have turned this around for us and my daughter just really adores you. You are amazing. Thank you.

Beth Cassidy


I am not sure that the service could have been any better. I was able to get two appointments very quickly with Deborah after a friend reference Deborah, after being on a waiting list for a very long time in Jersey with others. I have the outcome I have prayed for and feel so much better. Deborah provided me with amazing awareness and great understanding around my stress and created solid understanding in my mindset. She is wonderful and I'm so happy I got the right person she is fantastic. Thank you Deborah! bxx

Amy Jane


I was lucky enough to meet Deb through a friend & I cannot be more thankful to my friend for introducing me to her. When Deb called me initially to go through what I thought my troubles were - I'd never been so scared. I had had counselling before due to a relationship & also because I did attempt to take my life - I'm not scared to be honest about this now. Deb spoke with me for about 30 minutes & she instantly knew in what ways she could help me & promised me I wasn't broken like I kept saying I was. Deb & I had 3/4 sessions via Face Time & went through my past traumas to help me understand why I felt the way I felt & how everything I had gone through was actually a blessing & not a regret. I managed to close the door on so many things that were bringing me down daily & look at myself in a completely different light. Deb asked me at the beginning out of 10, what was my Self Love? Instantly it was either 0 or 1 - & by the end I'd say I was a firm 8.. Two months later, I'm a 10. I have a totally different outlook on my life & how I want it to be. I am 33 years old, and I am not where I thought I would be but I have learnt to not put a timescale on my own happiness & my own happiness doesn't need to involve a man. Deb has taught me so much in such a small amount of time & I take her advice every day. I know that if I needed her today, I could message her and she would be straight back to me with words of encouragement to help me. I couldn't recommend Deb & her services more because to be honest, if I hadn't taken the "leap" to seek help, I don't think I would have made it. So Deb, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You've made me a better, stronger, self loving woman.

I was lucky enough to meet Deb through a friend & I cannot be more thankful to my friend for introducing me to her. When Deb called me initially to go through what I thought my troubles were - I'd never been so scared. I had had counselling before due to a relationship & also because I did attempt to take my life - I'm not scared to be honest about this now. Deb spoke with me for about 30 minutes & she instantly knew in what ways she could help me & promised me I wasn't broken like I kept saying I was. Deb & I had 3/4 sessions via Face Time & went through my past traumas to help me understand why I felt the way I felt & how everything I had gone through was actually a blessing & not a regret. I managed to close the door on so many things that were bringing me down daily & look at myself in a completely different light. Deb asked me at the beginning out of 10, what was my Self Love? Instantly it was either 0 or 1 - & by the end I'd say I was a firm 8.. Two months later, I'm a 10. I have a totally different outlook on my life & how I want it to be. I am 33 years old, and I am not where I thought I would be but I have learnt to not put a timescale on my own happiness & my own happiness doesn't need to involve a man. Deb has taught me so much in such a small amount of time & I take her advice every day. I know that if I needed her today, I could message her and she would be straight back to me with words of encouragement to help me. I couldn't recommend Deb & her services more because to be honest, if I hadn't taken the "leap" to seek help, I don't think I would have made it. So Deb, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You've made me a better, stronger, self loving woman.

Jess Barton


Debs is without a doubt the sweetest, caring and empowering counsellor I have ever met. I have been in therapy for numerous years and never have my other therapists addressed my issues like debs has and now with debs support who has helped me more in the last 2 weeks is just so fantasic! I am on the biggest self love journey and I am very happy. Debs also checks in after sessions which I never had in past counselling she just makes you feel like nothing is impossible in fact nothing is. She is just super caring and only wants for happiness in me. She is a complete professional with compassion and honesty with this excellent leverage that has supported me to gain a new perspective on my past challenges and together we both went to the causes and getting rid of the effects. Now turning them into strength wisdom and out in out Clarity. Debs thank you for not only what you do because it's invaluable but doing what you do with the purest heart.

Aaron Labey


“Deborah from Ask Life Clarity is an incredible human being who has a beautiful, kind and caring soul. Her straight-talking but understanding way of helping me has changed my whole perspective on what it means to be human. I have been struggling with my mental health for a long time and I was recommend to contact Deborah. I was very nervous and reluctantly went along but have never looked back. Deborah ‘helped me meet myself for the first time’, never judges me and nothing is off limits. She helped me see clearly for the first time in over a decade and gave me the tools to be kind to myself, love and care for myself in a way that I never thought I could or believed I should. If you want change, Deborah is your lady. I am now much healthier, happier and much more aware of what I need to do when I am not having a brilliant day. I go and see Deborah when I need a dose of Ask.Life.Clarity. I would recommend Deborah as a therapist to anyone going through a difficult time – she is amazing!”.

Emer Curry


Super Teen Girl Workshop online was fantastic for my 14 year old daughter. She found it hard to sleep at night and used to worry a lot to a point where she would be having mini panic attacks. After working with Deborah she's learned a number of different skills, from breathing techniques to just being ok with her feelings and learning to deal with the different pressures that they experience at that stage. I cannot recommend it enough. Deborah is so experienced and amazing at what she does and the girls automatically feel at ease. Thank you so much.

Poppy Herbert


Deborah gives great support that is very easy to apply. I am based on the other Island so could not get to Deborah but thankfully Deborah is also online support for people like me that can’t get to her office in Jersey. I felt like I was actually in the room with Deborah. She is exactly what I needed. The best therapist I’ve ever had. So kind, understanding, and always knew exactly when to pull me out or show me my mind in a completely different way especially when I could not! Such an amazing support system Deborah was.

Tom Le Quesne


I've had seen many counsellors until I connected with Debs thanks to my sister in Jersey suggested online with Debs. This will be my last I am sure of this now and I am delighted I can say this. The one thing I notice with Debs when I was online with her in my few sessions is the emphasis on finding solutions around my situations so fast. Debs just supports your mind in a way I kind of knew but couldn’t see it or get to this mind. I felt very comfortable talking to Debs, and she showed me that my past problems in fact have now become my strength. Debs as soon as lockdown is over I am definitely going to Jersey to see family with my wife and kids and we would love nothing more to come and see you too. My wife and children now don’t have to see a miserable dad they get to see the happy dad and they are all so grateful for you supporting me back. Best of wishes for 2021 keep doing this amazing work. Tom

Susie Labey


Thanks Deborah for supporting me with what was a horrific few years in dealing with the terrible loss of my sister. I never felt I could ever escape from that pain. It felt like it was embedded in myself and my parents through the awful circumstance of my amazing sister death. I just want to write this because you have not only given me that light switch that I needed but also the peace inside my head and heart to now move forward. I have been to see 3 different counsellors since my sister died and the women whom I was supported by had been lovely to talk to and compassionate, however, I was still in an awful position not able to get over this loss. My friend Karen is a friend of yours on FB and she seen that you had announced Grief No More on your page and said I must see you at least. Deborah how to say thank you again because you heard me say it so many times after our 3 hour session. I just couldn’t believe how completely at peace I felt and in fact it’s like I wouldn’t even know what sadness felt like anymore. Deborah you made me smile/laugh and also showed me an amazing way to see death in a beautiful new light around loss. You are honestly amazing and gifted women. I am sure your late husband is bursting with pride seeing all that you do for everyone and you are full of love with all that you do. This review is to shout out to anyone suffering with loss do not even think twice in connecting with Deborah you will never turn back. The best move I have ever made and thanks to my great friend Karen for telling me about this inspiring women. P.S. thanks for the awesome cake and tea you are such an earth mother to top it all off. Love Susie xx

Heidi Freitas


For about 12/13 years I've been going to the doctors feeling super depressed and always cry and couldn't even hold a job due to my overthinking and thoughts. I've seen many doctors and went to the Yes project for help but nothing was helping me overcome this, until I started seeing Deborah. I can happily say I've not has any suicidal thoughts for a few months, and I'm happy in my new job living my life! I'm constantly out and about without having any worries and this is all due to Debroah. When she told me that I didn't have to see her anymore and that I could do it I didn't think I could but WOW, I was so happy after, I left a job that I knew wasn't making me happy, I started to do exercise and look after myself more, I can finally sleep without overthinking. There are days where I can feel quite emotional or stressed but Debroah has taught me how to control my thoughts and how to start loving myself.

Liz Doyle


Deborah has been nothing short of amazing. I am definitely not new to therapy in fact I have been going to counselling for 8 years on and off and its about time I am open and honest about it because I have nothing to be ashamed of. Deborah well what can I say only that she has made me incredibly comfortable and I smile leaving her office or laugh either one is of huge impact on me considering my years of hell. Deborah really made me laugh on our first session just as I was leaving and said Liz there is something on your face? I said what is it and Deborah said walk over to the mirror and take a look. So I got embarrassed at this point but Deborah’s humor is great so I went along with it and at the same time I was also thinking there must be some mark on my face. Deborah said look at your face can’t you see it and I said No what is it and Deborah said your smile and you look 20 years younger for it. I laughed out loud and Deborah said now get out and have a great day you beauty lol. I felt like I was sitting with my best friend. Deborah has giving me more support and more care in 5 sessions than I have had in 8 years of counselling. If that doesn’t tell you something about this women. Deborah is a complete gem and only cares for my future happiness. Years of mental abuse and extreme case of anxiety and panic attacks. I am done with it all I just want to be free and get on with my life. I asked myself two months ago when does this end and what is my life all about. Few days later I seen Deborah advert come up and it was like for me the sign of all signs once I started looking into Deborah work and testimonials I was in. I could not be happier with the experience and my outcome. Forever grateful to you beautiful Deborah and my smile is now the length and width of St Ouen lol xxx

Tim Walker


Deborah is so approachable and really very sweet and strong in her approach to supporting me. She is deeply understanding with everything. She has listened and understood my challenges without any judgment and has been instrumental in my progression over the past few weeks. I would go as far to say I am feeling liberated and things can only get better from now on. The superb mindfulness approach she has given me in learning better ways to see and understand myself in a totally new light is excellent. To understand myself and behavior and clear this out so I am myself, once and for all and it feels wonderful. She is no doubt made for helping others and she certainly has helped me more than I ever felt anyone could. Thank you Deborah thank you very much for everything including checking in on me even after the sessions.

Leoni Bent


I was recommended Deborah through a close friend of mine to help with my struggles of loving myself and surrounding losing loved ones and before the loss of another person close to my heart to help prepare myself for it. Debbie really helped me understand and see losing someone I loved in a new light, instead of seeing past loved ones dying as them abandoning me but that it wasn’t them abandoning me. I may of only had a few sessions with her but they honestly turned my life around for the better and helped me push through the hard times that came not long after, after losing another loved one. But the sessions truly helped me deal with the grief and learning to love myself in the process. I truly love myself now, I do have my bad days but I always try to see the positive things in my life and being grateful for Debbie helping me realise these things and giving me the push I needed to see life and love in a different light that I never did before. Thank you so much Debbie for all your words of encouragement, listening and giving me a new way of seeing life, death, love and myself. It truly made a big change in my life and I’m not sure how I would of coped with another loss without you giving me a new insight into life. You truly are a diamond and I would recommend her highly for anyone looking for someone to help you be your best self and cope with hard times!!



Deborah is like the good Angel on your shoulder! The straight talking one! After struggling to move forward from grief for many years I am finally feeling I can break the cycle and start living. She is a very talented lady. Never before have I left a therapy session laughing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to see my truth. (Which is not my 10 year old profile picture) Its a work in progress... but you are most definitely still on my shoulder! I would highly recommend Deborah.

Lucy Ford


Debs really supported me in a very difficult situation in my life that was really very painful for years. Suffered with terrible anxiety and just was not able to cope with anything. Debs how to put into words how she supported me is simple. She is real and straight to the point when it comes to showing you how our minds truly can be our worst enemy and how our past can literally consume us and not let us move forward. I took 3 sessions with Debs and even after the second one I was feeling much more like me. She made me laugh so much and yet can give you a right good kick in the same breath but I needed it. Debs gives it to you real and yet before you even know it you are laughing at yourself thinking what I have been doing to myself for years. Debs messages me to see how I am doing and I always smile when she drops in a text because I know what is coming. Debs you are totally awesome and thanks to your support I can now be free of the years of pain I was holding onto and my anxiety is no longer part of me. Thanks Debs and can’t wait for covid to be over so I can give you a massive hug. Lucy



I met with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity whom I was told about and seen her website. I suffered terrible times after a breakup which left me heartbroken. He left me like this with my 11 month old and I was suffering from terrible postnatal depression. You know when you think that your whole world has just fallen down around you it was worse feeling than this. So I went to see Deborah and 5 sessions later I have been able to get myself back together again and see things in a whole new light thanks to the beautiful support and love from Deborah. I immediately feel at ease when I am with her and feel in such a wonderful space and totally empowered after every session. You can tell/see she deeply cares in every session to get you to better place and accepts people as they are with no judgment. Deborah guided me into rediscovering myself again and finding hope when I thought none was even remotely available. With all this in hand now I am feeling like postnatal depression doesn’t even have a right to be part of me so this too I am also in a better place with and pushing through. One thing I discovered through all of this is that in fact the best thing that could ever happen was that my ex left us because he was so nasty to me for many years and I was just putting up with it. My child is my priority now as I am and I will make sure of that always now. Deborah checks in on me every week sometimes at night and if I need to run something by her she will take the call without hesitation and give me a kick back into Clarity. She just goes above and beyond. She even went and gifted my baby the most beautiful teddy bear and her first experience of baby cupcake (sugar free lol). Deborah thank you I really can’t even say it enough you’re the best and think the world of you and what you did for me. I cannot recommend Deborah enough she is a gift and the most real women I know.

Siobhan Brady


A good friend of mine referred me to Debbie as I was struggling with depression and very low motivation to do anything. I had 4 sessions through video call and I found her amazing. She really listens to your struggles, gives you different ways of looking at things and situations and guides you. Each session was an 90 minutes long and I didn’t feel rushed if it went over the time sometimes 2 hours. She would contact me every morning give me words of encouragement which I really appreciated and even though I am finished with my sessions she still keeps in contact with me to check in. I would highly recommend Debbie if you’re feeling any way lost in life.

Paul LM


I saw Deborah this week suffering with grief and another Christmas to deal with. I cannot recommend this women enough. I have lost 3 people over the course of 4 years all family members. I was literally devastated and so alone. How do I get over these losses always the question I kept asking myself. It’s like a never ending sadness. I have been to grief counseling on and off over the years and still not near to the place I wished and prayed to be. I just want peace I wanted or at least away from the sadness. Whilst it is always nice to talk to someone about my family losses but I was always back to the same feelings of sadness and alone. I was recently given Deborah as a reference to check out. I was just fed up talking about the same losses and spending money every time repeating theses sad events. So I took the step again and decided to try new person. I am only saying this lightly because I could write about my experience with Deborah page long but words don’t cut it for how she has supported me. I walked in the door like the saddest person in the world and nearly 3 hours later I am feeling like a new man and laughed more with Deborah than I have in years. Deborah you are incredible and what a way you have in your approach its priceless. Also thanks for the many encouraging kicks you gave me to get me to this place of peace and start getting on with life. I know my family will be so happy seeing me this way and also smiling at you with big thumbs up…saying that’s the way to do it. From the bottom of my “Now” peaceful happier heart THANK YOU.



Something you never think would ever happen to us..... I received a call from my 14 year old daughter's school to tell me she was self harming.. I was upset, shocked and in disbelief, I had seen no signs or her unhappiness inside. I know at 14 they are open to so much on social media, not always knowing all whats going on with friends etc; but her grades at school were fabulous and she appeared happy enough for a 14 year old. I felt like I had failed her as a parent and went through in my mind what event had happened to trigger this to my baby girl. My daughter is not someone that would open up to just anyone and I had concerns about organisations where on each visit you have a different counsellor. This is not what she would relate to and so the person to help her would have to have the skills to get on her level to get her to open up. On my research, which to me is the best form 'word of mouth' Debs' name came up each time! I only spoke to two friends about this. I am so delighted that we did as she made my daughter instantly feel comfortable. I left her with Debs for 90 minutes and the whole time wondering if she would open up. When I got back they had a great chat, got to the source of the niggles and resolved it in one session. Debs still checks in with messages on occasion and its comfort for me and her that if there is something that may reoccur, she has Debs there as a confidant. I would highly recommend Debs to anyone, any age as she has a beautiful aura and you instantly warm to her.

Sam Love


I came to see Deborah as I am really struggling with my anxiety. Deborah was lovely and understanding and put me at ease. She gave me some good tips on ways to change how I think and some coping techniques , I have been off my anxiety meds for a while now and hope it will stay that way!

