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Ask Life Clarity healing support is very different than what you may have experienced in past/present.  With our deep, intense and transformational healing therapies & methods from Himalayas India and Tibet. They certainly are hugely beneficial to any Body that might be challenged. Our healing support will release any unwanted negative blocks/health challenges within the body that no longer serve you and more importantly don't belong to you. Our healing therapies below will re-align your body from the inside and bring space back within that might be unsettled throughout any challenges you may be facing past or present.  Our promise to any beautiful soul that connects with us for healing support is that we will support you in that shift fully.  You will leave your session/s the best you have ever been. Ask Life Clarity will support the body deeply yet so beautifully in disconnecting you from any imbalances held within and removing any negative energy on the physical and emotional side supporting you to get you back in action again! 

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Life Energy Activated Freedom (LEAF)

Life Energy Activated Freedom (LEAF) (60 minutes) otherwise known as Tibetan Pulsing Healing is probably one of the strongest healing modalities happening on the planet. It has the power to penetrate to the roots of unconscious patterns and pain held in the body through the entire nervous system. We have studied and practiced this deep and unique healing in the Himalayas and amazed by its power and allowed all teachers to dive into a space that I we never knew existed within the healing of the body. Tibetan Pulsing is an extremely effective practice.

This is undoubtedly the most powerful healing from all of the healing practices from Tibet! With this healing the focus is to activate your life force and allow it to flow to the areas where one is experiencing challenges in the body. Also if you are suffering form chronic conditions this support is the Answer! The profound impact and the depth of the healing one can experience with this is truly astounding! We have used this healing process at Ask Life Clarity retreats and 1-1s to support so many deal with complex and chronic body challenges. This has helped so many a participant to get deeper clarity on the body and how it is now supported by ourselves now that their is so much more space in the body to flow naturally.   

Aligning your life force throughout the body (seven chakras) with the  pulse. When working with the ‘pulse’ healing does not necessarily have to take a long time. The pulse from our life force has the power to regenerate and re-balance instantly whilst receiving this amazing healing. Working with this intense, transforming healing can be very overwhelming and emotional for many at first but so much more liberating for everyone after each session.
All the areas in the body below will benefit hugely. We work within the body areas that are troubled and mainly they are troubled because we are storing emotions or old/new health conditions which have not been supported by us.  Also not expressing emotions and holding onto old traumas causes all sorts of blocks in the body. 

Pancreas challenges: creativity blocks, self-destructive patterns
Stomach challenges: anger, reactive behavior, fatigue, anxiety,  intimacy and trust issues, food issues
Heart challenges: clearing past emotions 
Small Intestine challenges: emotional blocks, healing birth traumas
Bladder challenges: stress, bladder infections
Adrenal challenges: exhaustion, fear, sleeping problems
Kidney challenges: healing the feminine
Womb challenges: hormonal imbalances, restoring vitality 
Throat challenges: self-doubt and low self-esteem  
Colon challenges: digestive complaints, restoring inner harmony
Gallbladder challenges: co-dependency issues, addiction, jealousy

Stressful Past Energies Accelerated Release (SPEAR)

Stressful Past Energies Accelerated Release Hara Energy Center Healing HARA means (abdominal) (45 minutes). The healing process involves gentle yet deep manipulation of the energy field around the abdominal through an ancient practice of abdominal massage which facilitates re-energizing and absorption of Vital Life Energy. Most people experience deep relaxation, emotional release or heightened energy levels and confidence are welcome side effects. By resetting our energy production system this beautiful therapy allows for smoother energy flow and balancing of all Energy Centers in our body leading to greater healing and well being experience. This therapy is known to greatly Strengthen one’s overall. Resolve & Courage to deal with Life more effectively! It supports with the challenges in the body associated with our Digestive System and our Cleansing system and also works effectively to deal with certain key emotional challenges like Anger, Frustration, low self worth and many more highly limiting negative emotions.

This chakra has several functions, but the most important are: distribute energy between the upper and lower chakras it gives willpower and strengthens the personality (and adjusts the ego if it is not working correctly).

You will experience a charge of mental focus, strength and endurance of mind-blowing proportions! You simply can’t believe how powerful it is.
Calming of the body and reduce stress level, headaches and migraine.  

Aware Energy Body Healing 

Aware Energy Body Healing (60 minutes) is a universal energy which flows everywhere and it runs through meridian points in our body. These powerful healing's help and support your physical, mental & emotional body and awaken to unconditional love, freedom and bliss. Our treatments will transport you into a deep state of silence that enables profound healing, stillness and eternal self love. There are many pathways of energy, in the body they manipulate the flow of energy to affect the health of the physical body. This is called Energy Healing but how does it work? Using the divine energy to clean , energize and stabilize the 7 major chakras. This healing draws out impurities in the body and targets various kinds of physical and emotional energy problems. Aware Energy Body Healing aligns the body’s chakra points depending on the symptoms reported by the patient. They also are used to amplify other healing methods by replacing the thought process.

Opening of all the chakras to heal and access the innate healing potential.

Wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow and be transformed into bliss and joy.

The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day.


Meditation is a beautiful process undertaking that focuses on the moment, not on the results. So enjoying the moment is Key to meditation. An individual should not judge whether their meditation session is good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, they should simply remain in that moment and become deeply relaxed with Self. Meditation is a beautiful tool that can sometimes take time to master but if you want to relax the body and mind then it won't take long.

Remaining present in the current moment can be challenging for some people, as can focusing on a single mantra without getting distracted. Whatever your immediate reaction, a person should persist with their mediation practice only if they want to and never force upon yourself. The key is to enjoy the space you are holding not judge it on how long you did or did not hold it for. Mediation is a wonderful tool to relax the Body and Mind and it will always available for us 24/7.

Sound & Vibration Meditation (60 minutes): Humming Meditation – through humming and hand movements conflicting parts of you, start falling in tune, and you will bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you “slip out of your hold” and become a witness to both. You are watching from the outside  of you and that is what brings peace, silence and bliss. 

Complete and utter relaxation of the Body and Mind.  To take you to that silent space in which you can just switch off and reconnect with your body. 

This meditation will also support you to shut down any unwanted stresses in body.

You will benefit a deep sleep after such mediation and wake up feeling refreshed and alive and ready.  

The source of healing starts with Energy

You are infinite if you believe in yourself 





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