Deborah Macken Wood

Deborah is originally from Ireland but has lived away from her hometown over 24 years. Deborah lives in Jersey, Channel Islands and her office is also based on the Island.  She moved off the Island for 5 years to go and live in the Himalayas and North Goa, India to study her Mastery Degree around the human mind. Deborah also hosted many retreats at her retreat in the Himalayas and North Goa bringing Mind and Body support to all that has connected to her. Deborah is a Certified Master Mindful Awareness Life Coach, Stress & Anxiety Therapist, Trauma Release Therapist, Master Grief Therapist, P.I. Energy Healer, Master Conscious Life Coach, Tibetan Pulsing Therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga Therapist. She is the Co Founder of Ask Life Clarity with a very strong purpose of serving humanity in any life challenges to support anyone that connects with her to move directly away from any life challenges into a truly beautiful, blissful and meaningful life.


My Journey!

My journey was definitely mine but through it all I realised wow so many people I have met and supported over the years in India, overseas and globally online pretty much have very similar challenges that I had. I guess that's life and we all have life challenges it's just the way it is...Or is it??

I could spend hours writing about my journey but I would rather be straight up and clear because what was then is definitely not now. I came from a long list of challenges from a very young age and through most of my life including, stress, anxiety, grief, fear, lack of self-love, failed relationships, trauma, major surgery with near death, ocd, phobias and a mind that was just about to explode. Of course the final straw was the tragic death of my late husband at a fine young age of 34 and not even two years married! Oh life... is this really happening? I went straight to shutdown mode with this dark place I have tried to avoid in many areas but it looks like that hard knock truly has found me now at my darkest moment after my loss... the icing on that mixed up cake. I just wanted happiness and to love and to be loved and to be something or someone more than this long chain of lows that keeps happening in my life. My voice to myself always was "why in this world do I have to go through so much and what have I ever done in life to be wronged in many ways" How much more can I take?

Let me put some light on this in the most honest and truest form. I decided enough was enough there has to be a stop point for me and well for everyone to move away from such life challenges from past or present in order to live a more blissful and meaningful life...not next month and not next year but NOW. Of course it had to be something so strong and true that so many was seeking in which they just could not seem to find within themselves anymore because these challenges are so big.   So many are unable to face insecurities, loneliness, fear of the unknown, non acceptance of Self, rejection, shame, blame this list is endless. That letting go process seems so hard to handle whatever the challenge is. Or is it? That’s why “Clarity” became my best friend and for many others that I have supported. Clarity is truth around the powerhouse we have been given The Mind... it became my true identity the best learner around it to master my emotions and moving to the best awareness and love of Self for who I truly am Now. All the Clarity I have received in all my past challenges now has moved me directly to the "Real Me" my truth and complete freedom from the past to live this beautiful and meaningful life with amazing self-love for Self. I know exactly who I am now and why I am here on this precious earth and that is priceless. 

So after my late husband died I decided to leave to go to India and take my late husband's ashes with me and scatter them in Varanasi India "The Mother Ganges" one of the holiest and sacred places in India. Over 2.5 million people go every single year... so I might as well be one of them and hey what have I got to lose I am already lost. Let's see if I can move forward and get some time out before anything else knocks me down again...this was my Mind. I was so tired with everything I just felt wronged by life and of course pretty much all of my life and I created the most beautiful masks "YES" those false images of myself so nobody could tell when I was sad.  I created them so beautifully an absolute master in that area back then. Each false mask I created was a new addition to my home deep within me to protect myself from anyone thinking I was struggling in the first place..EGO! What a BURDEN! I certainly didn’t feel protected by myself in fact I felt so alone. So it was TIME to peel those masks away and see my true-self! Who AM-I and what is my purpose in this life.

India has literally taken me by my two feet and dragged and guided me through one of the best Self realisations I could have OR never would have imagined having. I am so Grateful beyond words for all my past challenges in fact I would go as far to say THANK GOD they all happened as they did. NOW my life has completely gone full circle for me to now becoming the clearest, happiest, beautiful empowering women I truly deserve to be. I studied and trained so intensively and worked extremely hard to get to this place and achieve what I have over the 5 years living in India. I had some amazing highs and some shocking lows but it was all part of the finishing line. I figured now that I have these amazing teachings, learning’s and understandings with such powerful mindful tools... it’s time to support and give back to as many people in this life as I can. So many people are suffering in this life that's fact but thankfully so many that has come to me for this support so far are now living their best life.  This is my purpose and always will be thank god I am home within. One thing I found in so many people that I supported is that they have been put on medication for all types of challenges even for the smallest of problems. This is not who we are to be dependent on tablets to try and clear our minds or problems yet instead these tablets suppress the mind when in fact we need to express and not to mention the side effects tablets have on so many. We at Ask Life Clarity have supported so many to get their Clarity and to be happy again and now so many no longer are dependent on medication because they are in charge of their beautiful strong minds. Medication 'suppresses" emotions when emotions should be "expressed" understood deeply and then eliminated permanently. It's easy to go to a doctor and express your challenges and ask for help but tablets are not the answer nor is sitting and reflecting to someone or yourself for weeks, months or even years on past or current challenges and never really getting clarity to take charge of yourself.  It’s good to talk right? The question is this when talking and you leave a space are you leaving with Clarity when you do?" Clarity is all people need to move forward and we at Ask Life Clarity will always 100 percent make sure you do get Clarity on anything that is holding you back. This is exactly the reason why I am here in this life now with the purpose I so strongly hold in supporting others to get Life Clarity and support others to move higher and back to their true authentic self. I have deep passion, compassion and a strong understanding on the mind and life challenges to give back to others with this leverage and giving powerful life learning’s in a simple yet logical style. Each person I connect with will always leave with Clarity on their life and transform their lives to a better one permanently.