L Crosbie


4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was not in a good place. I constantly felt fear and was having extreme anxiety around it. I was blessed to hear after treatment that I no longer had breast cancer it was just the best news I could of ever have had. Then 1.5 years ago I developed another lump and I went into complete meltdown, however, after been to hospital to have all tests again it had shown that it was not and in fact it was just fat tissue. Since then I have been in complete stress, worry and fear around the whole situation thinking say if it does really come back. I was referred by a friend to connect with Deborah. I connected with Deborah through a call first and I instantly was feeling less Fear. I then booked an appointment to go and see Deborah and spent over 2 hours with her. I left feeling empowered and with so much Clarity around my body and in fact what my body has actually done to support me. Deborah is direct when it comes to negative mind and also has the most incredible loving space in which she is able to pull you out of such fears and worry. Deborah has shown me a way to think which is invaluable and to see things in a completely different way and the right way. I am forever grateful for your support and I know this Christmas is going to be a beautiful one. I no longer will allow myself to allow anything negative into my mind around what was a battle 4 years ago and as Deborah said you fought a battle many don’t win! How can I now even allow myself to think anything more only that of gratitude for my life and how important it is to be here right now and what my body has done for me in giving back and now it’s time to give back to my body by dropping this negative stuff. Deborah you are an inspiration and a wonderful person. I am so happy that I got this time with you and now feel so happy again. Big virtual hugs to you.

Gavin Gorman


I went to see Deborah with PTSD and a backlog of other problems. I was a little nervous to connect because of my own feelings on getting support. Deborah connected with me before I even went to see her and even after speaking to her on the phone 45 minutes later I was feeling lifted and knew then that I am definitely making the right choice. Deborah has a way with how she approaches challenges and she is either jumping into your mind supporting you to clear it out when you least expect it or she’s literally making you laugh. The way she supports is just wonderful and with no judgment at all. I was one of these people the smallest little thing would upset me and of course my own biggest critic, yet Deborah no matter what why she shows you how we judge ourselves she has this great way of actually making you see that in fact this not part of us. I am 38 years old that had a massive chip on my shoulder and blamed everyone about my challenges (family mainly) my past as crazy as it was now shows me the real true man I am and in fact I was never that hung up guy glued to my past challenges it was always my patterns in which Deborah has so greatly supported me to shift. I have Deborah to really thank for her unconditional support and care even after the sessions she is always behind the scenes checking in. I am so happy within myself and truly looking forward to my life ahead and that is the way it is going to stay. Thanks Deborah for showing me what I could not see in myself you are an inspiration and a tonic everyone needs to start leading their life.

Paul Byrne


Deborah is critical in breaking the mindset in places you don’t even see yourself. She is able to identify specific feelings and events from your past so fast to provide crucial ‘Simple” leverage to grow or as Deborah would say “move higher”. One thing I would say if you truly want to be the best version of you connect with Deborah because she will not stop until she supports you to your Clarity but as Deborah also said you have to want it too. It takes courage to be open and let that crazy stuff go that we hide behind but one thing I started to see behind all my past and BS was the true person I am. I am digging me totally now and I am very proud to say that Yes I truly love me. Deborah you are top.



Debs has absolutely found her calling in life. One of the best counselors I've ever had after ten years of grief and trauma and 4 years of counseling that did not work. She's been able to help me through so much over the last month. I am just so glad I found this women because her learning’s and teachings on ourselves is just simple yet brilliant and her turnaround in changing mindset for the better is so fast simply amazing. Debs does not hang about when it comes to listening to the whole story she just gets it. Debs thanks ever so much you are beautiful inside and out and extremely selfless how you supported me and also the charities you give back too. Love Gemma

J Gordon


Crippled with bereavement and loss. After arriving for my first session extremely anxious, not knowing what to expect I was so thankful I arrived to Deborah. At this stage of my life, I had become very stressed and depressed. Deborah listened to a nervously explained and mixed up story of what was going on in my life and supported me through my experiences with exceptional transformations. Deborah gave me so much support in my mind even within the first half hour I wasn't alone anymore with this support and care this had more of an impact on me than any other support I have ever had. Deborah has helped me to get back to a normal daily life so fast and I am now putting a new future together for me. Thank you Deborah for your support it's invaluable.James



Debs is the most amazing person, I can’t even begin to describe just HOW much she’s helped me on my journey. I was really really struggling at the beginning, having tried out multiple therapists in the uk (none of which really helped), and slowly losing hope...until I came across Debs who has taught me more about myself in the few sessions we’ve had, than I ever knew. If you’re struggling with anything.. honestly, Debs is the one to go to. Not only is she a therapist, but she’s also now a friend.

Taylor Family


Our daughter started seeing Deb's mid August after a number of bad experiences with other support systems here in Jersey & their methods. It was our one last attempt at getting one to one help for my daughter’s severe anxiety & panic attacks before we looked at going across the waters. I'm glad we did Deb's has been amazing! An amazing counselor that actually interacts with you deeply fully connected to our daughter instead of just letting you waffle on without getting any real results. My daughter feels hundreds time better than she did in over two years of suffering. We can honestly say that without meeting Deb's, we literally felt at a massive loss because our daughter was so badly suffering and nobody could help her. We cannot recommend Deb's enough you have been a massive support and the aftercare for our daughter was and is just beautiful. Love the Taylor family.

K Morgan


Two months ago I was referred to Deborah for 1-1 session regarding my grief. Deborah in one session literally cleared my sadness around the death of my mum wow and after 12 years just like that I am feeling peace. Deborah had suggested the I-Am Infinite course and I just had to look into this. I felt that whilst I am at peace with my loss I am not sitting well with the way my mind and thoughts are going and this just felt right. Yes Deborah you delivered again and yes I am again overwhelmed at how you support even with such a powerful and fun teachings and learning’s on myself and everything we humans endure it just works. It was a fantastic 4 weeks and I for one can never go back to my old way of thinking how can I with all that I know now. It just makes perfect sense. Deborah thank you and I can’t wait for whatever else you have up your sleeve. Count me in. K Morgan 

Chris C


I couldn’t recommend a better person than Debs to reach out to should you need support as she truly is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met and she provides so much clarity on things in your life that you did not even know were issues or had conditioned you. Debs knows her stuff and has the amazing ability to help you in ways you do not even know you need and can tailor her approach depending on the topic and how it is best delivered. Each session provides greater insights in to yourself that stay with you and if everybody was given this same understanding about themselves and the people around them, the world would be a far greater place with less judgement and more understanding and compassion. You also get your moneys worth as on occasion my sessions lasted up to three hours so there is never a feeling of being rushed or not getting value; you cannot put a price on what you will get out of it. The positive changes in myself resulted in my wife also going through her own journey with Debs and this has resulted in us now being happier than we ever were as we both have an understanding of ourselves and each other which is invaluable. I challenge anyone to have a session with Debs as it will do nothing but bring positive results in your life and for relationships you have with the people you love. Will forever be indebted and grateful for the support and the clarity given and if lucky enough to help one person in the same way I was, I will be extremely proud. 

Mr & Mrs Walker


I am putting this review out because it’s absolutely vital to anyone who is seeking support. I have 2 children both 7 and 14. My 14 year old on two attempts to take his own life this year. Now anyone that is a mother can understand how extremely difficult this is to say the least. Nothing was working for my son not to mention he was put on antidepressants. I was given Deborah as a reference because my friend had told me all about what she does. Listen out people this women has the ability to change people’s lives for the better and quick. My son went to see Deborah and after even one session both myself and my husband could see a massive difference. She has the skill to turn things around and super fast she is just beautiful also my son really connected. My son has had 5 sessions with Deborah and he is really making amazing progress. My son was bullied at school and hated who he was and because of this he felt he didn’t want to live??? He has been to see many people on the island and nothing has worked. Deborah you have changed our lives and my son is smiling every single day now. Do not hesitate to see this wonderful woman she is the best thing that ever came into our lives and this Island. My son is now coming off these tablets also and is feeling so much clearer in his head he said. Deborah you are brilliant and we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our boy literally.



After a few false starts with therapists and feeling like I was never going to be able to move forward in my life, I was very unsure about trying again but I am over the moon I did. Deborah was so beautiful with such an easy yet powerful approach and understood my difficulties better than I could sometimes explain. The way she approaches with her questions and her infectious energy you actually cannot get out of answering them because they are so powerful. She supported me deeply to understand where my problems had come from and gave me amazing support and leverage to see them for what they are. This was just pure magic for me because I was able to fully understand and accept them all so fast. Deborah supported me completely to get rid of the negatives and self defeating thinking that had gripped me for so long. She is just amazing, patient, and compassionate whilst also can be challenging when needed but it works and it’s like you have known Deborah all your life. I have definitely grown so much as a person since seeing her, I feel happier, more confident and at peace with myself. Thank you!

Lisa Gray


Deborah is a talented therapist and a hugely empathetic individual. I have been seeing Deborah for two weeks and now on my 4th session to deal with childhood trauma, anxiety and depression. She has helped me so much over the past few weeks that for the first time in 20 years I feel I have strength and clarity on my mental health, something I did not think was possible before. Having gone to several therapists in person over the years nothing really clicked until now, thank god I found this lady. The online nature may not be for everyone, but for me it works perfectly. Deborah ability to strike up a conversation that is both informal but also insightful is a huge strength as it helps me grow and move the hell away from such problems I have faced in the past that was causing so much challenges in my present. Her gentle yet powerful exploration into sensitive issues has been of invaluable support how Deborah supports is fast and not much information needs to be given because she just knows how exactly to pull out the challenges. Never have I experienced this type of support and I will always remember what you have done for me. Light always to you Deborah 

Sue G


My name is Sue and I was taking sessions with the amazing Debs not so long ago. Debs had spoken to me about the I-AM Infinite course she does on 1-1 level and I was intrigued. I had to remind myself that this lady has literally supported me through one of my biggest challenges in life and I want to know more about me who I truly am. So I sat down with my partner and said I think I may do this I-AM Infinite course with Debs because she just changed my whole mindset of what was dragging me down for years. Anyways I did and yes she did of course bring it to the table. If you really want to get right into yourself and know how you really work and learn all that you have never imagined you could about yourself then you must do this. Powerful is an understatement. Debs you Rock literally on the rock. Thank you for these amazing teachings and experience my partner also thank you because he sees massive changes in me. PS. I got the Job well you know this already but have to say it again. 

Paula Clarke


Debs came into my life with what I can say was the biggest ever positive. I was referred by a friend after he took some sessions with Debs and I seen his transformations and was thinking wow. I said I want out too I want to be happy again I can’t keep living like this. Debs you are just incredible and what an honest and selfless soul you are. Didn’t think I could reach this point of happiness but as you said its by choice I either want to be happy or I don’t and I am so glad I came forward because all I can do now is smile and feel at peace….no more feelings of anxiety and my stress levels have gone from high to nearly nothing don’t know how you do it but you do it with grace and not one bit of judgment.. you are needed badly to this world. Love Paula xxxx



Deborah thank you for supporting my mind through these hard times to give back even stronger to our people. It’s not so easy being in such challenges every single day. You are such a great support and I will never forget what I felt was my weakest moments last Monday became my biggest strength after we spoke. Thank you so much for giving me the kick and leverage I certainly needed it’s made me even stronger. Biggest respect for what you do it’s truly amazing and you have the most beautiful heart.



Deborah has helped me so much with my view on myself and life, in only a few sessions I feel so much better and free of the negative parts that were holding me back. I almost feel like a brand new person, so much happier and healthier already. Thanks to Debs I feel so much more comfortable with myself and have a lot less stress. I will be forever grateful and can’t express enough how much I recommend Deborah for anyone at any stage in their life



Deborah Wood is the most skillful, empathetic, genuine and helpful therapist I have ever worked with. She has a beautiful soul and offers a safe, secure and friendly space where ANYTHING can be discussed and shared without fear of judgement or prejudice. Within a month, she transformed my outlook on life and my acceptance of myself and amazingly, she also cured a 35 year habit of hair pulling that no medical professional or therapist has ever achieved. I cannot thank her enough, not can I recommend her enough. She is amazing.

Lisa Field


Debs has helped me so much to overcome such big challenges in my marriage and childhood. I just can’t explain how this women does it but it’s so simple in the way she supports you. Yes it can be a little difficult at times when you don’t want to see the truth and all the years you lie to yourself….but Debs is constantly holding that space and her heart is huge. She just gets it and she can totally take you by surprise with the way she asks you questions but her questions are powerful. I took online sessions with Debs and I have to say the best experience I ever had and now I feel completely calm and in full acceptance of all that went on with my marriage and childhood. Debs thank you for everything and for your after care in connecting with me on text and voice message you are a wonderful and an extremely big asset to this world…..



Amazing women…amazing experience. Thank you so much Deborah for everything you have done for us we hope to see you when the lockdown is over and meet you in person…you are a star. David



I did the brilliant I-Am Infinite course with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. It was over 4 weeks once every Sunday for 2.5 hours sometimes 3 hours. I have to admit this is probably one of the best courses I have ever enrolled in. It was something so different and I have gained more than I could ever felt I could. Each Sunday I never knew what was going to be delivered but it was fab. I have completely come away from this not only knowing my true self and loving all that I am now but I found out so much about how my mind truly works and how powerful it is. I learned so much about emotions which was a huge benefit. I was never a confident person in fact I was super paranoid, a stress head and worrier. I was always thinking the worse of myself and what way people seen me. I have gained the most powerful knowledge and leverage and deepest understanding of all my life. I am now able to take all these teachings and learning’s and carry them forward in my life. Deborah you are great and so much knowledge excellent course. Extremely happy I did I-AM Infinite. One of the many things I have learned from this beautiful person and her teachings is that what she gave out so much and all the learning of myself I feel so empowered to lead my life now. Thank you Deborah so much. Lots of love Amy

Kay Anderson


If you ever want to take time out of your Sunday and invest in yourself then this I-AM Infinite online face to face course is just exceptional. Thanks to Deborah Macken at Ask Life Clarity. She has not only connected with me on a very beautiful level of compassion but she just gets you. The way this online course is taught you just want more. I guess I am a sucker for learning and studying for many years but one thing I didn’t learn is about myself. Deborah excellent course I feel just brilliant the awareness and clarity and understanding each week is just priceless. So extremely happy I got this chance. I am truly grateful. Love Susan 

Donna Doyle


My name is Donna Doyle and I attend Food wise webinar at ask life clarity for body and mind in start may 2020. I am 6 weeks into food wise and the rewards are great. I have tried a lot of different diets over the last 2 years with only ending in cravings and guilt food wise is so simple and extremely beneficial for getting the body back to its natural healthy and vibrant space really and truly you will never go hungry either. I have lost a tone of weight. I have fallen back in love with food, my body and the way my mind understands its biological clock. I have no guilt any more with food. I have no cravings for bad food. I feel my body is in balance mentally and physically with thanks to food wise... food wise teaches you so much about how we think and how we love ourselves mind and body it's definitely very different approach and it so works. I will continue it through the year and reap the rewards. I highly recommend giving it a go and getting lots of support from the magical Deborah thank you so much Donna



Talking to Deborah made me realise that I had to focus my energy on the important people in my life! No matter what had happened in the past and what I had been through I had to raise my energy to a higher level.
After my first session I felt like I could do this and felt much more positive about everything. The second session felt more like a chat with a friend.
Debs will always check in with a message and I know I can get in touch if I have a wobble!
Thank you ?

Amanda LB


Over the past two weeks Deborah has offered me powerful wonderful support, a safe space, different perspective on things and the best understanding on so many things I was crippling myself with and my family to help me truly understand what it was all about in my challenges. This has given me courage to look at my past, traumas and patterns for the first time with love and compassion instead of the guilt and shame, fear or judgment and pushed a initially painful or unfamiliar and scary journey towards embodied self-worth, self-trust and radical self acceptance. My mind was a mess but it definitely isn’t like that now. I have to say Jersey people you need to connect with this brilliant soul Deborah at Ask Life Clarity she can really take you to the best levels of understanding and logical thinking we all know already but make so many excuses not to see but Deborah has a very gifted way of showing you with a good push in the right mindset. I have been to counselling for 3 years and when I add up the amount of money and time I have spent and still left with no clarity it really makes me sad to think I wasted it all and still repeating the same old stuff….there is always light….then a friend reference Deborah to me and he said she is the one to connect with….Deborah was my light….now its my turn to shine and bring that light back to my husband and boy. Deborah you are the most real and beautiful soul thank god you came back to Jersey. 



I would not even know how to start and do not do social media, this person Deborah what all I can say has taken my mind and emotional state to a whole new level. Abused mentally and physically at young age and most of my childhood to living a nightmare life because of it all. Deborah I really cannot thank you for getting me to that place of Clarity. This is the first time in my life I actually can say that I no longer am part of my past and it feels so peaceful. Deborah thank you can never ever be enough to you but I do not know what more I can say. You are blessing to my life.



