Why is Spirituality Needed Now?

ASK Life Clarity exists with just one purpose, which is to enable each of us Humans to Lead a life of deep well being and infinite growth. We believe that it is within the ability of every human to go beyond limitations... to be more than what they can ever imagine and lead a life of deep well being and purpose!

Why has it not happened yet? You may wonder... It will!
One of the real reasons that play a crucial role in stopping you and all of us is the ‘self unawareness’ with which we so confidently live our lives, not even pausing to understand ‘WHO WE TRULY ARE’ and Yes! the result in most such situations is emotional chaos leading to a feeling of limitedness and sometimes meaninglessness!

As humans we have made amazing progress at making our lives comfortable. We definitely are at the most comfortable and convenient Era of our lives! than ever before! Definitely all thanks to science and technology. Definitely something worth patting ourselves on our backs!

On the other hand... we have stagnated and worse still some of us have travelled the wrong way... when it comes to the Understanding of the self and our Mind’s Evolution.  

Now more than ever... more and more individuals are unhappier, highly stressed and feel unsuccessful or unwanted or feel meaningless ...think about it... hasn’t hatred, disdain for other humans, deep discontentment and a sense of inequality become more prevalent?

What is definitely troublesome is the sheer unhappiness that is spreading rather rapidly. Humans as a species are sadder and lost than ever before! Seems like a bitter pill to swallow? Then It definitely is time for you to delve deep within to seek the answer to this question ... ‘have we as Humans Evolved in ‘How we think’... our minds?’

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