Our magical VENUS retreat is a private and intense life transformational experience focused on women only. Our retreat is a private sanctuary of self-love where you can experience amazing self-awareness, life changing one-one’s in self-growth, self-discovery, abundance and complete clarity on who you really are. With peace, tranquility, rest, relaxation within you and around you. Experience the beautiful white sand kissed beaches of Jersey, Channel Islands minutes away. Along with a sense of companionship and the knowledge that you are supported, accepted, cared for and treated with complete respect and privacy whilst you transform into your True-Self. Ask Life Clarity’s VENUS retreats work directly from the heart and our purpose is so strong that transforming people’s lives for the better is top our list above anything in this life.

So our question to you before embarking on this magical journey is this...... Are you looking for something more for yourself, more connection, more energy & happiness? A retreat that will literally transform your life for the better? Are you looking for that amazing space to cultivate wholeness within you? To awaken and Empower the Divine Feminine in you? We are not just one of the many retreats with activities planned every day and an itinerary based on group’s needs. We are a unique privately hosted Sanctuary where you are able to experience true transformation for each individual women…..awaken, inspire and celebrate the real women in YOU! If this excites you...Then our beautiful VENUS Sanctuary for women only is definitely for you! Always remember that we only get one shot in this particular life....make it the most transformational one you have ever had and truly deserve! Happiness everybody wants to be happy...the question is DO You? See our Venus Video below and see exactly what you will gain and receive.

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Dive into a stunning and transformational Experience powered by Embracing Self-Awareness, Mindfulness and Healing Practices with this powerful and high impact workshop. Rise Above has been created by our Guru, Teachers and Healers with the single objective of allowing you to truly experience an Abundant, Meaningful and Blissful Life both Mind & Body. Our focus is to Synchronize and Empower the mind & body to act in union and put you on a path of Infinite Growth.

Our unique combination of Ancient Age Old Healing Secrets and New Age Healing processes support you to completely eliminate old patterns, blocks, Limiting Beliefs and anything else that does not serve you and in effect bring you back to your state of natural Well-being whilst giving you Clarity to certainly have a brighter and happier future. Never before has this most needed combination of mind and body synergy been so objectively focused upon like we do at Ask Life Clarity Mindful Awareness workshops. You will experience a true awakening of your awareness and will be able to unlock the true potential of the mind and body... isn't that what everyone wants? and all the while we have created the most perfect and tranquil environment for you to relax and be at its optimal best! See video below on what you will experience! 

Photo Gallery of some of our Retreats & Healing Work India, Dublin & Jersey!

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