I wanted to write this review to thank Deborah for not just pulling my son out of very dark days and showing him the real amazing happy person that he is but also for the continued support behind the scenes she gives. My son was bullied for around 3 years and he automatically went into shut down. He became very anxious, no confidence and stopped eating and with that came the dreaded conversations about his feelings not wanting to live. He was going to counseling for 15 months and he just could not seem to feel any better in fact he said it was making him feel worse because they didn’t understand. He asked me if it was ok with us not being in this world anymore as he was not happy and he doesn’t ever think that he will be again and that means it will stop hurting us if he leaves. I was so heartbroken both myself and my husband became completely paranoid to the point I started sleeping in the same room as my boy. Over 6 weeks ago a friend had told me about Deborah and what she does and how truly real this women is and both my husband decided to give this wonderful human inspiring life coach a go. Please listen to me whoever is reading this review anyone that is suffering Deborah is one of the most kindest, caring, humors and extremely gifted therapists you could ever be blessed to have in turning lives around….I will leave this review with this…. My amazing boy is now smiling, seeing friends, confidence is moving higher everyday and eating again....She is just love of the earth and really knows exactly how to connect and pull people out of such dark times. Deborah you are so special to us and my son always says I have gained not only a new friend by a real earth angel. Thank you so very much for being you and bringing light back to our beautiful boy and our family. Xxx

Della Coles


Thank you Deborah for supporting me through so many of my challenges with anxiety and stress playing its biggest part in my life. I never felt that I could ever be away from these feelings until you came into my life and gave me the superb support I needed. I have been going through so much for 22 years and never have I ever felt anywhere near to being free from all this past than I do now. 16 years on antidepressants and now coming off these things 4th week now not long to gooo this is a massive breakthrough Deborah you showed me the best ways to look at how I truly am of clear mind and how in fact I was never depressed. I just needed to understand my past and see it in the light you showed me and I really did understand and accepted all that it was in order to fully let go. I guess I always knew this but the doctor felt I needed tablets so I went with this and thank god I am able to now get away from these horrible things. I feel lighter and I am thinking better also and funny enough have shifted some weight. I don’t know how you manage to stay so positive and hugely caring like you do supporting how you do because you are magic that’s what you are. I have taken these sessions with you and its like I have known you all my life, you always check in on me even now that I am just so free…you are selfless and honestly I am not great with words and not great with putting them onto page or reviews  but how could I not after what you have supported me with. January 2020 was the time I decided I wanted change and only because you showed me what change looks like I seen it many years ago but never knew how to get to that place of happiness again.….March 2020 I am completely a new person …and as you say…..back to My True Authentic Self. Thank the lord you are here on this Island you are greatly needed you amazing beautiful soul. Love Della 

Anita Davis


I was crippled with grief and PTSD, to the point where I was becoming cut off from myself and everyone because I just couldn't cope with it all. But even after just two sessions with Deborah I saw immediate results. I learned how to let go of my grief, loss, sorrow, and shame. It was such a relief to finally see what I have again my life ! I've been to counseling on and off for 13 weeks and nothing changed in me, but Deborah has an amazing approach to her work. She provides a very approachable, down-to-earth atmosphere to her sessions and has just a beautiful way in the way she supports you. She just "gets it…but sometimes she really will give you a push to pull you out of Ego and self pity and I really needed that…yet she pulls you back into her funny and hard hitting learning’s and the mind is already activated in the best way." Deborah should be cloned lol because what she does to support others is really amazing and not only has she kicked me in the a-s for the best results and the best leverage she has giving me the key to overrule and really truly understand all of my troubles in the past…..LOVING MYSELF again and that was key. Deborah thanks again and I cannot wait to spread awareness on what you do because everyone needs it and what a great life everyone will live living the best life they can it’s just great to feel happy again….PS I was one to say it’s OK TO NOT BE OK… I truly believe this is wrong….ITS NOT OK TO NOT BE OK….it’s all about changing the mindset and we all have a powerful mind it’s just about taking charge and bringing it back to its natural thinking and we so can…..big love Deborah xxxxxxx

Mrs Harris


Deborah has been an amazing SUPPORT to my daughter! She has helped fully to overcome what was meant to be depression (doctors said) in fact was not. She supported her through anxiety and has shown her very mindful ways to address and deal with issues with clarity. My daughter is 17 now and for 4 years she was bullied and made to feel she was not important to this life. Deborah was the biggest life line what she has done to recover my baby girls mindset is just so beautiful. Can you imagine your daughter telling you she doesn’t want to live for years and she is not good enough. My daughter has been to counselling for over 2 years now and my daughter felt no change in her mind and feelings. Someone referred Deborah’s name to me and I felt how can I continue in fear my daughter doesn’t want to be here on earth. I read Deborahs reviews and I was automatically YESSS. Deborah is such a natural my daughter loves her even after 1 sessions I started crying when I picked her up because I could see that smile on my girls face again….My daughter said Mum its going to be ok. Please Please if you are stuck with anything or your loved ones are DO NOT hesitate to connect with Deborah she is just amazing. My daughter had 5 sessions over two weeks and now she is like a new person and wanting so much from life….and YESSSS she loves herself now and that will never stop. Deborah we love you.



Deborah has facilitated me in coming back to my true self. I really didn’t know what to expect, I thought surely it’s nothing new and I’m not that misplaced. How wrong was I - I always thought I knew all the answers, was quite opinionated in my thoughts about situations, people which at times would manifest into anger, frustration, upset and being mis-guided ..... and it was only me who created all these negative patterns, thinking and upset. This is how I can explain my personal journey with Deborah: Like a large house that had many floors, corridors, dark pathways, gloomy rooms with dark shadows. Deborah walked me through this house almost holding my hand and guiding me. Reaching the last room I had to walk back through those corridors etc that was not enjoyable at times, and some difficult to enter. Turning back around and making my way back, the whole house was clear, full of light and had complete clarity.,,,,and I loved what I saw. Having doubts, low self esteem, over thinking and other negative thoughts starting from when you were a child is something that you habitually accept, and think that this is the norm; this couldn’t be further from the truth. I am truly back to were I belong, I have Deborah to thank for that. This support and guidance should be available for all within the NHS system. The world would truly be a better place. I would advise to anyone to connect initially with Deborah, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Thank you Deborah

N Montgomery


It’s only been a short time but Deborah had already changed my thinking amazing work! I cannot thank her enough or recommend her to anyone enough more that I currently do these past week. She is coming from a place of pure kindness and love and not one bit of judgment I really have learned so much from the way Deborah supports and I honestly feel like I am a better person for her teachings and support it all makes sense….Deborah needs to be known everywhere she really is the best. Love you Deborah thanks so much for seeing what I couldn’t see and now I can. Norms

Vikki Macdonald


Debbie has turned my life around over the last few weeks. Before I had the 1-1 sessions, I was trapped by my negative thoughts, I had no self esteem and constantly self doubted myself. I have previously had counselling but it is nothing like Debbie offers. Within three sessions my mind was clear and free from all the chatter, negativity and garbage that we all experience. Now I see life clearly and understand the reason my life has been how it has. My mind is now clear and I feel I am on the path to being my true authentic self. if you feel stuck, depressed, sad, then honestly I recommend 1-1 sessions with Debbie, she will turn your life around. Don’t hold back, if you want to change your life, then you need to experience this. Only one life we have and I feel the best I ever have.

Jane Vincent


Deborah has helped change my life and I have found clarity in my day to day living. I now have the ability to let go of the past and the toxic and devastating effect that hanging onto events/memories/situation was having on me. Accepting how to deal with the past and its impact has allowed me to find inner peace and look at the present; from the day that is in front of me and the future. I have found true happiness; and for this words cannot express what this has brought to my life. I would recommend her 100% she has such vision and knowledge. Thank you so so much beautiful lady

Martha Fox


I feel/am blessed to have crossed paths with you Deborah...truly! You have had such a Life-Changing and POSITIVE impact in my life in such a short amount of time. It is funny how we see things in life that seems so bad yet YOU have such a wonderful, logical way of seeing the pain with open eyes and then showing me in which I still smile now…this is truly your calling! The direction and insights you've given me have made me shift my stubborn mind into believing there is so much positive change now I can/will create in my life from just being mindful and aware. You make me smile and laugh also you just have such a perfect way for supporting the mind without feeling like I was going crazy, you are a blessing to life. I'm so excited for 2020. Thank you for always be so present in our sessions and even touching base with me when I was not with you. I am so grateful for you and so proud of me  Martha xxx

Robinson Family


I think it can be very difficult to find a "good" therapist god knows we have been to that many of them, but also just wanting someone that is just is real just like us, also insightful, non-judgmental to support a person in such issues like me and my family was. Deborah at Ask Life Clarity is that person. I really can't say enough about Deborah and what she has supported me and my family, we would feel enough to say that she is part of our family now. I think she is excellent at what she does, and I am very grateful she's on this planet to support people like she does. Thank you we are so grateful for what you have done for us over the past month and always in touch with us even when we didn’t see you, you go more than a million steps beyond…We are Blessed to have found you at the time when we all needed it most. Love always. The Robinson Family xxx

Amy Rebours


Deborah has just been a joy to guide me through the process of putting myself together again...Even saying that makes me laugh now. I had gone through lots of changes that had put me in a very unfamiliar situation and she helped me regain my self-confidence, identify my anxiety and improve the relationship with my partner. Deborah gave me the tools to deal with these issues by changing how I think, while making me feel supported, heard, and challenging my thoughts in such an uplifting, logical way by asking the right questions and given amazing examples how we truly can see how we allow ourselves to get stuck. I am so very happy with the whole process on my 1-1s with Deborah and I feel so lucky to have been referred to her. If I had of missed this opportunity out of fear of not wanting to let go….I would still be in that miserable place…..Life is great and I intend to live it to the best now and always. Deborah you are a gift and I think the world of you and what you do for others is just amazing.



I've accomplished more with Deb than other therapists I've gone to in the past. My life is changed big time with Deb support in space of 4 sessions in one week of empowering 1-1 support. I finally have my life back. Honest, Beautiful, Professional, straight forward and non-judgmental is how I would describe Deb and not to forgetting the biggest heart that knows no end. Deborah is amazing for treating anxiety, stress and things you just think is not fixable. I would highly recommend her to anyone who are suffering or need help with anxiety or anything really. Deborah I thank you so much for supporting me and so fast can’t wait to attend one of your workshops Nicola xxx



I saw Deborah for three sessions and she helped me immensely. I had lost focus on the positives in my life and my own self love. I was being dragged down by negative people and she helped me to disconnect from these people and make the changes required to reach higher dimensions and be truly happy. I have continued to take her advice and my self love has grown and I am happy and enjoying each and every day. Thank you Deborah, you were just who I needed to see and really appreciate your help xxx

M Barker


One of the best investments I've ever made in myself. Deborah is just such a genuine, amazing soul and compassionate definitely knows her stuff. She also challenges you to dig deep and re-examine your beliefs and behaviors but the way she does it almost like you are not getting counselling. She helped me grow as a person so fast in less than a week. I've always believed that getting support should be someone whom, if you met in "real life," you would want to have coffee with -- a human being you genuinely like and respect, and can connect with. For me and so many other people I am sure, Deborah is that person. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Yes, I was pretty skint I guess spending on way to many material things definitely wasn't making me feel good. Money is nothing when you get back to your happy place. It's the best investment you can ever give to yourself. Deborah you are just amazing and so for the first time in most of my life I actually know I am amazing……Merry Merry Christmas and A happy new life for me wooohooo. Love to you Deborah always.



When I first came to see Debs last month I suffered with chronic anxiety which involved derealisation and agoraphobia amongst other symptoms. Over the course of few weeks I was able to overcome all of my insecurities and fears which has enabled me to now live an independent and very happy lifestyle and engage in healthy relationships with people and more so myself. I am also able to observe others and myself more objectively, and the goals in my life has became clearer. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for the guidance and support of this great women Debs I would not be appreciating the life I have right now today. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a solution to their anxiety issues actually anything at all. What a beautiful, caring, hard-hitting and humorous life coach. Debs thank youuuuu deeply.



I had been feeling low, lacking focus & very lonely. 1-1 support was something I only considered when I felt there was nothing I could do. Retrospectively, this was incorrect. Deborah is one of the most loving, hard hitting (the right way) and extremely real. She gave me support and provided me with the encouragement to empower myself to change for the better. She supported me to look at myself and the world around me in a different light. I now realise that I have the power to make my own future and always because I have choice. The negative way I thought about myself and the feeling of being a ‘victim’ has gone. Instead of thinking ‘what if’ and worrying about it, I know there will always be a way through with my fab new mindset I have always had but lost through many challenges. I had always found it hard to deal with questions, getting defensive. Deborah questions, while difficult at the start only because I knew that Deborah was completely on it and could see right through me, with supporting me out of what I did not want to see. Her questions have helped me question the cause of my feelings and also question others. The sessions have brought me back to ME. I can now organise myself, realise my limits and most importantly brought confidence and self respect back to my life. I am extremely grateful you Deborah. I hope we are always connected and I know we will because that’s how beautiful and real Deborah is. Thank you for also checking in on me with your messages just amazing. I cannot wait for the best Christmas and every day after that. Life is beautiful.

Clare Cordell


I didn’t really know whether this support would help when I first went to the beautiful Deborah. I had seen all the reviews and I just could not turn my blind eye anymore because I was tired being in my head. All I knew was that I was feeling increasingly isolated and unhappy, anxious about the future and fed up with the way my life was going. All that changed over the course of a week with Deborah 4 sessions later helped me on my journey towards understanding myself and why I reacted to people and situations in the way I did. I now feel reconnected to people again, but more so myself. I learned to value myself, be proud of my achievements and even feel super excited about the future! Deborah was very fast in supporting me she just has a way and it’s perfect for that kick I needed, her perceptive and incredibly supportive throughout the week is just spot on. I grew stronger, more empowered and liberated thanks to Deborah…but Deborah doesn’t take any credit she kept saying I was the one that made the change she just supported me with the right leverage and logical mindset. She has made a big difference to my life and for that I will always be grateful. An earth angel that is so needed to this Island. Merry Christmas to one of the nicest humans on this earth with nothing but love and support to give with the most amazing results.

Amber Crowley


If I had of said last month I would be feeling the best I have felt in 17 years I would never ever of believed it. I was told by one of my friends who had sessions online with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity few months ago to please connect with this lady. I couldn’t believe the change in my friend truly amazing. Even before plucking up the courage to connect with Deborah I felt like I knew Deborah already through the way my friend spoke about her. I am so grateful to Deborah for the way she supported my friend we are both on a natural high…loving life. It took me a little while to connect as I was afraid of my life to commit to opening up about what has been tormenting me most for far too many years. Physical/mental abuse the darkest years of my life. When someone like Deborah enters into your world it’s a blessing. I do not wish to write what went on in my past…past is past now and I am absolutely made up I went back there with Deborah as fast as she works  I am glad she took me back. I have the best understanding, acceptance and learning for it all….at one point I actually said I can’t believe how much I am free and so fast. Please whoever is reading this and you are struggling from anything please do not turn a blind eye. Deborah will get you out of that nightmare you are having well anything that is not right for you. She is by far one of the best people I have ever come into contact with, even thou it was online face to face I felt like I was physically sitting with her. I live in France so a little difficult to get to her location with 3 children under the age of 11. I am just so happy that Deborah also is able to give support online face to face for people like me and my friend and so many in the world that just can’t get to her location. Thank you is just not even enough Deborah forever you have a place in my heart and thanks for what I can say was the fastest transformation in my life and I am so free and completely happy and my beautiful children get to have their real mummy back.

Ashley Murphy


Connecting with deb was one of the best things I ever done, from feeling unhappy and depressed to being in total control of my mind, I was given guidance and understanding of all areas in my life I’d felt I was struggling, Deb has genuinely changed my life, much love to you deb. Ashley xxxxx



I had online sessions with Deborah when I was struggling to make sense of my life and maintain control, I was in the middle of having an affair and thinking about leaving my wife because we have both been at war with each other for years and had lost a great deal of trust in my emotions and feelings. I truly felt my life was falling apart and had stopped making any sense. Deborah worked fast with me to assess what was truly making me unhappy, steps to cope with everyday life whilst I explored the issues and slowly but surely led me to a much deeper understanding of myself. My relationship with my wife has vastly improved. We are able to communicate more openly and can now provide each other with understanding, trust, companionship and appropriate support needed. I have regained my enjoyment in our journey of building a life and family together. I am now happier than I have ever been and feel more confident to move forward with my life with much stronger ability to cope with anything life throws at me in the future. I’ll never be able to thank you enough because myself and my wife have complete understanding of many areas in which we both disconnected and our children are top of our priority, as Deborah stated the kids didn’t ask to be brought into the world that was our choice. They will now only get the best from us both and our connection is stronger than ever. Thank you Dearest Deborah. A



I had a wonderful meeting with Deborah. I was amazed that she was able to see me so quickly. Very important when you are going through. I came away feeling that a weight had been lifted from me and a wonderful feeling of calmness. You couldn't ask for more. But you get more... she is there if you have a blip and need to just run it past her. Thank you Debbie xxxx

Alex J


Deborah was an amazing help during a time of need. I had just gone through something very traumatic with my relationship and she was there to support me through it and help me process and gain so much clarity on it all. I've only had 3 sessions with Deborah, but it was fantastic! I felt understood and heard immediately, she has a way of making me feel like she's in that place with you, but she not, she never needs much information only that it’s like she knows exactly how to get you out with so much understanding, no judgment and excellent logic. I loved how she supports and what a sense of humor she has and how beautifully direct at the same time….a gift or more so she has this down to a fine art in my eyes and only to want the best for me. She gained my trust the minute I sat with her. Her support is concrete with so much truth. So much love to you Deborah x Alex J



Would highly recommend ask life clarity. Deborah explains things so clearly and it really makes sense. She is a lovely person who is easy to talk with and has so much knowledge. SO much better than any other counselling/therapy sessions.