What I do to support others is with the truest & purest of intentions and I for one could not have trained and studied so deeply and practiced so intensively like I have unless my whole past was cleared with full clarity myself. How could I support another if I was still in such pain myself this is not right and not healthy especially when you are supporting other people with their challenges and emotions and you are not even clear on your own? It can be a very delicate area for most people whilst supporting and trust, compassion, non judgment, honesty and deep understanding firstly must come from self in order to support another. If you cannot be true to yourself in receiving Clarity then how in this world can you support others to receive theirs? This was one of biggest foundations that I had to be build strongly within me in order to transform my own life for the greater good to support many others with exceptional results. I was once that person suffering and so many times the systems could not support me like millions in this world. Now that change is here with Ask Life Clarity and thankfully we support fast so that people can start loving their life again. My purpose is to make sure as many people in this world will transform through our amazing yet simple teachings and learning’s with greater Self Awareness. Transformation only happens when you want change! Everyone wants to be happy and everyone deserves happiness but it always starts with You wanting it!

This leaves me with the deepest gratitude for my mentor.  I would of never reached this beautiful place in my life if it wasn’t for my Mentor/Guru KriShiv AnantaGuru. KriShiv AnantaGuru learning’s and teachings are far beyond anything I have ever known and like many hundreds he has transformed globally including myself and all his other students we have all been left speechless with his wisdom.  His proven transformations through our own leanings and clearing of past is exceptional. Krishiv AnantaGuru truly can change minds in the most simple yet powerful way. All of his life he has served hundreds upon hundreds of people in this world from all ages to becoming the best version of themselves. I of course like hundreds more was blessed to have met him and studied my mastery degree through him. KriShiv AnantaGuru is the most humble, selfless and truest soul on this earth. Supporting and giving back 40 years of exceptional teachings and leanings with outstanding transformations through a high level of awareness. KriShiv AnantaGuru wants nothing more in this life only that of transformations for so many lives for the better with the most powerful and simple logical mindful awareness teachings and Clarity standing tall always. You see once you become  more self aware you can never go back to unawareness because that is what gets us into difficult challenges in the first place.

So my journey was one of the best lessons and leanings I could of ever asked for because it got me to the most precious place in my life within and to support others to live a more blissful and meaningful one. It was my calling and KriShiv AnantaGuru his family and teams never gave up on me until I was 100 percent free of every single thing that held me back. KriShiv AnantaGuru his words to me before my years of learnings and teachings was allowed was this "I cannot allow you to start this Mastery Degree unless your whole past is cleared and you receive that Clarity that you so rightly deserve for you and to support others to get theirs. You need to have your past cleared with deep understanding and acceptance of every single situation/emotion held...why? because you will be supporting so many to get them out of their life challenges. I can not allow you to support another Deborah until you fully understand yourself first and every human emotion that we endure and why we make choices in the first place based on these emotions that hold so many down and through our perceptions... then and only then you Fly your wings and give back to this world because you will know exactly how with full Awareness.

You see life is so beautiful if we want it to be and we always have a choice.  I will always make sure for as long as I am alive in this body I will support anyone that connects with me to love and lead their life. To feel life like I do and so many people I have supported so far. So my question 8 years ago was answered when I asked life... Why was I so wronged and Why me? Oh what a beautiful come back! The biggest realisation was that I never needed to travel anywhere to find what I was looking for Clarity was always within me I just needed to look inwards and love myself again but I just didn't know how. I was so consumed by my past, unawareness, patterns, conditions and beliefs but thank God I came to India because everything certainly does happen for a reason. My deepest gratitude and love for KriShiv AnantaGuru who never stopped supporting my mind to becoming the best version of myself and in turn I am supporting so many to also be their best Self.

Ask Life Clarity are team of master mindful awareness teachers and life clarity coach/s who work directly on enabling people to allow them to be free of any limitations or challenges in a way that expands their capabilities infinitely and makes them more mindful and self aware. Our purpose is so powerful in supporting others to live a better and more meaningful life...why should people suffer any longer...who wants to suffer? We certainly don’t want you to. Now we have the key and we intend to use it for the greater good of humanity now and always. 

Always remember...We only get ONE SHOT in this particular life ONE! The question you must ask yourself in order to see the life you are living right now. ARE YOU HAPPY!

Love & Light

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