Deborah Macken

Deborah has had a colorful journey that has led her to this beautiful and powerful purpose and to allow her to be a compassionate and profound Master of Mindfulness & Awareness Teachings... that has enabled her in supporting thousands of minds to be their own leader of life and create truly meaningful lasting transformations and heightened self-awareness.

Deborah with her amazing team hosts specialized set of retreats, webinars, courses, workshops and 1-1 coaching and Teaching across the globe. The prime focus to put it simply in every single endeavor has been to help every mind realise that they are their leaders and to support them to shun being a follower.

"To not only survive... not even just live... but to truly lead oneself" is her motto to herself and all her students and coachee and anyone whose life she has touched with her unique way of Sharing, Teaching, pushing the mind higher and enabling human existence to its true infinite nature.

She is the Co-Founder of "Ask Life Clarity" with a very strong purpose of enabling humanity to be more self-aware and shine their infinite light and learn to grow to evolve collectively.. as one.

It is seen that supporting one in gaining happiness abundance and meaningfulness while moving away from any limiting energies and emotions has been her biggest strength. Solutions are like a given and she takes one to self-discovery realisation and awareness with such ease and care.

She is a direct learner under Shri KriShiv AnantaGuru and has been certified to be a true Master of Mindful Awareness Teachings, Master Grief Therapist, Master Mind Coach, Master Stress & Anxiety Therapist, Master Trauma Release Therapist, Expert Energy Body Healer, Master Tibetan Pulsing Therapist and Reiki Master. Her proudest achievement is the recognition by her teacher that she is a True Learner and she lives this every minute of her existence.

My Journey!


From Darkness to Radiance: My Journey to Self-Discovery and Purpose✨

Hello, and welcome to my world...a world that has transformed from shadows to light, from despair to purpose. My name is Deborah, and I want to share with you a glimpse into the profound evolution that has shaped my life and thousands more.

Battling Life's Storms:
My journey began amidst a storm of challenges—stress, anxiety, grief, fear, and a cascade of personal losses, including a traumatic brain surgery that brought me to the brink of survival. The weight of these struggles left me feeling lost, and the tragic death of my late husband became the final blow, plunging me into darkness.

Confronting the Shadows:
Life demanded I confront the shadows within, a place I had avoided for far too long. The pain was my constant companion, and I wore masks of false images to shield myself from the world. But, beneath those masks, my true self yearned for clarity, purpose, and a meaningful existence.

⚖️ The Turning Point:
The tipping point came when I decided that enough was enough. I sought a stopping point, not in some distant future, but in the present. I craved something profound and authentic, a force strong enough to break the chains of challenges that bound not just me but countless others.

Clarity: The Beacon of Transformation:
In the pursuit of healing, "Clarity" became my guiding light. Clarity around the powerhouse within us—the mind. I embarked on a profound journey of self-realization, learning to master my emotions, achieve awareness, and cultivate self-love for the person I am now.

Loss Transformed to Purpose:
Following the death of my late husband, I embarked on a pilgrimage to India, carrying his ashes to the sacred Ganges in Varanasi. This journey became more than a physical expedition; it was a profound odyssey of self-discovery and renewal. I was tired of feeling wronged by life, and India became the crucible for shedding my protective masks and embracing my true self.

The Awakening in India:
India, with its rich tapestry of spirituality, dragged me and guided me simultaneously. It became the catalyst for some of the most profound self-realizations. I uncovered layers of authenticity, peeled away false identities, and confronted my true essence.

Unveiling the Masks:
The masks I had created so meticulously to conceal my struggles were dismantled. It was time to shed the burdensome ego and embrace vulnerability. Peeling away these layers revealed the true "me"—an empowered, resilient, and authentic woman.

The Clarity Transformation:
Through intense study, training, and hard work over five years in India, I gained profound insights. Life threw both highs and lows at me, but each experience contributed to the finishing line of transformation. Armed with these powerful teachings, I knew it was time to pay it forward.

Giving Back: The Purpose Realized:
I observed a common theme among those I supported—dependency on medication for various challenges. I realized that true empowerment doesn't come from tablets but from mastering the mind. Ask Life Clarity was born out of the desire to provide profound teachings and support, enabling people to take charge of their minds and find happiness without dependency on medication.

Clarity: The Gateway to Freedom:
Life is beautiful when we have clarity, and everyone deserves happiness. The journey from a brain tumor survivor to a mindful, empowered woman was my calling. Supported by my mentor, KriShiv AnantaGuru, whose teachings transcended anything I had known, I found my purpose to support thousands globally in achieving life clarity.

Your Happiness: A Singular Choice:
As you navigate through this narrative, I want you to pause and ask yourself one question: Are you happy? We only get one shot at this particular life, and it's within your power to transform it.

✨ Embrace Your Authenticity:
Today, I stand in deep gratitude for every challenge that shaped my path. My purpose is crystal clear to support others in finding their own clarity, transforming their lives, and embracing the blissful authenticity that resides within.

Love & Light,

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