Susan Jordon


I've found the time talking with Debs really very constructive and massive burden gone. A great way Debs has, she knows when to challenge and also when to leave space for me to 'vent'. We were confronting an issue that I found extremely hard to open up about; I'm not quite sure how she does this at the time as I am so focused on the way she is able to get my mind. She built confidence in addressing the issue openly and exploring aspects of life that have in the past been very hard to evaluate in an objective way. She has made a marked and positive difference to my life in the period we have worked together. Thank you Debs I hope we are always connected as you are such a strong and wonderful person to have in anyone’s life! I now am in the best place I never imagined I would ever be. Susan Jordon

Dan Cullen


I didn’t have any expectations of what support counseling could do for me. I went to Deborah because I knew that my lifestyle and general approach to life needed to be changed and that I needed to discuss an extremely distressing experience which had happened to me with a trained professional. I liked Deborah’s approach, and she made me feel safe and capable of dealing with the issues which I needed and wanted to explore. Over the course 1 week I learnt a lot about myself, my reactions to situations and the triggers to those reactions. In particular I started to recognise all of the things which I could change to make my life better. I now have the tools to be able to deal with any issues and/or problems that may arise. I have made a number of changes to my life some small and some big and all of the areas of my life that I wanted to change (and even those I didn’t know at time needed changing) have changed for the better. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the really beautiful Deborah and the outcome speak for themselves. DC

Chrissy Thebault


I first became aware of Ask Life Clarity and Debs when I met a friend for a coffee who had taken 1-1 sessions with Debs and I could see such positive changes in her. It never entered my head about speaking to anyone regarding my fears, worries and anxieties from the past, present and future however, I plucked up the courage and got in touch with Debs. I wasn't sure what to expect from my 1-1 sessions and was so nervous. There was no need to be, Debs made me feel completely at ease immediately and chatting to her was so easy about anything that was on my mind. I had two 1-1 sessions and I can honestly say that I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after sessions 1. Her approach is so logical and simple. She helped me understand my own emotions so quickly, I couldn’t believe I had carried all those worries, fear and negative thoughts with me for years! I can’t recommend Debs enough. She gets to the root of the problem very quickly and she genuinely wants to get you to the best possible place so that you can don’t waste another second suffering in life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with this wonderful woman who is beautiful inside and out. I can guarantee you will wish you met Debs years ago just like I did. Thank you Debs xx

Sue Ferry


Referred but kept making excuses….enough was enough for me. I basically came to see Debs when every area of my life seemed to be going wrong, and I felt I wanted to take control and turn things around I wish I had of got her support earlier but so very happy I have had it now. Deborah helped me in ways that I was thinking no one could. She helped me to realise so much about the real me and that you can change your thought processes to by logical and powerful. My past literally crippled me but now that I see it all clearly it is like when I look back I see only the best learning’s. I now realise that you have choice, and that it is within your own power to change things around us. I am very grateful to Debs for helping me to see things a different way, and giving me the amazing leverage to be a better, calmer, more confident version of myself. I can honestly say I now feel happy and ready to move forward for all the right reasons. Thank you Debs you are greatly are needed in this world. Huge thanks and love to you Deborah



I came to Deborah with intense issues with health, anxiety & OCD where it was literally taking over my life. I had 5 sessions but even after the first session with Deborah’s support I am in a much better place and able to get back on with my life! Deborah is very approachable and patient but straight down the line but with such a great, unique and humorous way  but also super assertive and professional. She even made the effort to connect with me even after hours just to check in to see how I am. She is a credit to Jersey or whoever connects with her! I was at first a bit sceptical about having one to ones but this has completely changed my view, if anything it’s a more empowering I am free and it feels like you know Deborah all your life. You are so wonderful…..Thank you for supporting me to now living in a peaceful mind and so happy with the real and healthy mind I have now, eternally grateful. Lottie CL

Sharon Tumelty


I went to Debbie not knowing where to begin, with a feeling of unhappiness and emptiness, after just 2 sessions I felt like a complete weight had been lifted, today after a third session I am so much more at peace within myself, I am definitely not the same person who walked in that first day. Debbie gets to the root cause of any problem that may be buried deep within you, wether or not you realise what the problem is at the time, she will not allow you to suffer and will help you to deal with the issue quickly and ensure you emerge the very best version of yourself, thank you Debbie x x



I attended the Venus women's workshop and wasn’t sure what to expect, but we were asked to be open and just go with it and allow ourselves the opportunity to try and heal in whatever ways we all needed to. Debs showed us what, at times, seemed strange techniques but they really did provide both physical and mental relief. At the end of an emotional, positive day the group were no longer strangers. It showed how so many of us are struggling with the same issues and there was comfort in knowing that and having found new ways to lessen the struggles we faced. Speaking to Krishiv Anantaguru really did provide clarity. He has a way of framing everything so simply and logically that, although you may have heard the same or similar advice previously, it just seems to make more sense and sink in that bit deeper It was a great experience and I’m so pleased that I went. Debs is the perfect person for the role she has in guiding and helping you. I left with tools that, I think, give me greater resilience and strength, feeling that everything seems more manageable.Thanks so much Debs. Xxx



Deborah genuinely changed my life. I went from depression, anxiety, a miserable relationship and frustrating job to being happy and confident in blissful singleness. Deborah supported me in these 5 sessions, of 10 years of many other therapists and techniques could not do. Most importantly, she has left me with an ability to raise my self love so high that I wondered how I could of ever let myself go, with the best understanding of who I truly am. Cannot recommend highly enough she is just amazing. Deborah you are so needed in this life for so so many. Blessed to have got the opportunity to take these sessions. Blessed. Sarah

Kate Andrews


Before my sessions with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity it really felt like my problems were in-built and incurable. But, with the benefit of your clarity of approach, penetrating insight, and personal warmth, I no longer fear those problems. Instead, I feel and recognise that you have given me powerful and effective means of overcoming them, and you have helped me come a long way in doing so. Years of horrific challenges now to lay to rest in the past because that's only where they belong. Grateful for these session of support doesn't even cut it. I'm am literally free and extremely happy. Thank you so much Deborah for everything.

Nicola G


I attended sessions with deborah and she was really amazing. I started off with worrying and anxiety but little by little each session helped increase my awareness of my negative thinking patterns and each session I came away with overwhelming happiness. I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to cope with life's difficulties that no longer feel they even are in my life and also I feel that I get more enjoyment out of my day to day living, and I'm starting to feel happier about my daily life instead of anxiously awaiting/ expecting a negative future. She was really thorough and we went back to childhood to tackle my core beliefs which was a major breakthrough for me. I recommend Deborah to anyone see is just exceptional and like a friend all my Life. Now I have gained the best mindset to deal with life more mindfully and to get the most out of my life and the relationships with the lovely people who surround me and no longer belong to the ones that tried to destroy me. Deborah Wood you are one of God's gifts. Thank you thank you thank you. Love Nicola xxx

Alice Clarke


I wasn't sure what to expect from my 1-1s but my sessions with Deborah have been invaluable. She made me feel completely at ease discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express the most difficult emotions was a huge relief. Deborah just has a way it's amazing. We got to the bottom of damaging thought patterns and worked through them with great understanding and so quick to now thankfully let them go. Her patience, understanding and guidance have enabled me to make what I am confident now will be lasting positive changes. I would definitely recommend Deborah, she is a wonderful therapist and what a great humor and beautiful heart. Thank you dear Deborah love to you in India

Joe Harris


Having experienced therapy (good and bad, free and private) nothing was working until I connected with Deborah Wood at Ask Life Clarity. After my sessions with Deborah, it all made sense to me. She is just fantastic and provided a really great energy for us to work together on my issues that I have had for too many years with online counseling 1-1s. She helped me identify my own emotions and understand them so fast that at times I was thinking did I allow these years to pass in such a mind, and also get over real hurdles in my life like they never existed now. Deborah is incredibly gifted with beautiful humor and wastes no time to you to pull you out of past challenges. I have been so impressed, and completely trusted her guidance. She also has a very unique way of empathising way with me - it was not difficult at all to really get her to understand what I was going through, in fact she can read your mind before you even open your mouth. I really can't speak more positively about her! And the process with Ask Life Clarity was also seamless - I was seen very quickly, and Deborah stays connected the whole way through. Amazing experience and I have such a wonderful life to live away from past troubles, especially as child. Deborah you are really brilliant.

S Nolan


I’ve just finished 6 sessions with the amazing Deborah. I felt different after just one session! To understand my feelings and the associated emotions the way I do now, my life has changed for the better. I was holding onto emotions that really had no relationship with anything I had gone through because I thought I felt a certain way, turns out I just didn’t understand the definition of the emotions. I thought I had carried guilt for years, it wasn’t guilt at all!! The clarity I have now to move on with my life is priceless.

Sarah Jane


I wanted to put review on Ask Life Clarity to Deborah because I felt it was so important to me to let others know that support given by this lady is really something special. 15 year ago I was diagnosed with Depression and since then I have been in the dark about so many things. I was struggling with relationship with my now ex husband and to many challenges happened in that time. I was treated like I didn’t exist and was constantly put down over nothing. My self-love was at the lowest and my career was affected as was my two young boys. After 1 week of back to back support sessions with this great women Deborah I was able to see things so very clearly. I can’t really express what these sessions have done for me only that 1. I am not depressed for sure and 2. What a beautiful life I now have ahead of me now. Deborah is logical, hard hitting and super humorous with the most caring and straight forward approach. I am now in complete acceptance not only of my past challenges but of the great person I am. I am also in the process of reducing the anti-depressant tablets because I for one never wanted to be on them and they definitely are not meant to be inside my body SO IT'S TIME TO GET THEM OUT FULLY OF MY BODY because I am very clear. I feel happier, my mind is super clear and for the first time in 15 years my self-love is rising. What I can say is this to anyone that is struggling with depression or anything in life please contact with this great lady she will for sure get you to that place you need to be and she is just great really great and stays in contact all the through. I am totally in control of my mind and look so much forward to my happier healthy future. Deborah you are a gift to all. Thank you very much. Love Sarah Jane



I first became aware of 'Ask Life Clarity' when I visited a friend who had taken 1:1 sessions with Deborah and I could see such positive changes in her. I was diagnosed with depression several years ago and have been on/off different kinds of anti-depressants as well as attending CBT sessions. Although my counselors I've seen for CBT have been incredibly caring and kind, I found that CBT for me basically consisted of an hour of recounting what had happened in my life since the last session, with the occasional challenging of some negative thoughts. Whilst it was beneficial to get things off my chest in the short term, I started to realise that this wasn't really beneficial in the long term as the root causes of my feelings/thoughts weren't being addressed. I have had 3 online sessions with Deborah (as well as this I have received multiple lovely Watsapps and voice messages) and have already noticed a significant positive change. I'm studying a high pressured (teach yourself/self-study) medicine degree in the UK, living away from my family and friends in Jersey and so life has thrown up multiple challenges. Obviously Deborah can't magically remove those life pressures/challenges but she really helps you see things in a different light and realise that I am not depressed, just stuck in negative mindsets from the past that I have become so accustomed to. I used to get very stressed out about certain things that were incredibly disorganised or certain people that behaved in certain ways but now I'm learning to try and let these things wash over me and just think "that's their problem/headache, not mine. I am me, doing things the way I do them" and just be a bit more chilled, which has actually enabled me to focus a lot more on the work I need to get done. Deborah also puts great emphasis on 'self love' - which is something I really struggled with and I now think it is so important to conquer this. My family have always been supportive and have said many similar things to Deborah but I think sometimes all it takes it listening to a "stranger" (although I now don't see Deb as a stranger!) and having them hear your story when they have no preconceptions about you and yet they still have such positive things to say about you and your future (sometimes I wouldn't really believe my family when they said positive things as I would think "well they're only saying this because they have to as they're my family!") As a potential future doctor I find it overwhelming when I see just how many people are prescribed anti-depressants. Sometimes these drugs are necessary but a lot of the time I think there is pressure for doctors to prescribe just to feel like they're actively doing something to help the patient. However in many people, they are struggling from past challenges and slapping on a label of depression and giving them pills isn't going to fix anything. I really support what Deb is doing in this sense and will bear this in mind in my medical training going forward. Would thoroughly recommend these sessions. Deborah speaks so much sense and genuinely wants to get you to a better place, and fast!

Andy Vieira


Before I completed my sessions with Deborah I was rather pessimistic and depressed and felt really effected by many of my past challenges. However upon speaking with her for six sessions I feel like I have been enlightened to the beauty of life and it’s potential and she has given me leverage to truly let go of past challenges and negative thoughts and all I can say it was worth every moment and I feel so positive about my present and my future, thanks to the clarity which she’s enabled me to realise and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone whom feels like they need clarity and peace of mind in their life to help them move forward with a positive mindset.

Mary J


I really wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but Deborah was amazing, a true Healer and Life coach, with such a positive energy. She listened and helped me in a way I could never have imagined. I left my sessions feeling totally rejuvenated and ready to move on with more clarity. I would highly recommend you meeting with this pure soul thank you Deborah and team x



Having recently lost my father I had got stuck in a bit of an unhappy rut and realised that things from my past were still dominating my present. I knew I wanted to talk to someone but from experience knew that traditional counselling wasn’t for me. Then I saw an article about Deborah’s work and that she was coming to Jersey and knew she was the lady for the person for the ‘job’! Whilst obviously she asks for some background on the issues you are facing, she doesn’t focus on the details. It’s all about understanding emotions, gaining awareness and clarity. Leaving behind past negativity and guiding you towards applying awareness and understanding to the future. Her approach is so logical and simple and I can honestly say that after one session the light bulb came on and I felt free of all the negativity I had carried with me for years. She also did physical work on me that really helped release the not so good energies. I had 4 sessions with Deborah in quite a short period of time and this was definitely the best approach. There really is no point prolonging it and spending lots of time and money on counsellors when she can set you on a path to clarity and, importantly, happiness in less than a couple of weeks! There was also lots of follow up messages and support which is amazing - she genuinely wants to get you to the best possible place so that you can don’t waste another day carrying past patterns and conditions. She is also such a beautiful person from the inside and out and if you’re lucky enough to have sessions in person, gives the most amazing hugs! Thank you for everything Debs xx

Tracy Levitt


Deborah is one heck of a support counselor. THANK YOU. You just lifted me from a very bad place due to a break up that happened a few months ago. My sister Anna reference your name and I am truly grateful she did. This relationship just ended after 4 years of being together. He left me, and also had cheated on me in the past with many lies. I really wanted to work on our relationship but he preferred not. I was anxious, sad and angry that he let the relationship down and haven’t contacted since the break up. Now after having 1-1 online support with the beautiful Deborah it’s a very different story….woohooo I cannot not explain how I feel only that it was the best thing that ever happened to me was the ex letting walking away, instead of thinking how could he do this to me, my mindset is totally different. I now feel so happy and ready to get on with my life and yes not with my ex memories of why and how dragging me down because it’s funny Now all I feel is gratitude for doing me a favor and calling it off with me now and not years later I think things could have been so much worse…thank god Deborah you got me to the best understanding and logical thinking and of course showing me my worth and gaining the right clarity. I knew a long time ago that he didn’t love me and I didn’t want to see it what man does who cheats and lies….God I feel so free and liberated. Deborah you are just amazing I can’t wait to one day head to India or see Biggest hugs and high fives Tracy 

Nicki Richomme


A very close friend recently recommended I get in touch with Deb - I had seen the positive shift in her, and the clarity she now had, so I messaged Deb and asked for her help. I had three 1:1 sessions with Deb over Skype, and lots of uplifting texts and voice messages too, I can't recommend this highly enough. I was coming out of a very difficult 12 months, where there had been many challenges; family illness, loss of a very dear friend to cancer, my beloved cat dying, and working in a very toxic environment. I was subsequently forced out of my job, which brought about financial pressures, only to find another job where my confidence was being knocked daily. All of these things had led to my feeling lost and very lonely at times - even though I was surrounded by love, I had lost my self-love. I felt like I had lost my inner peace, and was feeling disconnected from those I love, with my self confidence on the floor. What Deb managed to show me, through her own loving soul, is that I was still in there and that the me that I knew deserved happiness was still there. The straightforward method Deb uses of bringing you back to a clear mind, and a happy heart is truly amazing. It's simple, once you come out the other side, but we can get so held down by our own past and present situations that the simple knowledge that we can be truly happy escapes us. Deb talks you through the issues you are holding on to, and helps to give you clarity on all of them. Bit by bit she guides you through each part, and helps you to see things clearly, to let go of other people's headaches and not allow them to become yours, to show compassion to those who hurt you, and to be happy again. It's hard to put into words but I would strongly urge anyone who feels drawn to this site to sign up, or just reach out to Deb, you will not regret it. Knowing that they use the majority of the money to help people who have nothing is just an added bonus. I am still in touch with Deb and hope to always be friends with this fantastic soul xx

