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Don't let your Financial situation stop your Self Development and Discovery of the real self. Apply in confidence to receive up to 20-50% assistance in the First investment you make on yourself at ASK LIFE CLARITY!


How much amount of money you need as support is a choice that is completely left in your hands. YOU DECIDE!


We have set funds set aside each year to support anyone who is in real need of financial assistance and is supremely committed to transform their life for the better! 


How this works is we have set Funds for each range of Financial Support Offered i,e for 20% for 30% for 40% and 50%. 


The process is purely on first come first serve basis with a cap on volume of financial support offered in each range. We are experiencing more than anticipated numbers specially with 1-1 Sessions and hence session schedules may not be immediate.


This Facility is funded and supported by the AnantaGuru Foundation's Cause - P.E.G (Personal Empowerment Group) - a behind the scene group of Blessed Individuals who are committed to give back to Humanity. 


We are deeply grateful that they have chosen our Organisation to extend this facility to anyone who is in need of it


We urge you to make the best use of this support... let money not stop your Growth and REAL TRANSFORMATION 


Fill in this quick form below and we will get back to you with all details that you will need to get started and experience True Abundance and deep Meaningfulness in Your Life!


Get answers from our Mindful Awareness and Life Enablement Teachers / Guru
on any one area of your life that is of utmost importance to You to Get CLARITY!


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