Dani Roche


I am not quite sure how I can explain my feelings, but it is something I’ve never experienced before. It feels my chest is wider, more flexible and so many burdens have gone. I have been to many psychologists, psychiatrists, therapist & no one played or supported me so fast with such amazing impact as Deborah has, congratulations for everything you do for others and what you have created to support me and so many in the way you do. Simply amazing. Dani xxx

Nicola Reid


I had two very amazing 1-1 online sessions with Deborah Wood. I suffered from anxiety and after a very toxic relationship and many ups and downs with other people in my life I just felt so stuck. I have lived away from UK nearly 8 years so it isnt easy when you are stuck and no family to help you. I have been struggling to keep my negative thoughts out of my head and keep my anxiety at bay but nothing was working until I connected with this women. It’s difficult when you think your happiness is dependent on one person and only they can make you happy and many others miserable but Deborah soon brought me round and what a feeling I have now it’s truly beautiful thanks to Deborah’s sessions she is a force but in the best way, she is professional, humorous and so caring like you have known her all your life. I realised that the only person you should hold accountable for you happiness is yourself. Thank you Deborah for your support I will never forget you and hope I cross paths with you one day to meet with you in person. Love Nicola

Kathy & Liam Carol


My husband and I had couple joint sessions online with the very beautiful Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. We have been given her name by reference from our friend in Dublin. We have both been through a very hard time in our marriage and we felt that nothing was working. We had many couple counseling sessions in past and nothing was shifting so we decided to take the call with Deborah. Wow is all I have to say about this person she knows her stuff and what an extremely caring person she is, with a hard-hitting but simple approach, at one point I felt God Deborah is being very hard on us but the simple truth was that she was showing us the truth something we didn't want to both face.....well there was no escape unless we disconnected from the face to face online sessions but that wasn't going to happen because Deborah has a wonderful way of showing us what wasn't truly true. Both myself and my husband are now finally on this great path together finally resolved what was crippling us both for 5 years. Deborah really we have no real words to say enough for how you have supported us it's like something so big now seems so small and now we are both laughing at how could we have been so ridiculous letting this nearly tear us apart. Deborah you have supported us back to the lovely place we have missed so much you are amazing at what you do and thank you so much for kicking us both in such a simple way. We are both forever eternally grateful to you....if we renew our vows you will definitely be getting a mention for sure lol love always to you Kathy and Liam

Deirdre Lake


I had booked support sessions with Deborah to support me with a very traumatic childhood that has troubled me most of my life. It was extremely amazing how things have turned around with only a few sessions speaking with Deborah. I just never felt this was possible to leave these times in my past until I sat online with Deborah Wood she is just really a very beautiful counselor with a very straight forward approach that blew my mind and left me thinking only the most positive things instead of the negativity I have been carrying all my life. What an experience and what a weight totally lifted from my heart. Deborah knows exactly how to get you to the best place you can get with clarity it's just beautiful how she works and with such humor and truth. I can't thank you enough really I am so so thankful and grateful for what has been such an amazing life transformational turn in my life. I am in the best place of my life Deborah thanks to your powerful sessions Love Deirdre

Denise Price


Today I wanted to write a review about my experience with Deborah on 1-1 online support. I am not on social media and never will be but I was given Deborah name by my sister who recommended her to me. I have spent four years fighting depression and endless amount of prescriptions later. I was in a car accident and lost my partner in the process with that became a very dark place in my heart and my life. I have spent so much money on counseling and other care and nothing was helping me yes it was good to talk but I still felt so low and just felt what’s the point. Deborah took me on a very beautiful journey into my own mind and feelings and I was just exhausted after my sessions but every session I was getting more and more clear. My last session was just full of tears I came into acceptance of my loss and also learnt so much more about myself. I am in the best place now I could be again and that is thanks to the beautiful Deborah Wood I feel like I have know you all my life you are like an earth angel that was sent to me. I will never forgot how you have supported me…..I feel so alive now and look forward to my future knowing that I am alive and honor my beautiful angel in heaven for living for both of us because of the love we had and always will. I am 6 days having moved down to a half an antidepressant tablet ‘YAY” because I now know I was not depressed why is the system failing us giving us tablets when all we needed was understanding and clarity instead they think it’s okay to give us tablets, how does this help it certainly did not help me. I am so so happy I can move away from these tablets and have so much clarity on my emotions and past challenges.  What I feel now is true and I feel so free no more burden and pain. Deborah you are just simply amazing. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Denise XXX

Annette Barker


I had amazing one to ones with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity looking at my depression in which I have been suffering with for 3 years. I never really got the support I should of got when my problem started I was just told I was depressed and then I was given antidepressant tablets and sleeping tablets which I am now thankfully moving away from. Deborah took me back to when my problem started 3 years ago. I fully understand this whole situation and knowing that it was certainly out if my hands and definitely not my fault. I am just so grateful to Deborah she took me to a place I didn't think I could re-visit in the most calmest simple way and we both went to that place together. I deeply understood this with a whole new mindset the right mindset. I am extremely happy with the outcome on my emotional state and now I'm ready to move forward with great clarity. Deborah you are very special person with the most touching heart and compassion yet very straight at times. I didn't know if you were joking with me or not you made me laugh at the right time and made me see the truth. Thank you so much you have turned my life around I feel blessed ?

Sadie Chapman


I have been online counseling with Deborah Wood for 4 sessions over the course of 6 days having support for my marriage break-up and stress and anxiety. It's been the worse few years of my life with one problem after another. I was referred to Deborah by a friend who mentioned what she does and yet I was afraid to come forward until my friend reassured me the support this women gives is life changing. so I decided to take the plunge and I am so happy I did. People need to understand that staying in any problem will only make our lives more miserable. I certainly was one of those people until now. I have got the best insights to how I can take charge of my emotions and use my strength to pull me out of anything now with great awareness. Deborah you have given me hope and support to take the best decisions I could never of taken until we connected you are a treasure and I am eternally grateful for your support. Please if anyone is suffering from any issues please do not hesitate to contact this beautiful gifted women she will support you fully until you are out of the mess and take you higher. Biggest hugest hugs dear Deborah love Sadie

Lisa Kerns


8 months ago I lost my beautiful strong wonderful husband it was just awful heartbreaking experience watching my husband be hit so hard by cancer. This was very sudden for me and my little girl because one minute my husband was fit and healthy and the next minute he is doubled up on excruciating pain. We called ambulance and 2 weeks later my husband died pancreatic cancer it just was horrible awful tragic. Preparing for the worst was not on my list that much I felt sure of but what I know now is you cannot be sure of anything. It's painful to the core knowing that you will never see your love again and my daughter will never enjoy her beautiful daddy again. How do I cope what will I do these questions kept coming and all the while I just wanted to curl up and die but felt so guilty feeling like this as my baby girl needs me even more than ever. Last Monday I took a call from my brother who spoke to me about this lady called Deborah my brother is in Jersey and had heard of this girl who came to Jersey to support people in horrible challenges for couple of weeks or more and heard her work was excellent. I said to my brother firstly i am in IOM and she is no longer there he said I know but Deborah also does online counseling globally and to connect with her at least send her a message. From that day later in evening I looked this girl up and checked out her website and testimonials and profile and realized that she also had been hit with grief many years back. I was drawn to her story and her testimonials are absolutely a breath of fresh air so that evening I connected. I have no words to express Deborah you have certainly been brought to us for a reason and I am forever grateful to you for your counseling and your calming, loving, straight to the root way of approach with what I have been dealing with. I see the light and I see deepest acceptance thank you so much. You are just a beautiful, real, heartwarming, humorous and totally professional person I have ever met. Myself and Izzy will be coming to see you in India one day that I promise. Thank you greatly from Izzy and I and I'm sure my husband angel in heaven sent you to me ?♥️

Michelle Teixeira


The Venus workshop will not disappoint; in today’s hectic world where balancing busy lifestyles both at work and at play, at times we all struggle to find a happy equilibrium socially, mentally and spiritually. I was honoured to attend the workshop in June 2019, where I learned the many teachings and invaluable insights from the divine Deborah and Krishiv Anantaguru. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with a group of women from all backgrounds who came together to discover the true meaning of self expression. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, focus, perspective and control in areas of your life, I would highly recommend contacting Life Clarity for information on how and where they can support with releasing what holds you back and set you free; be the best version of you, that you want and can be ❤️

Ashley Cummins


Having the pleasure to spend such valuable time with Deb’s who is truly the most selfless person ever, was an absolute joy and inspiration. I gained valuable tools which will last forever and am so grateful for Deb’s to share her absolute magic, love and positivity (until next time) ?? xx

Sue Talbot


Thank you Deborah Wood for your gifted healing hands working on my digestive system the way you did. I was quite surprised how fast this worked and your knowledge of the body. It was definitely something I have never experienced before through your healing work. It was truly fabulous and you made sure I was very comfortable and the way you showed me how to breathe through this work as it was a little uncomfortable at first but then I felt great I am feeling lighter with more deep understanding of my body. It's just brilliant to be able to have this work done and know that now that I don't need to take tablets  thank you very much dearest Deborah you are such a beautiful person and gifted soul. Sue

Janice Lloyd


To Deborah Ask Life Clarity to say a very huge thank you for supporting me when you came to Jersey. I am one very lucky person to have been able to get a cancellation and to see you because that session alone has changed so many things in my life for the better.  your one to ones last week online support from India again just amazing. I am a recovering from a long amount of years mental health and I feel completely let down by the jersey system waiting waiting... Deborah you are just the nicest person I have ever met you have given me the best support in 3 sessions yes 3 sessions when I have been going to support for many years still stuck in my past trauma. I have tears running down my eyes of happiness writing this because I never like to write how I feel and was totally against public social media. I was rejected as a child, rejected as adult and let down to many times I had had no love for me only a nutshell that was then and me now is very happy full and complete acceptance within. Deborah I’m just so beyond thankful you are the sweetest but real soul I have ever met what a gift you are to life. I cannot wait to update you with all my happy things in life ahead. I have just booked my first holiday in 11 years I am off to Italy thank you deeply. Love Janice Lloyd

Helene Senior


Thank you for sending the miracle and sunlight that is Deb Wood to Jersey. I was in the process of saving and heading out to India ?? but I’m delighted that I got to see her earlier and on home soil. After three amazing one to one sessions with her I’m proud that I’ve conquered the past and am free of guilt and negativity in my life. I’ve let go and am learning to be present and not worrying about the future. I was a non believer in reiki but wow it’s utterly powerful and I’m now planning my trip to Goa. Thank you

Claire & Katie LG


Myself and my daughter went to see Deborah as she was in Jersey and we had been given a link from a friend from the balliwick express on her story. We both had big loss 2 years ago my husband passed away leaving both myself and my daughter in such a horrible grief. We really did not expect this and we certainly were not prepared..who is. We have two very beautiful sessions with Deborah to help support us with our loss and of course we didn't know what to expect but I can speak for both myself and my daughter that what an outcome. I never looked a grief the way I do now and what a beautiful way Deborah has to explain and support us in this. It was simple yet extremely powerful. After the last 2nd session we both cried with happy tears because we can now come into complete expectance and the love we have for our beautiful angel is now even more overwhelming that now we can finally let our beautiful angel be free to go to his next life. Deborah from us both thank you from the deepest part of our hearts for supporting us through this what was not nice at all and now turning this grief into something beautiful. You are very special women and definitely gifted from the heavens above. Big hugs hugs from us both Claire and Katie LG xxx

Caroline Byrne


I was referred by my friend at work to go and see Deborah Wood for some healing on the body because I have been suffering with so much physical pain in my stomach for nearly 17 months. I just can't seem to eat the right foods without my stomach completely turning into a painful war inside. I have been to seen two doctors and hospital in the past 17 months and they say they can't find anything and it maybe Ibs or acidity useless its like they just don't want to know. I was given tablets that just don't work so I had decided to stop them as I wanted to see if I could fix this myself and watch what and when I was eating that caused this. So I went to meet with Deborah for one to one healing body therapy and I was blown away by her work. I spent the first 35 minutes having Hara massage on my stomach this I have never had before and the difference alone after this was crazy. Deborah had suggested that I start taking Turmeric asap 3 capsules a day and give it a couple of weeks. One week in an I can already feel a massive difference in my pain and how my stomach has progressed for the better since I have had the 3 sessions and taking Turmeric as suggested. Deborah she is just brilliant with those healing hands and her knowledge of the body its so simple. I feel totally back to normal and her beautiful way of doing things is just infectious. She is honest, true and just so so easy to be around and one thing that stood out for me is that she isn’t driven by money she is as honest as they come and only wants to support you and basically tells you to be on your way lol  I asked her if I could come back for more sessions just incase it comes back and her answer was  WHY? I am done I don’t want to see you anymore why to waste money and your time on something that is already fixed? now you either work with the fact that we know the cause of the stomach issue and that of course is now gone and you stay in that positive state and remember your body is now in the healed stage so if you have fear that it will come back what good is that??? that it will come back knowing we got to the root how is the body allowed to stay in a positive state if your mind is in fear thinking that pain will come back knowing that the pain is fired out? Well that was enough for me lol I just love this women I learned so much from this amazing women not only on my body but she gave me an amazing yet simple logical way on my mindset and how I can now heal my own body through the mind....I am just so happy its been nearly 3 weeks since I have had these sessions and not once have i felt pain....Deborah Wood you are just magic.....will miss your smile and your infectious way of turning things completely around for the better....Love from Jersey all the way to you in India Caroline Byrne

Jennifer R


Deborah is an amazing healer, therapist and life coach I had the great pleasure in having one to one sessions With her, I have just been given the all clear from cancer four months ago but in the meantime I lost my mother as she had a massive Heart attack and this floored me and my fear of worry and sadness and loss was just through the roof. I had seen a press release on Deborah. I was really quite drawn to Deborah so I decided to email her and see if I could arrange time with her for my grief and of course my worry if cancer would come back due to my sadness and loss and maybe my body will start to suffer. I don’t have many words for this women only that she is a gift to life and I am proud to call her a friend also now. Before she came to Jersey she kept in contact with me and when I met her it was like I knew Deborah all my life. Anyone at all reading this please if you are suffering from grief or fear or just anything challenging please contact This lady she is just amazing….I had 3 sessions with Deborah and well what can I say only that my fear has gone and my acceptance for my amazing strong body is so high that there is no way I will let any negative cancer come into My body again. I am strong and beautiful and the grief and loss I feel has now turned into full acceptance and so much love for my angel my mum because I will live the highest and happiest in honor of my mother because that’s all she would want and truly thats all I want. Thank you Dearest Deborah just thank you…I will miss you beautiful Deborah  xxxx



I met with Deborah last month for one to one sessions suffering from stress and trauma of very difficult childhood. I cannot recommend this lady enough she knows exactly what she is doing and how to bring even the saddest of times and horrible of memories and turn them into great leanings and lessons. I cannot wait to start learning more of this amazing work she and her team at Ask Life Clarity. I am now ready for my beautiful purpose ahead....Deborah you are fab and CLARITY is my key now that I have it on all my past.....fab fab fab Can't wait for the I-AM program thanks so much Debs speak soon woohooo x 

Louise H


I met with the wonderful Deborah Wood recently for one to ones to help me with depression. I have been suffering from depression for 8 years now and continue to see counselors and take tablets. I definitely would not be the type of person to write down how I feel but after my time with Deborah and what transformations happened he in sessions I could not sit back and not share my joy. I am not on social media my friend had refer me to this amazing gifted soul Deborah. All I can say is this I was never depressed I should of never been given tablets and most certainly should have been given clarity from the very beginning instead of wasting thousands and I mean thousands on counseling to still leave in the same place every single time. Deborah you are one hell of a women what an absolute pleasure to sit with you and listen to you alone with your in depth but so funny and light hearted way of showing me the way and the very true reason why I was in my challenge in the first place. I am sooo free now and now on half tablet and looking in the next few weeks to be off them completely I was never depressed and deep down I knew that but I didn't know the way out of my challenge and Deborah cleared this in less than 2 hours with simply showing me a deeper understanding if why it all happened it was simple and so logical. I am just blown away by her and in complete gratitude for what she has done for me. Anyone that sees this message please please if your struggling with anything I mean anything do not even think twice about contacting this amazing life coach Deborah will support you to full clarity the only sad thing out of this is that she has to leave jersey everyone needs this women in their life especially when clarity is needed. Deborah and your team at Ask Life Clarity thank you so very much. Love from me and my family for getting me back to me again and my family having their daughter and sister back amazing..Louise H.

Hayley Potts


I attended the Venus retreat in Jersey June 19 hosted by Deborah Wood. I went to the Venus not really knowing what to expect only that I wanted a day away from my busy life and a day to reconnect with myself and knowing there was a big group of women also wanting the same. Deborah is a fantastic host and certainly knows how to hold a great yet powerful space for us all to feel so comfortable and happy she gave me tools that I will take with me forever. I went through so many beautiful emotions in the day it was certainly something I never experienced before or ever will. The day was packed with bodywork to help release any unwanted blocks that we hold through stress of a busy life, breath work to help be in calm space and lots more, we danced with laughed and we cried. we left with no judgment from others only pure respect and happy to all be there. We also had the honor of speaking live from India to Krishiv AnantaGuru. Sharing his learning’s and teachings that are amazing and makes so much sense in helping you get clarity in many areas of life. Deborah also has a great way of showing you that we can take charge of any challenges no matter what it is with great awareness. I loved the day so much I was on such a high leaving and my energy levels were through the roof even though I was exhausted, it just goes to show you how much the body and mind can take and how we can take charge of our precious life. I cannot recommend Ask Life Clarity enough they are exceptional healers, life coaches and mentors and they can get you to that great mindset quickly. Thank you so much Debs, you are a true inspiration to every women that is lucky enough to connect with you, what an amazing life coach you are and thank you Krishiv AnantaGuru for your precious time to come and share such amazing wisdom I feel blessed to of been able to attend.. Hayley

Caroline Bradbury


I was referred by a friend to go see Deborah for one to ones whilst she was in jersey just recently as I was suffering from a lot of grief I lost my father and sister in space of 1.5 years through cancer and heart attack to say that the pain is unbearable is understatement and I just felt that I cannot move forward. I was put on antidepressants by my doctor and have been going to counseling for 11 months now I just felt numb and sad. My first session with this amazing women Deborah for me was one of the best 2 hours I have ever experienced in such loss. Deborah within the first five minutes I felt like I have known this women all my life she is gifted, magic, real and straight to the point and I just can't thank you enough for what you have done for me in 2 sessions all I want now is to burst through life with this clarity and acceptance and in honor of my beautiful father and sister and live the best life I have. Wow what an experience Deborah you are by far one of the most sweetest, funniest, loving, and highly gifted in what you do.....thank you from the depth of my heart....if is safe to say I have truly been given an earth angel from my angels above..I will never take another antidepressant in my life I was grieving for sure but definitely not depressed...I am so so full now with all the best stuff called life... love love to you Deborah always Caroline

Paula Dwyer


I went to see Deborah for life coaching sessions in June 2019 to see if I can get support with my extreme case of stress and anxiety due to many years struggling with a toxic relationship with my now ex partner. I was left mentally scared with his actions and long length of mental abuse and bills that were way over my head due to his excess spending on drink and gabbling was just out of my control. I wasn't dealing with it all very well in fact I just was constantly stressed about how was I going to pay these bills and how I will focus to my future when I felt so badly let down. When I first met Deborah it just felt so right she was a breath of fresh air so real and normal with a great outlook on life. I spent two intense uplifting hours with Deborah and I felt like I had a massive burden completely lifted off me. I went through what pained me yet Deborah didn't need much information she knew exactly where I was at and wow it's like she just got into my head and removed all the pain. I am on one hell of a new life transformational journey now after getting the clarity I have and all I feel is happy now and relief and that this past pain was just one big great learning for me because now I am strong and ready for life. Deborah thank you with a million more on top for giving me something I never felt I could have again and that's my strength and will to now make the very best out of this beautiful life I have. The best thing I ever did was connect with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity through a friend who had also been to see this amazing women and had amazing clarity because clarity is exactly what I got thank you so much love and light to you and your team Paula

Ana Jouault


From the bottom on my heart thank you Deborah Wood for sharing your time with me. You are an inspiring beautiful lady and have a wonderful soul. The shift has happened and I thank you for that, the word clarity is being used a lot. Not sure how I can quantify my gratitude. We'll speak again :) x ps we're a 10 out of 10 (and proud ) You must be so excited to get back to your motherland, where you are at one with your entire being xxxx forever in your debt xxxxxxx

Katrina Follan


Simply amazing Venus. A day I'll never forget. Laughed, cried, danced, shared and learned so much. Met amazing people and got to spend the day with the beautiful Deborah Wood. One for the happy memory box. Thank you x

Amanda Chippendale


I attended the Venus workshop in Jersey. Debbie who run the workshop is a good friend of mine & knew I had been struggling with things from my past for a long time & getting over having a hysterectomy at a young age. I didn’t read up or ask too much about what the day would be as I didn’t want to have any expectations, to be honest I was in such a sad & angry place & nothing or no one will help! Well to say that day was life changing is an understatement, we meditated, danced, bounced, laughed, cried & roared it was a beautiful & safe space to really let go & Debs was with us all every step of the way, we then had the chance to speak to Krishiv AnantaGura & what a beautiful & warm person his smile alone was enough to make your day he gave such wonderful guidance & I still remember everything he said & has given me the strength to move forward & now love & believe in myself xx thank you Debbie & Krishiv

Michelle Allan


I feel so privileged to have taken part in the Venus workshop that Debs held in Jersey, June 2019. For me the 9 hour day was an opportunity to step away from every day life, focus on myself and intentionally reset areas that had been causing me to feel unsettled. Venus provided me with exactly what I had hoped for, such as new meditation and relaxation techniques, plus opened me up to new ideas and bodywork/releases/relaxation/awareness that I had never considered before. It was a wonderful day and the most beautiful part for me was connecting with normal, kind, open, searching and somewhat raw women and to have insight to their struggles. To see that everybody around me is encountering trials, and we have the option and choice to feel it, be supported and make the absolute best of it. Debs made everybody in the room feel warm, relaxed, happy, ready to laugh and not afraid to express. Venus is a real opportunity. You will only leave the workshop feeling lighter and happier and loved. I definitely recommend it.

Cleone Steadman


I attended Venus women's workshop in June 19 . I went with no expectations and an open mind . The room and space hosted by Deborah Wood was beautiful, overlooking the ocean and full of light and 20 women all full of anticipation and ready for the day ahead . I Deborah welcomed us all with her warmth & infectious smile giving us all an introduction to the day and asked us all to just be open and recieve. No judgement of one another and take the 9 hours ahead with full acceptance and we would all experience how the mind , body and soul would be filled with energy and healing. In the Venus workshop you experience so many emotions. I felt waves of joy , sadness , energy , clarity and healing . The energy in the room was alive with new openness and we all embraced Deborah's teachings . Every woman in the room and self doubts about themselves and ego in some way that was blocking our clarity and accepting the real us . Deborah gave us all space to work with each other on body work to release the blocks using Tibetan pulsing , solar plexus work , breathe work and mind clearing techniques. There wasn't a single person in the workshop who didn't feel the release of blocked emotions . We were all releasing emotions we had never been aware of because of years of conditioning. The feelings were incredible. I personally had the opportunity to speak live to Krishiv Anantaguru in India who asked me directly what was blocking my mind and causing a sadness I had within me . I was honest & open as this opportunity was one I would get again . Just in a few minutes of questions and willing to change I was released of the feelings I was trapped with . I felt lifted , emotions ran through me and tears flowed but it was a turning point of self belief and awareness . I am still blown away with the transformation I recieved and the energy and love in that day . Anyone who has self doubts or is struggling with pain in the body or feelings of anxiety, depression or rejection then I cannot recommend this day and asklifeclarity enough .! All you need is an open mind & heart . Deborah taught us all that day what Love is whether it's for yourself or another : acceptance, giving and understanding ❤️️ If we all live by these 3 acts then we can be whole and anything is possible . A journey and day I will never forget . Thank you so much Deborah & Krishiv Anantaguru from the heart xxx

Jen Miley


Hi I’ve been to see Debbie, she’s a remarkable lady with a pure sole she’s helped me so much and helped me to release so much to. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s giving me tools to use and has kept in touch with me and I know if I need her I can message her and she’ll be there. Love light and peace Debs till the next time xx

Rachel Moore


I have been trying to put into words what an amazing place this is and how everyone one is so super been thinking what to write for so long but you know words cannot describe it! I was sceptical at first but my amazing friend runs these workshops and my god will you be blown away and feel life has some meaning after all. It all makes sense but it doesn’t but bloody hell it doesn’t matter with ask life clarity, they just take you for you and you can ask any bloody question you like and will get answered x if you are to do anything in life, I urge you to do this xx speaking from the mouth of a sceptic you only get one life and bloody hell you have to live it to the full what better way than with someone guiding you on an insane journey xx

Natalie Murphy


I attended the Venus workshop in Jersey, Channel Islands in June 2019, whilst over from Australia to visit family for a week. Wow, what an amazing experience. A day of powerful healing & breath work with the amazing Debs & lovely woman that are run down due to the busy lives we all lead & more often than not don’t put ourselves first. I learnt that there is a purpose for each & everyone of us being on this earth. We are here to be happy but to be that way we must have clarity, self love & kindness to ourselves and we do have the power to change our past thoughts & to look into the present. ?? Debby you truly are an inspiration to us all, a healing angel to all that you meet. You have been through a very traumatic time & healed yourself to in turn to be able to heal & teach others how to have a happier life ?? I look forward to having more sessions on live webinars with you & the amazing mentor Krishiv Ananta guru when I get back to Australia & one day I know I will visit you in India. Love you so much ? ??

Joyce Carmody


I attended the SimplyFly workshop and webinar in Dublin March 2019 and it was a great experience something I haven’t experienced before. I learned to accept myself where I am right now in my life, to love myself for who I am. To live everyday and know what ever you put your mind to you can achieve once with full clarity. Life is a gift and we can make it as beautiful as we would like it to be. What changed after the workshop I noticed that I was ready to grab opportunities, all of a sudden I believed in myself, the only thing holding me back was myself. I am starting to have such good luck and new business ventures have now come on my path so easily. I could also see that we are all just the same Beings having a human experience and doing the best we can. In my honest opinion and feedback on the learning and healings that was delivered by Deborah in person in Dublin & KriShiv AnantaGuru on live webinar from India is that they are two very warm loving souls that just want to help you to the very best of their abilities with full clarity, they give everything of themselves in the most beautiful way. No question is silly and everyone in the group felt so at ease and relaxed. They made sure that everyone got something from the day and even after the event with the utmost patients and respect. They definitely left a warm imprint on my heart that I will always hold dearly. I felt so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them both. Please God I will travel to India someday to see all the team at Ask Life Clarity because it is the most powerful workshop I have ever done!! It untangles and makes sense of all our anxieties and worries that we carry with us throughout our precious life and gives us this magical key to great freedom in our Body, Mind & Soul…that is Clarity. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti, Joyce Carmody xxx

Donna Doyle


I had a online face to face support call from KriShiv AnantaGuru I was anxious, unsure of this possibility of clarity because I am years searching and looking for it and support and no doctor has helped me only giving me medication and to see counselors so what could someone possibly say to change things this time....I began speaking of a person who destroyed as usual just to speak of him I felt racing heart shaking hands, anger bubbling inside... I just cannot take this anymore it’s all so difficult and he is never going away. Well 20 minutes into my one to one call with KriShiv AnantaGuru my whole body calmed down......I nodded yes every single time with KriShiv AnantaGuru it’s like he could see inside my heart and soul I agreed to very single sentence. I was shocked and my head was nodding my mouth was smiling relief was outstanding.... breathtaking....... KriShiv AnantaGuru made a beam of positive life run through my chest with the clarity I have received which replaced the dreaded anxiety and dread of another mindset is completely changed for the better it’s all I wanted for years and could not find the way. A blessing maybe a miracle what happened on that intense beautiful life changing hour. I am truly honored to know the amazing Deborah at Ask Life Clarity through a friend who referred me to her and then I attended a very powerful event in March she hosted in Dublin when she came back from India called SimplyFly it was just amazing in every single way for the Mind and the Body. Just so grateful to have had this powerful one to one with KriShiv AnantaGuru online and workshop with Deborah truly privileged.....both 2 are incredible spirits their team at Ask Life Clarity what they do is exceptional and wanting only for my happiness and clarity...unbelievable I will take with me forever it’s up to you to use these amazing tools of positive, logical mindset thinking KriShiv AnantaGuru makes you see the truth whether we like it or not but it’s what I was afraid to face but I am so happy I did. Deborah came into my life showing me the way forward I spent years on someone that just didn’t care at all for me god how I suffered and now I’m in gratitude for the learning’s and lessons I have had on all of my past with this person because it has got me to this beautiful place. I really have learned great lessons because of my ex husband I am just delighted with myself as I know exactly where I am now. Their logical and simple way of thought process is spot on and beams fully to carry through everyday life. I’m still speechless I suppose and the best ever now than I have been for a long long time pain and suffering can make you doubt......but their way of supporting you to see the truth for me personally is priceless take it all in such relief and clarity so much love to Deborah and Krishiv AnantaGuru ....2 incredible souls.... 2 rainbow beams really. I have no words enough only pure gratitude. Donna xxxxx

Jill Clarke


I had such an amazing day at SimplyFly workshop held in Dublin in March hosted by Deborah and Live Webinar from Life Coach and Mentor KriShiv AnantaGuru it was just exactly what I needed. I felt my key learnings from this wonderful and powerful day is to always remember that I have the power to change how I think if I’m ever up against any life challenges and also know that my life is precious to focus always on myself fully first and give, understand and accept everything I am and give to others love of the highest form it’s something I will always hold dearly now. After the workshop I felt so happy, mind was clear my body felt great I have got great clarity on so many things and understandings including stress, anxiety, fear eliminating and understanding the true meaning of love and I am so grateful to life as I always have been but more so now with all the learnings and knowledge given and bodywork that happened in that beautiful day Deborah and Krishiv Anantguru are passionate about helping others and have a beautiful way of relaxing everyone. They open your heart mind and soul. It is genuinely like you are hugged and loved all day. I left the workshop empowered I realised I held a power within me power for my happiness my growth my love. Power over anxiety and stress. Their hearts and souls are so loving giving and kind. They are patient gentle and genuinely care they give 100% to everyone they meet they are earth angels their purpose support others in any life challenges and give everyone the simply but powerful logical thinking tools to make transformation. I will forever be grateful and thankful for the tools they have taught me and the love that they shared with me. I cannot recommend this powerful and transformational day it was packed with all the best tools to take away and everyone in this life should know their teachings they are simple and logical and to the point to move forward in life with the best mindset and clarity on what life is really all about. Ask Life Clarity the team are just really true people only wanting transformation in everyone that comes to these workshops or their retreats and website online support. They really know exactly how to bring out the best in you and make such positive changes for the better in everyone I feel. Thank you so much for this Jill....xxxx

Susan Davis


I attended the SimplyFly workshop in Dublin in March it was a great experience. What i really learned from this was that I make my choices nobody else I have the power to change them for the better with great understanding on that day in all the learnings with stress, fear, anxiety, relationships, love and what changed for me after the workshop was instead of jumping into a situation or emotion I can pause now and think about my feelings and what’s the best way round it with clarity. My feelings are that i got the clarity that I need to look forward in my life and stop going back to the past this can be hard to do because you feel your past is your problem and most of the time it is but I can now move on from my past with clarity. Deborah is my sister she is one amazing soul she keeps me positive she was born into this amazing life with her purpose to help so many come out of life challenges through her own personal experiences she really knows her stuff with great transformation to others xx And krishiv Anantguru what can I say he is so genuine he gives me great positivity and strength to my life since I have been brought into his life love and light and total respect as always to Krishiv Anantaguru he is so kind and straight to the point with his knowledge, wisdom and healing what else can I say it was just great Love Susan

Gwen Clack


Simplyfly workshop I attended a few weeks ago with the Amazing gifted beautiful Deborah Wood it was amazing for my mind and body I got so much from this day in more ways than one and I just feel so happy and free from all the challenges I have taken on in my past including stress and fear now I am able to understand so much around these emotions and put them into action knowing the ways around any of it now and changing the way I think. This morning I had a FaceTime one to one with Kristiv the Guru from India. What an amazing man such a gent beautiful calming feeling from him also his way of thinking is just insane and felt like he knew me and my challenges even 10 minutes into the call wow. So basically they have gone into my past to support heal and understand any trauma iv gone through so from childhood to now with the most powerful and simple mindset and knowing these are all just patterns and conditioning I carried with me from child and I have to say for all the years i have attended counselling and been given antidepressants from Doctors which I never took because they just numb what your dealing with i have only had few sessions with Deborah and Krishiv AnantaGura and they already have worked there magic on me. So to anyone needing clarity or any support in anyway please don’t hesitate and contact these Angels . I can’t thank them enough they are truly are amazing?❤️

Stacey Forbs


I had a one to one face to face support call with Deborah from Ask Life Clarity in April and this was very interesting in all ways from me. I am not on social media but found deborah through her website thank god for google. I have been suffering from extreme stress for almost 9 years due to many hard challenges I have had in my relationship with my toxic ex partner and my family not supporting me most of the time and with that my financial side of things gone from bad to worse. I have come away from this amazing women Deborah and call with the most clearest uplifting feeling I have forgotten I had and the knowledge and mindset is just outstanding. I am 46 and before this call I felt my age was also my problem how am I meant to start again things are just to late for me.....Now I feel like a child again I am really ready for my future I see all the positive changes happening within me and thankfully I know now that all this past issues can now be put to bed. Deborah if there is anyone in this world that knows women and how I personally work is you I feel like I have known you all my life yet I only connected with you for 2.5 hours what a difference you and impact you have imprinted in me you are just truly amazing and I will let anyone I know that is suffering to contact you because what you have given me is more than I could of ever dreamed life back and I am now in complete charge and just can't wait to start my new life with utter freedom of my old mindset cleared and past wiped and with this new way...I will always let you know my transformations moving forward I can say now I have found a true friend also. Thank you from heart to yours. Stacey

Deirdre Cassidy


I attended the Ask Life Clarity workshop in Dublin in March it was really nice I learned a lot that day for body and mind and to Live in the moment, leave your past behind and live Day to day, be thankful for yr life. For me when my mind wanders to regret from the past which was a daily battle for me. I can now question that and bring myself back to the now due to the mind work logical and simple ways with Deborah & Krishiv Anantguru. Amazing life coaching with Deborah & Krishiv Anantguru via Live video call on a one to one. Knowing that they are there to talk me through my low moments, very supportive and reassuring with clarity. I recommend Life Clarity to all my friends & family going through the up's and downs life throws at you. Dee ❤??

Jenny O'Brien


My name is Jenny O'Brien I live in UK but from Ireland and I have just got the all clear 7 months ago from Cancer. This was to say the least the most challenging time of my life but thankfully the heavens are with me on this journey. Something changed in me not only with the cancer but even in the recovery process and that ALL CLEAR meeting at the hospital instead of feeling extremely happy I felt nothing but Fear. All I could think was oh no say if it comes back what if it comes back and I don’t know but even though the doctors are saying I’m clear. My head was just a mess the past 7 months am I being selfish or is this what everyone goes through. I have been seeking counseling through this and yes of course it helps to talk and to know I am going to be ok or the question ringing in my head was???? am I? Until I was speaking to a friend of mine regarding this and I was just like I can’t keep worrying like this I am ok but if I worry will it make my body sick again…all he said to me was I have a friend of a friend who spoke to a lady called Deborah Wood at Ask Life Clarity from a place in India she was having one to one support online video calls with her regarding a marriage breakup and my friend now after having this support from Deborah is in the most great place ever she said Deborah is truly amazing. So he said to me why don’t you connect with her if I give you website so of course I said mmm okay how can see help I’m already getting counseling he said just connect and at least try. If I could sum up the next few weeks after I connected with this beautiful women Deborah is “freedom”. I have never met this beautiful women in person but felt like I was sitting right next to her even as we have live one to one support counseling she is just an earth angel with magic powers  that is all I can say after two sessions and I had four my second session I was completely FEAR FREE….but Deborah wasn’t stopping at that because I was holding something that I could not face all my life and somehow through her amazing ways she managed to see this and I had no choice in myself but to get it out and be free once and for all unbelievable. I am free I am alive and I am forever grateful to Deborah Wood thank you is just not enough everyone should connect with her everyone. Love always Jenny

Lorraine Heffernan


I had a brilliant day at the SimplyFly workshop in Dublin. I felt my learning from the workshop was the fantastic breath and bodywork work and getting in touch with my inner self, fabulous company knowing that you are not the only one that has up and down days, i found Deb to be so claiming and she knows how to support others in clearing blocks not the body,the Webinar was so interesting on what is life and what is love and knowing you always have a choice ,Krishiv explained and all makes so much sense with great clarity. What changed for me after the workshop was I know what I'm doing in life now and I understand so much more that it all makes sense with great understanding, when I feel things getting on top of me I sit back and take a breath and know I have this with my new learnings and I feel I just want to spread the wise words to others that may need my help. I feel I have reached out to others now because of this. My opinion on the healing is keep my options open and it seems to bring other healing ideas in to my life,I have learnt so much from Deborah and Krishiv Anantguru,I'm not as frightened as I used to be , about challenges stress, anxiety, fear. I know I'm on the right road it can only get better,my love and light is alive, thank you Deb, Krishiv Anantguru ❤❤

Anna Ember


I spent two weeks in India with Deborah and her wonderful team at Ask Life Clarity on a very intense and powerful women only retreat. I can safely say this was one of the most liberating, empowering, overwhelming, life changing experiences I have ever had and it pretty much brought me back to really understanding who I am and exactly why I am in this world. Deborah is just so caring, loving and extremely driven to support me and all the women who came to this retreat her drive to get the best results in me and every single women at this private and stunning retreat in North Goa is something I will never ever forget she is selfless in every way and gets results. The knowledge and wisdom that came with this whole retreat is priceless and I am ready to take my life forward in the most positive ways with clarity beyond words. Also the bodywork was insane I feel like I am two stone lighter not only in my body but with my emotional state like a massive weight has been lifted from my head wow the whole team are just amazing, the place is like paradise and the food is just delicious. Krishiv Ananta Guru came to the retreat at times with give us the most powerful one to ones and everyone one of us are left speechless he is absolutely magic I got the best clarity on what was one hell of a bad road for me now has been transformed in to the best lesson I will ever learn what a soul he is. I have no words when I try to look back only just a few days back for what was the best two weeks of my life. Gratitude and respect to what Ask Life Clarity are doing to support everyone they really are fantastic I cannot recommend them enough but I will be recommending these amazing souls to everyone I know and anyone I know that is stuck in life. Thank you so much from the deepest part of my heart from supporting me to live with meaning again. Thank yoooouuu Anna from Zurich.

Lisa Naphtali


It's rare to find people in this world whose enormous hearts, compassion and support are equaled only by their intrinsic capabilities and gifts in teaching and healing - but that is the inimitable Deborah and the team at Asklifeclarity I am beyond grateful that I ventured to one of the most beautiful places on earth to take part in their retreat. If you're ready to be inspired, challenged, stretched (both physically and metaphorically) I can't imagine any better place, process or people to guide you exists. And the food is phenomenally good. The only limitations anyone could find with a retreat are the ones that lie within themselves. Thank you for all that you have given me, taught me, shown me and helped me to find within myself. I will be coming back and bringing my partner with me! Until and light xox 

Kate Russel


I wanted to put a review across for the most sweetest, strong, loving and extremely uplifting team at Ask Life Clarity because I just had the best two life changing weeks of my life in India at the stunning retreat from the very beginning to the very end it was all just so beautiful in mind and body at this amazing women only retreat hosted by Deborah and the Team at Ask Life Clarity. I basically have been suffering from many different challenges in my personal life all steaming from a very toxic relationship with a very controlling man for 16 years yes 16 years I spent wasting away in such a very dark place and try many ways to become strong and to get some form of help and with that came depression. I went to see two counselors without my partner knowing and had been given tablets by my doctor to numb my pain of course I never told the doctor the real story in fear that he would not give me tablets to actually help me nothing was working nothing how do I get out of this. I lied the whole way through my relationship to everyone including myself that everything was good but behind the scenes is was really not healthy at all yet I gave him 16 years of my life until just recently. Deborah is just absolutely fantastic with such an amazing positive outlook on just about everything and anything she has given me so much strength within to see the truth within myself and why those 16 years rolled on and on the way they did. Only a few days in with the most beautiful women from different parts of the world all joining the retreat for all different reasons but yet when everything is broken down we all seem to have the same issues this is what I felt. Lack of love for ourselves and not knowing our worth and forgetting who we truly are….well all I can say in less than one week and one more to go I certainly knew who I was and I wanted more of me and everything that I have lost for 16 years. I cannot even explain or express what Ask Life Clarity do it’s an intense combination of mind and body and definitely something I have never ever or ever will experience again it was just beautiful, emotional, hilarious, exciting, liberating, rejuvenating, rewarding and so many more things I just could write for hours. Now I am back in my home town moved out of the place I lived with this man and with my sister I feel so so free and strength well it’s at the highest level now because I know exactly who I am and what I deserve I come first and with so much love for me yes me the future looks beautiful in my bright eyes I no longer feel lost. Please anyone who is looking to literally have the ultimate transformation do not even think twice just book with these amazing humans you will leave the real you and the happiest you can be  and I am forever grateful to Deborah and all the beautiful team and staff at Ask Life Clarity you guys are just beautiful. Love Kate xxxx

Elena & Victor


This was amazing, never in my life I experiences that depth of submerging into myself, being one whole with this world and enjoying inner silence. In May myself and my husband went to take part in the retreat. Before event starts we had a week off - was walking at Himalayas, observing temples and enjoying the view of mystical mountains. And retreat started. First amazing week - new friends, new practices, everything works well, we feel great, we enjoy amazing food, thermal springs, ancient forest, amazing sightseeing. What else can you dream of? On a week two we dived deeper into our practice. It wasn't always easy, sometimes not the best emotions break forth outside. At some moments I wanted to leave it and just go walking in mountains. Once we skipped diner, as we wanted to stay alone with our thoughts. Next day our body was thankful for that. Amazing coaching during this difficult times in progress. My doctor yoga-therapist in Moscow some years ago asked me - "what practice are you doing daily after visited seminar"? I felt ashamed, because I didn't. But later on that retreat I realized the importance of daily self improvement. But this time after coming back we started doing a 90 days Kundalini meditation practice and still doing it. I lost 6kg in this retreat. When we came back we wanted to keep this amazing state of mind for longer, and even our friends realized that and tried not to bother us for a first time with calls. Our giant gratitude is for our teachers – Deborah and the team - for amazing warm and trustful atmosphere on this amazing two week workshop. We are amazed by their hard working, tolerance and deep understanding of life laws. Thank you universe and our seminar team - we became friends. Love, Elena and Vic.

Hailey NG


Healing session in India at the retreat in Goa with Deborah Asmi at Ask Life Clarity Team, beautiful loving heartening warm funny & gifted energy healer takes care of my body healing, yoga, meditation & other needs. With her work I feel my body in good fit in every aspects, no more spinal ache with long walk, my cold foot turn warm, smooth respiratory system, tensed heart turns calm. Missing my time with angel Deborah Asmi. Learning sessions: Although understand that everyone comes with purpose of own soul learning, I still find that this self understanding & awareness shall be the primary official education for everyone & a must for every parents. Guru KriShiv is sharp & precise to the core of issues. Instead of directly pointing out our issues which are always blind to us due to our ego, beliefs & mind operating patterns, his questions with power of breaking the walls of our thinking patterns & beliefs, will direct us to see own root problem. Guru's solid, precised yet simple definition to mind, emotions & world lift the veil of the reality we are living in. Hence this session got me understand what's this world & life about, understand myself, thereby the direction of living a solid meaningful life. Be it learning, healing, food or home stay, feel like they truly want me to get the most learning, best body conditions and experience more than I want myself to have. I am truly grateful & appreciate the change brought to me by both Gurus, the most life valuable experience beyond price. They are the absolute soul with unconditional love.

Faye Sumner


Grief can take over your life, when you have hurt and pain already it can destroy you if you let it. I was lucky enough to come across an amazing lady Deborah... and her team of angels that help people regain their clarity about what life is all about... I cannot even put into words how much their support, knowledge, guidance and love has done for me at what has been literally the worst time of my life. I'm finally feeling and getting back to my true self. I ask anyone who is suffering internally in any way to contact these wonderful human beings at Ask Life Clarity. You can regain your love of self and of life with their help and support, I promise you that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart Deborah and team Ask Life Clairty and the amazing KrishivAnantaGuru... Keep up your amazing work and one day I hope to help people the way you do. Love and light Always ❤❤



We had the pleasure in attending an online webinar with Deborah and ASK LIFE CLARITY TEAM of mentors for the Young Mind Nourishing and Strengthening course for our students with self-awareness coaching to enable our students to develop a better understanding of awareness. This online webinar was fantastic and opened many minds for our students to really understand not only about themselves but in the way they think. Krishiv AnantaGuru is an exceptional mentor with his team Deborah, Sudish, Emily, Asmi and Ri delivering outstanding understandings on how to work the mind with simple and effective teachings on Mindfulness. We are very grateful for their learnings and teachings and look forward to attending the next webinar for our next group of students end of May. Thank you Ask Life Clarity team what excellent delivery and outcome from all of us at SI-UK



Mindfulness and Awareness Workshop hosted by wonderful Deborah and her team was really something very new for me. At first I found it difficult to grasp with the understanding on certain emotions I was holding because of my belief system for what I think I knew all my life so far. It wasn’t long before my whole mind-set completely changed with the most amazing learnings and understandings about myself. I feel so happy knowing what I know now I only wish I knew it all sooner but grateful I do now. The whole day was full of emotions and transformations which left me gob smacked on what I was doing in my past and how simple and better things are going to be now with all I understood. I cannot recommend these people to you enough it certainly was one of the best workshops I have ever attended and ever will. Thank you Ask Life Clarity for this….



I attended Mindfulness & Awareness workshop in India with Ask Life Clarity team hosted by Krishiv AnantaGuru WOW is all I can say….I experienced great understandings about how the mind works and all we hold this is a must for all as we are all so blinded by what we think we know….my problem was my EGO!! This workshop for me was brilliant in every way. I was feeling a little up the wall with many things going on in my life and came to India to “find myself” this I now think is funny I ever said this in the first place……I certainly wasn’t expecting the outcome I received at the end of this. What a personal journey I went on with these amazing souls and I can say this now that thinking your life problems are so bad all the time and it’s impossible for you to move on or cope…think again anything is possible especially after attending this workshop. I am fully ready for my future and I don’t think I will ever once look back on my past because now see it for what it was most and most of it I created myself due to lack of self-love for myself and not taking the right steps due to falling into very bad habits….now it’s time to take on life with this new understanding an acceptance for who I truly am. Highest gratitude for Krishiv AnantaGuru, Ri, Deborah and all at Ask Life Clarity and special thanks to Deborah for making sure that I got here on time due to my flight cancelled from south India I had no idea what I was doing but Deborah arranged everything. Thank you thank you thank you amazing people.

Spiritual Teacher


To say the least that this man Krishiv AnantaGuru is 100% completely responsible for shifting my life to a greater dimension of happiness, clarity and above all meaningfulness. I have met a lot of spiritual teachers, intellectual people in my life but it never satisfied me with my quest. None of them had answers to my questions, some had few answers but not satisfactory until I met the sea of wisdom, apologies he is the sky of wisdom. He is one person who took me up with great surprise in my life. When I met him I misjudged him of being a normal human being(BTW in my dictionary every person falls into the normal category including all the spiritual saints) but boy, I was wrong. His infinite depth of wisdom and clarity, his selfless giving heart, third, his fire like desire to create a meaningful change in people’s lives and after all these his remarkable simplicity and groundedness makes me question whether he is from a much evolved alien species helping the earth to evolve. He connects with every human from all walks of life at a very deep level that too within few mins of their first meeting. Apart from my personal experience, I have noticed every person feels extremely comfortable, not being judged, in his presence. He has simplified the workings of the human mind up to that extent that if enabled by him a person requires nothing else in his life to create a life he truly desires. He has simplified each and every human emotion in unimaginable depth and details that can empower any person, irrespective of their past experiences, into someone who's much aware, evolved and purposeful. He has shown me the in-depth truth of relationships and everything that is related to them. His power lies in the simplicity, profoundness, and effectivity of his teachings. He has deeply helped me realized that how we are the creators of our lives and only we can destroy what we don't want and he has taught me the whole science behind it... the interrelation of our thoughts, belief system, conditioning, patterns, emotions, behaviors, triggers, perception and much more in creating our reality. I sometimes wonder how blessed I am to have met him. I feel my connection with him is eternal and feel very grateful to him. The language of this of my words would have told you that he intentionally never established a relationship of a "guru" and a "shishya" because in that relationship the focus is "guru", the world revolves around the "guru" whereas in our relationship he always focused on me, he kept my transformation above everything else. To say the least, I found a true friend, a path shower who had answers to all my questions, someone who helped me get back in touch with myself. I love for him is eternal.

Declan Kenny Stanford


Thank you so much to this amazing team of life coaches at Asklifeclarity you have no idea what you guys have done for me, thank you is just not enough and Deborah you truly are really amazing. I lost my daughter in car accident 4.5 years ago and that was the end of me. Both myself and my wife just could not cope and all the problems that came with the loss after that. Our baby girl was taken only minutes from our house and we could not have saved her. I found Asklifeclarity through a youtube video and wasn’t sure who or what they were so I looked into this. I seen what they do and of course I will do and go anywhere for help to try and ease this pain I feel inside. I registered with Asklifeclarity and wow what an amazing turnaround. I feel so so happy and in complete gratitude. Deborah at Asklifeclarity thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting what was a very dark time in my life into a brighter future. Myself and my wife are no longer together but  we are friends and i am happy with that I feel anything is possible after speaking with Asklifeclarity.

Donald and Karen Bishop


3 years ago myself and my wife lost our son and daughter in law in a motorbike accident in France this was possibly the worst moment of our life. We both live in the UK and getting to France was just a nightmare because we knew exactly what we were going for…. It’s every parent’s worse nightmare and really was happening to us. They say the first year is the worse but we say everyday is the worse we just could not accept it. Karen my wife was told about Asklifeclarity through a friend on FB and she emailed us with details and asked us to look at this and see if it would help. We both searched for months and few years trying to find someone of some group that could help us understand or even give us support by many we tried felt like we just couldn’t move forward and most of all we just kept hearing “it takes time” or “never forget” we knew this deeply but the thing was we both wanted peace and yet been told it takes time we both understand but we just wanted peace. We both contacted Aklifeclarity and received a message back with the most beautiful response. We both had a joint session and on our first session we both smiled at the end of the call it was really great. The way Krishiv makes you understand is far more deeper than we could personally think for ourselves simply amazing. We don’t have enough words to express our deepest gratitude for what Krishiv has given to us to take forward now in our lives. We are cannot recommend Asklifeclarity enough they truly are one exceptional team. Blessings and love from us always Donald and Karen

Alison Grammer


A few months back I was desperate to find someone or someplace to help me get over the worse case of stress in which I have been suffering for 6 years. I searched many sites seen many people and nothing was helping me I felt completely out of my own depth. I came across an event that was advertised for stress and read through it and also looked into this site called Ask Life Clairty…something just felt right and I had a feeling to message these really great people. I received a return message back within minutes this made me happy because I was not expecting much felt like I had given up trying. This is only how I can explain and describe the people behind Ask Life Clarity. I basically 6 years ago lost my job my apartment and two family members in the space of 1 year….I lost my job because of an illness that my job could not help me with because it had no real HR in place and because of my illness I couldn’t pay my rent. So with that 2 members of my family had passed my nan and my sisters little boy this was a really hard time because I felt so ill anyways that I just felt I could not support my family members in this hard times. Stress came in a full flow and I actually started getting extreme anxiety…pills well that was another story my doctor gave me a variety of tablets that just made me feel completely numb….I had 3 online one to one video support sessions with Ask Life Clarity and already I feel like I am getting my life back on track not only mentally but physically because my illness was not physical it was more mental which was making my body weak. Ask Life Clarity has changed my life for the better please use this message to know that you will get your life back fully if you connect with these amazing people..thank you from the bottom of my heart

Bobby Anderson


Writing a review or feedback is not my thing but after the transformation I have just received over the past week I could not say how I feel on the hope that others see this if you are suffering. My name is Bobby I live in Spain 11 years now but from UK originally. I moved to Spain with my wife and two children after early retirement and was living a very healthy and beautiful life with my family. Life has its ways of showing you that you don’t take things for granted and I certainly was not one of those people. I lost my wife nearly two years ago she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and her time with us was very very short it just seems so surreal this was not meant to happen and so early my wife was 48 when she passed. This completely set me to the floor both myself and my two young boys. My sister in the UK came across Ask Life Clarity on FB with an event called Grief No More but this event was over when I looked so she had see the website for ALC and sent me the link. I message them and asked if they can help me with my grief and my situation and challenges I was currently having with the grief. I had a message directly from the Ask Life Clarity Team and their response was very nurturing and I felt some sense of hope even from their response. One week later I was on an video call with Krishiv AnantaGuru 90 minutes I spent on video with this extremely humble man what I noticed within not even half an hour that I was feeling for my loss had already disappeared and already I felt such a massive weight off my heart and shoulders I just couldn’t believe it really Krishiv AnantGuru is a very special soul…and so the call progressed into what all I can say was one of the best 90 minutes clarity sessions I have ever experienced in my life. No words can express my gratitude for Krishiv AnantaGuru thank you truly for what has been the worse two years of my life is now transformed into a very positive life for me and my boys from now onwards. Thank you thank you….

Susan & Peter White


Myself and my husband spent 10 days in India with the wonderful team at Ask Life Clarity. The time before we go to the retreat was spot on with everything and they made sure they we both felt completely comfortable with everything that was going to happen in the retreat and with all the arrangements …it was very exciting for us both because this was the first time myself and my husband had ever been to a Mindfulness and Awareness retreat and well all we can say is… must go!!! When we arrived the care and service was simply beautiful the team just could not do enough for us both we felt completely spoilt like two kids…..We didn’t really know what to except well we had a good idea but we both were too excited. Okay so as we progressed into the first few days we both actually said wow this is certainly different and maybe we think it was more meditation and yoga and dance….oh how we both were so wrong  the one to one coaching and learning was by far the best learning and coaching we have ever and will ever experience in life. Not only did we both get answers on the challenges that we both faced in past but we really never knew that it was upsetting us but deep down of course we did….we hide so much of our emotions and past for what to be stuck in the present…it’s not healthy letting go and clearing your head is probably the most best feeling in this world…apart from getting married to my husband  I can say once you get in the hands of Deborah and the Team at Ask Life Clarity you will definitely get clarity that’s for sure….Thank you guys you all are amazing….

Pooja A Gor


How do I describe an experience which is truly transformational at Asklifeclarity. It can only be felt. I will still try. A few Months back, I was looking for a getaway to a calm and cool place, just to unwind. Maybe like a yoga retreat. So a friend of mine suggested I visit Deborah and her team at the retreat and spend time with them in Manali. Since the idea checked all the boxes on my list (relax, unwind, retreat, getaway) I instantly contacted them and booked for a week-long stay at the retreat house. I think it is the best decision I ever made. My younger brother joined me too. We arrived at night at the center and we were welcomed with a delicious home cooked 'Satvik' food. We were allotted our rooms which were nice n spacious. The retreat house is beautiful. Next 7 days were the most enriching days for me. We had a set itinerary for every day. Days started early at around 5am & end at 9pm. Every morning we would go little hiking up in the mountains or the jungle. Then we would do yoga amidst nature, breathing the cleanest air, for about an hour or a little more and off for my favourite part of the day, a sumptuous & delicious breakfast. And it was the spread for the kings. In fact, all the meals of the day including lunch and dinner were yummy satvik meals made from the produce of fresh farms, again. We had rest sessions after that and then would have various different kind of sessions such a chakra healing, yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, chanting and intense mindfulness work. All the experiences which help u connect a little more to yourself. Everyday is a step closer to a more richer mind and soul. U will not regret this experience. I suggest u must experience what Deborah and the team have to offer. They are the loveliest souls u will ever meet. So sweet and welcoming. And all they do is give. Teachings are a blessing. Hope this helps u make a decision. My love to Deborah and the team U guys are the best. Will be back soonest.

Jill Clarke


While I have not been lucky enough to take part in one of these magical retreats/worshops at Asklifecalrity but it is on my bucket list for sure. I am extremely lucky and grateful for receiving distant healing I was open minded but not expecting anything really to say it helped is an understatement I awoke with no pain but also a burst of energy and sense of lightness and happiness. I was not coping great with grief it was bringing heaviness and bitterness but Debbie’s own honesty pureness and her gentle loving ways opened my heart to properly accept love and joy again not live in fear not to let fear have power. To be accepting of everyone around me she truly is an earth angel she truly wants to mind love and help anyone that comes to her or around her. You simply can’t help but connect with her and the rewards for your own heart and the hearts around you is the best feeling in the world.

Aislinn Laura


I was extremely lucky and got to spend 40 days in this beautiful space. From the minute I arrived Deborah welcomed me with open arms, very beautiful giving soul. Her loving energy is infectious. Waking up to a view that is out of this world every morning, feeling like I was dreaming. I participated in two retreats and they have transformed my life. I was feeling lost before, but I left the retreat feeling so full of life a clear mind and excited about my bright future. What a magical space this is and if you are in need of some a reminder of what it is to live life fully this is the place to go. The feeling cannot be put into words, you have to feel the magic of this amazing space for yourself.

Louise O'Brien O'Reilly


Honestly I don’t know where to start, I was emotionally moved so much, the genuine care & love Deborah eludes to help & guide oneself on their journey in life... There are very few times in one’s life that you encounter an experience & are moved so much, this is one I will truly never forget.. It’s pretty hard to write what your heart feels publicly.. without a doubt an earth angel her work and practices are something I have never experienced before and I am so glad I did because now I have great clarity my mind is clear.. I look forward hopefully to seeing you again soon... Thank you Asklifeclarity

Machteild Price


I did a Yoga, Meditation and Breath work retreat at Asklifeclarity in their magical place in the Himalayas in April. Debs, a mother of the earth, and skilled, loving and transforming supporting others to come closer to their body centre and mind and into their authentic, energetic selves in a peaceful but goal oriented way. The picturesque Manali valley, which was full of blossoming apple orchards, definitely adds to an unforgettable empowering personal journey.

Lorraine Henry


Deborah and the team at Asklifeclarity are wonderful Therapist, Healers and Life coach's. Deborah's love of her work holds no boundaries, she has dedicated her life to ensure others reach ‘life Clarity’. I have met many beautiful souls who offer this type of treatment but Deborah belongs to a rare subset of these souls called the ‘rare and magical’ her heart is pure and her energy is gentle which I guarantee will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated. keep up the fabulous work Deborah and your team.

Lorraine Taylor


During a long hospital stint, beautiful Deborah and the team kept me in their prayers and sent distance healing. As if by magic, my ills and pains were soothed. I was then fortunate to have some healing sessions with Deborah during her visit home. She is extraordinarily compassionate, full of joy and love. She has a wonderful energy and spirit about her. She gave healing to my body and mind and peace to my soul. Thank you so much

Joan McDermott


I had the very fortunate and wonderful experience of receiving therapy from Deborah. She is a light of peace and love to an often troubled soul. In her presence I felt so much love and healing and I was transported to a place of serene tranquillity. She is a truly gifted healer and I recommend a visit to her Sanctuary - where you will find beauty, peace, healing and love. I thank you for my experience of your love and healing and I wish you to shine your light always and continue helping and healing troubled/burdened people. Sending all my love on the wings of a dove. Joan xxxxxx

Laura Ni Chonchuir


Whether you have experienced emotional trauma in your life, struggling to let go of things that no longer serve you, or simple need to recharge and reset the dial..then this is the place for you. Deborah is the most kindest, gentle and nurturing soul you will have the pleasure of ever crossing paths with. You will leave, not only a piece of your heart, but all the emotional baggage that no longer serves you. What you will leave with, no money can buy thank you so much Asklifeclarity Team

Mari Varho


I was with Deborah and her team in May for one week at her retreat. What an experience! Even before arriving Deborah kept in contact to make sure everything would go smoothly for my travel to India. The retreat place is amazing surrounded by hundreds of amazing trees that were all blooming at the time and thousands of butterflies. Simply magical! Deborah’s healing was fantastic and a new experience to me. The early morning silent walks followed by yoga lesson followed by wonderful breakfast was just one of the highlights of my stay. So many things we did and after one week you are feeling so relaxed, recharged and free from a lot of “stuff” especially clearing the mind. I could write so much more but you should go and discover it yourself!

Richard & Cleone


Deborah is a person of integrity and a heart bigger than the ocean. Anyone who has been on Deborahs journey with her over the last 6 years and more will know that her passion to help others comes from her own life experiences. This is her vocation in life to share her knowledge and passion and for others to reach their inner happiness and the clarity we all need to see ourselves as amazing human beings. 5/5 the highest recomnendation to anyone looking for their life clarity.

Erin Schafranek


I met Deborah in Goa last season and would love to take part in her retreat in Manali but am unfortunately not in India this summer. For anyone who is lucky enough to be there, I can highly recommend taking part in their retreat if you're looking to spend time with authentic, heartfelt people. From my personal experience with her, she was able to provide loving and warm support to help me rise up at such a difficult time. Words really can't describe what loving team they are so I guess the best thing is to just see for yourself.

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Milos Markovic


Debra is amazing therapist, great healer, warm and big heart. She knows to listen to her client, which is for me very important. I highly recommend her treatments, because she is unique and so much gifted soul. Love & Light Milos

Debra Johnson


If you want to be in the most breathtaking place surrounded by amazing people this is the place to go at Asklifeclairty! All that is offered in deep mind and soul work are more than anyone could hope for when taking a break from everyday life. You will leave but not before booking your next visit.... This is one very special place with very special, now friends. Thank you Asklifeclarity for everything.

Jen Stevenson


I’ve been lucky enough to have had several therapies done by Deborah, she is fantastic at what she does and is such a beautiful person. She has helped me so much. I haven’t been to the retreat yet but hope to one day. Thank you Deborah

Jeremy Can-oz


Words can't express enough my gratitude to have crossed path with Deborah she is an angel walking on earth spreading the Love! Each Summer her retreat is opening in the Himalayas and then in Goa off season with stunning views in order to support you also along with the teams work, She helps others to Rise Up!!! It’s like being in Switzerland with the Indian high Himalayan vibes: Heaven. Thanks to all the team members to just being YOU!!!

Jared Nelson


I absolutely loved the retreat guys, I will be back to the India to see you again! You have given me so many tools to maintain a healthy mind body and soul. I especially loved all the smiling laughing and dancing we did and all the deep practices given and the amazing one to one sessions giving me so much clarity. Thank you will be back again so soon.

Monique Henry


I could never thank you enough for everything you have done, even in just a few sessions it's like I am seeing life through new eyes and learning more about myself everyday so much love for all of your team at Asklifeclarity and everything that you do.

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Cameron Elliot


Debs is an incredible woman. Due to her own personal life experiences, the Ask Life Charity has been set up with real passion for understanding and being able to help others. I couldn’t recommend Debs and the Ask Life Charity enough.

Sarah O Shea


Debbie is a blessing and an angelic gift to anyone who meets her. I hope one day I get to go to her retreat I know it would be an amazing experience.

Philip Lanckriet


Thanks for helping me see a new perspective on things asklifeclarity. It really gave me the extra push to the next step of getting over a loss I experienced with real clarity. Thanks Deborah

Natalie Hill


It is my ultimate dream to one day have the privalage to experience a visit to Debbie at her retreat in the Himalayas. I couldn’t think of more inspirational, caring, loving, gifted sole than Debbie. You are amazing thank you for your healings x

Teresa Murphy Moore


Deborah is divine beautiful and committed to raising the vibrations of the planet...deep soul worker... absolutely recommend this soul to guide your journey.

Debbie Power


Beautiful people, such an enjoyable workshop. Would visit in a heartbeat again. Deborah you are amazing at what you do. Felt just so great. Xxx

Fiona Crosbie


Debbie is a very professional therapist and life coach with a beautiful warm heart that makes the client feel so at ease in her presence. She has the ability to make you feel so amazing whilst giving you the care you need. I cannot wait for our next meeting.

Emily Renouf


There isn’t anyone more passionate about helping person than the lovely Debs, highly recommend everyone that Debs and her team have to offer. If you are thinking about it, you must! Debs has such a positive look on everything and is the kindest and gentlest person to help you heal you soul.

Majella Byrne


I have never enjoyed so much such a wonderful day in my life. I found my old me at this powerful workshop. It was magical the love I felt that day was so nice and learnt so much thank you Asklifclarity thanks so much.

Annette Bryan


Beautiful workshop with beautiful people.... Great for the body and mind .Feel like a new person. Thank you

Denise OHare


We all live super hectic lives and rarely make time for ourselves. I am one of the lucky ones who experienced what Deborah and her team have to offer when I went to Inida and I would encourage everyone looking for few weeks of peace and tranquillity away from the rat race to try this out. It will change u for the better and you will also get to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas/Goa with the best teachers around. Go for it.

Sam Fletcher-Watts


Beautiful workshop with Deborah. Found a beautiful sense of release and letting go at the hands of this amazing soul. Cannot recommend them enough. I Will definitely be back.

Tracey Fitzmaurice


This place is just like Heaven in Earth , A breathtaking veiw every time you look out your window , a very tranquill and peacefull experience , Beautiful surroundings and Beautiful staff who Run this Retreat , It has been a long time since I felt so at peace and Relaxed and now I do ☺ all Treatments and classes are brilliant and a must for anybody who goes there ...... I cannot wait to return again soon

Shankar Das


I was part of the Master Coach Program and I think this is the best decision that I have taken in my life. I am now so grateful to my teachers at Ask Life Clarity for helping me walk the path of Self Awareness with Mindfulness. I am now a full time Enabler and love that I can be such a contributor to Humanity and my own self. i enjoy being my own master... thank you!

Emily Thompson


What an impact you have had on my life! I always thought i know myself... little did I realise that I was living a fake life... made by my conditioning and ego. When i realised my true self through the powerful Teachings at Ask Life Clarity... it was the most satisfying experience and has made me infinely confident and love my self like never before

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